Importance of Blogging for Lead Generation


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Importance of Blogging for Lead Generation

  1. 1. 2011 White Paper: Importance ofBlogging for Lead Generation Social Media HQ 5/12/2011
  2. 2. White Paper: Importance of Blogging for Lead GenerationAre you still a little reluctant to jump into the "blogosphere"? Executives will ask you what the return oninvestment will be for extra time and effort away from current activities. This is the point where you willneed to present solid data to support your cause. In this white paper, we will present data that clearlymakes the case for blog implementation. Feel free to share these statistics with your boss or use themas motivation to finally get started.Blogging Increases LeadsWhether it is a B2B or B2C company, it is clear that companies who do blog are generating significantlymore leads per month than companies who do not. Blogging is tough for many traditional marketers tograsp. "If it is not selling products or services, then why we are we doing it?" is usually the commonstatement that we hear. There are a whole host of reasons that prove the value of blogging:  Search Engines love fresh, relevant content  Users love fresh, relevant content  Blogging gives you something original to share on social networks  If you provide quality content, readers will come back to your website on a regular basis, increase the probability that they will buy from you in the future  If you provide solutions for your prospects and customers problems, they will share your content with their colleagues, friends, and family.  Including calls to action on your blog will help capture leads while your customers seek solutions to their problems.Social Media HQ Page 2
  3. 3. Blogging Increases Leads If Done Over TimeThe search engine value of blog posts appreciate over time. As you produce more content, the oldcontent will gain in value through on-page optimization and link building tactics.Blogging More Often = More Customers AcquiredThe more often you blog, the more fresh content search engines will have to ultimately serve yourprospects.Social Media HQ Page 3
  4. 4. Blogging Increases Website TrafficWebsites which include a blog receive 55% more traffic than websites that do not. This is a significantincrease. If this isnt evidence that you should give blogging a try, then you are missing out on potentialtraffic to your site.ConclusionNow that you have the data to back up the case for blogging, give it a try and dont be afraid to hire anoutside consultant to help you get started. Contact Social Media HQ if you would like to hear about ourconsulting services.Data Source: Source: State of Inbound Marketing Lead Generation Report - Media HQ Page 4