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Presentation for Parks & Trails New York at the Finger Lakes Regional Conference in Ithaca, NY on 9/24/2011. This presentation is focused on the priorities of trail advocates and organizations devoted to the development of trails. This handout describes selected grant programs available through Economic Development Councils of New York State, with a deadline the end of October 2011. The selected programs are focused on the needs of trail advocates and organizations devoted to trail development.

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Ten thingstoknow cfa

  1. 1. National Park Service Erie Canalway P.O. Box 219 U.S. Department of the Interior National Heritage Corridor Waterford, NY 12188 518 237-7000 phone 518 237-7640 fax www.eriecanalway.orgTen Things You Should Know AboutNew York’s Consolidated Funding Application Process 1. The Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) is the single entry point to apply for up to $1 billion in economic development funding from nine state agencies, including the NYS Canal Corporation. 2. The CFA can be downloaded at http://nyworks.ny.gov. You can also download a guidebook on the CFA Application Process and information on Regional Economic Development Councils. Information alerts will be sent to those who register a project. 3. An applicant may apply for multiple sources of funding for their project by filling out one application. 4. CFAs must be submitted online by 4 pm on October 31, 2011. Required attachments must be received by 4 pm on November 4, 2011. 5. Applications are project-based. 6. A submitted CFA is sent electronically to the Regional Council(s) for the geographic area(s) in which the proposed project will take place. 7. Each Regional Council will review and rank applications based on a set of regional “endorsement standards” following a similar template and available on the Regional Council web pages. Endorsement standards must be adopted by each Council by September 15, 2011. 8. Each Regional Council will assign from 0 to 20 points to each CFA received. State Agencies will score the applications for the remaining 80 points. 9. Six of the ten regional Economic Development Councils are in the Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor. 10. Get Involved! It is important that everyone, applicants and non-applicants alike, be involved in the planning process of their Regional Economic Development Councils to ensure that the economic impact of heritage development, including recreation/trails, historic preservation, and heritage tourism, is heard and incorporated into the five-year Strategic Plans and funding priorities of the regions. Access the “Regional Council Guidebook” and link to your Regional Economic Development Council webpage to get involved at http://nyworks.ny.gov.