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  • While at Villanova I hope to major in Finance and Economics or Accounting When I was younger, I wanted to marry rich just because it would be so much easier than working, but as I got older, I saw that that wasn’t for meAfter graduation, I hope to get a job within a large corporation which will give me the opportunity to move up the corporate ladder
  • I hope to make enough money in order to live a comfortable lifestyle, but it isn’t the most important thing in life I want to live in a nice, private home in PennsylvaniaIn addition, I would love to have a lake house
  • Sports have always been a big part of my life, especially volleyballI’ve played volleyball for five years and am on the club team here at Nova, it’s something I am really passionate about so I hope I can continue to find a way to play when I’m older I really enjoy high energy cardio workouts that get you moving so when I’m older I hope to participate in Zumba classes or something like thatI consider myself to be relatively healthy most of the time, it’s important to find the right balance and everything in moderation
  • I have a really close group of friends back at home and here at Nova and it’s really important to me to keep these connections as I get olderAlso, I’ve always been really close to my sister and my mom
  • My immediate family is very close, and that is something that I know will continue throughout my life.We’ve always been able to trust each other which is really important to meBecause of my strong relationship with my immediate and extended family, it is important that I not live too far from them, which is why PA would be a great place to live because it’s close enough to them but far enough for me to be independent
  • My ideal partner would have to be funny and someone that I can count on Because of this, I feel that it is important for my family to be close and be able to depend and trust each other when I get olderI would like to get married and have either two or three kids and a couple of dogs
  • Volleyball is a big part of my life so I hope to be involved in that when I am older, but I would also like to trying playing beach volleyball which is a lot more difficultIn addition, I used to love playing piano but I had to stop because of sports and school, so I would love to pick that back up again
  • I’ve always done community service so I plan to continue that as I get olderI was involved in Make A Wish in high school and I participated in Relay for LifeI would like to donate both my time and my money to these causes
  • I hope to be the best person that I can be and to make my family and friendsI always think it’s important to surround myself with people who will make me better so I think that making good choices about the people I associate with can make me a better person in the future
  • Christianity has always been a big part of my life and my family goes to church every SundayI will definitely be a practicing Christian when I am olderI want it to be a big part in my children’s lives as well
  • Vision Board

    1. 1. My Vision Board By Nicole Rovi
    2. 2. Studies/Career
    3. 3. Finance/Wealth
    4. 4. Health/Fitness
    5. 5. Social/Friends
    6. 6. Family
    7. 7. Romance/Love
    8. 8. Recreation
    9. 9. Contribution
    10. 10. Personal Growth
    11. 11. Spiritual