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Student Reassignment - November 21, 2011
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Student Reassignment - November 21, 2011


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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  • 2. Do We Need to Look AtReassignment for the Entire District???
  • 4. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL ENROLLMENT CAPACITY % OF CAPACITY MOBILE UNITS/ TEACHING STATIONS Bailey Elem. 641 664 96% 1/2 Baskerville Elem. 363 427 85% n/a Benvenue Elem. 760 668 113% 6 / 11 Cedar Grove Elem. 204 146 139% 2/4 Coopers Elem. 659 601 109% 3/5 Johnson Elem. 472 575 82% n/a Englewood Elem. 509 508 100% 4/6 Hubbard Elem. 482 512 94% 5/5 Middlesex Elem. 362 418 86% n/a Nashville Elem. 738 682 108% 4/7 Pope Elem. 284 311 91% 5/7 Red Oak Elem. 302 335 90% 2/3 Spring Hope Elem. 547 542 100% 4/6 Swift Creek Elem. 317 475 66% n/ a Williford Elem. 424 581 72% 1/2Winstead Avenue Elem. 536 625 85% n/a
  • 5. ELEMENTARY CAPACITY Current stated Elementary capacity 8070 students Current Elementary enrollment of 7600 students 10 Elementary Schools are at or over 90% capacity 7 of those 10 are at or above 100% capacity We currently have 37 mobile units serving at 11 of our 16 schools These mobile units account for 58 teaching stations/ classrooms These mobile units at capacity serve 1450 students.
  • 6. Cedar Grove Hubbard Red Oak/ Swift Creek Nashville Benvenue Baskerville Spring Hope Englewood/ Winstead Pope Johnso Williford Coopers BaileyMiddlesex
  • 7. MIDDLE CURRENT % OF MOBILE UNITS/ SCHOOL ENROLLMENT CAPACITY CAPACITY TEACHING STATIONS Nash Central Middle 607 670 90% 2/3Edwards Middle 740 827 90% 3/6Parker Middle 426 509 83% n/aRed Oak Middle 926 850 108% 4/8Southern Nash Middle 1092 850 128% 6 / 11W. L. Green Alt. Schl. 47 32 146% n/aMiddle School Totals 3838 3738 102% 15 / 28
  • 8. MIDDLE SCHOOL CAPACITY Current stated Middle School capacity 3,738 students Current Middle School enrollment of 3,838 students 4 Middle Schools are at or over 90% capacity2 of the 4 are well above 100% capacity We currently have 15 mobile units serving at 4 of our 5 Middle Schools These mobile units account for 28 teaching stations/ classrooms
  • 9. Red Oak Middle School ParkerSouthern Nash Middle School
  • 10. HIGH SCHOOL ENROLLMENT CAPACITY % CAPACITY MUs / CLASSROOMSNash Central High 1244 1150 92% 4/5Early College High 231 200 115% n/aNorthern Nash High 1221 1150 106% 4/4Rocky Mount High 1162 1390 83% 1/2Southern Nash High 1267 1068 118% 7 / 13W. L. Greene Alt. Schl. 54 130 41% n/a High School Totals 5179 5088 101% 16 / 24
  • 11. HIGH SCHOOL CAPACITY Current stated High School capacity 5088 students Current High School enrollment of 5179 students 4 High Schools are at or over 90% capacity 2 of the 4 are above 100% capacity The Early College is currently above 100% capacity We currently have 16 mobile units serving at 3 of our 4 comprehensive high schools, and the Early College High School These mobile units account for 16 teaching stations/ classrooms (NOT INCLUDING THE EARLY COLLEGE)
  • 12. Southern Nash High School
  • 13. REASSIGNMENT PROCESSAppoint a division reassignment committeeBuild consensus on board priority for outcome of redistrictingEngage ORED to begin the demographic workApprove reassignment schedule with anticipated implementation August 2013
  • 14. SUGESTED MAKE-UP DIVISION STUDENT REASSIGNMENT COMMITTEE 5 Principals 4 Parents 11 BOE picks – 1 Per District 1 - Accountability 1 - Transportation 1 - Auxiliary Services 1 - Nash County 1 - Rocky Mount City 1 - Edgecombe County
  • 15. Build consensus on board priority for outcome of redistricting
  • 17. Proposed Reassignment Guidelines Contiguous boundaries:  Attempt to maintain contiguous school boundaries without using satellite attendance areas. Respect neighborhoods:  Avoid dividing easily recognized “neighborhoods” or identified “developments” or “sub- divisions” unless it is necessary to meet other guidelines. Whenever possible and practical use major highways, railroads, rivers, and streams as natural boundaries. Proximity to schools:  While it is recognized that all students cannot be assigned to their closest school, consider students proximity to other schools when creating school boundaries.
  • 18. Proposed Reassignment Guidelines Modify feeder systems:  In order to maximize facility use and establish reasonable numbers of students at each site, consider the use of 6 middle school feeder systems instead of 5. This would allow smaller, more instructionally suited middle schools and less dependence on mobile classrooms. Stay within enrollment capacities:  Unless it is likely that a school enrollment will be declining, assign students to the four high schools in a way that their enrollments are under established capacities. Consider anticipated growth:  Enrollment growth patterns should be taken into consideration, where feasible, to ensure that anticipated growth will not adversely impact one school significantly more than the others. Enrollment balance:  In keeping with the intent of SB612, attempt to balance the percentage of academic and economic populations at each middle and high school.
  • 19. Ensure Compliance with Targets Outlined in Senate Bill 612 Sec. 17. (a) The Interim Board and the Nash-Rocky Mount Board of Education shall make their best efforts to achieve a racial balance in student enrollment, within plus or minus 12 percentage points of the system wide average minority student enrollment at the following schools: Rocky Mount Senior High, Northern Nash Senior High and any new high school within the Nash-Rocky Mount School Administrative Unit, and any middle or junior high school that feeds any of these high schools. A school will be considered to be in substantial compliance with the racial balance objectives of this paragraph if its racial balance is plus or minus 18 percentage points of the system wide average minority student enrollment. (b) For all schools other than those covered in subsection (a) of this section, the Nash-Rocky Mount Board of Education will promote reasonable and practical racial balance in the schools, utilizing and preserving neighborhood and voluntary schools to the maximum extent permitted by the Constitution, and consistent with sound educational practices.
  • 20. Engage ORED to ProvideTechnical Assistance to the Committee
  • 21. WHY – ORED??? Operations Research and Education Laboratory (OREd) is uniquely equipped to provide the necessary technical support and expertise to the Board of Education ‘s Student Reassignment Committee as they prepare recommendations for long-range planning solutions that are based on data and driven by school policy
  • 22. Develop a Student Reassignment time-line to include public inputBoard of Education approval with anticipated implementation 2013-14 school year
  • 23. PROPOSED TIME-LINE * December 2011 January/ February 2012 Collect latest GIS layers from  Present 2011-12 Out-of- Nash County/Rocky Mount GIS Capacity table with ten-year Collect Month-1 ADM data and enrollment forecast electronic student data for SY  Meet with Reassignment 2011-12 Committee – The IPSAC Review school building process and NRMPS capacity data including recent renovations, closings and openings Review Planning Segment geometry and revise as necessary * Flexible based on BOE action
  • 24. PROPOSED TIME-LINE * March 2012 March – June 2012 Present 2010-11 Out-of-  Review/ Revise scenarios Capacity table  Meet with Reassignment Meet with Reassignment Committee – Revised scenarios Committee – Preliminary  Community engagement scenarios meetings  Meet with Reassignment Committee – Final scenarios  Present final scenarios to Board. * Flexible based on BOE action
  • 25. ADMINISTRATIVE RECOMMENDATIONS① Open the new Rocky Mount High School facility with just the current students.② Convert the former Rocky Mount High School facility into a new middle school to open in Fall 2013.③ Establish a Division-wide Student Reassignment Committee to bring recommendations to the board for realignment of students to maximize facility use by December 2012 for implementation at the start of the 2013 year.④ Engage the services of ORED (Operations Research and Education Laboratory) to provide technical expertise to the committee.
  • 26. QUESTIONS???