NRMPS 5-Year Strategic Plan


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NRMPS 5-Year Strategic Plan

  2. 2. FOCUS FORWARD 2018 STRATEGIC PLAN Dr. Anthony D. Jackson, Superintendent
  3. 3. DISTRICT GOVERNANCE Doneva Chavis Bonnie Batts Brenda Brown Robert BynumEvelyn . Bulluck Franklin. LammAnn Edge Jon Hardy Thomas Meyers Reginald Silvers Dr. Anthony D. Jackson, Robert Jenkins Superintendent
  4. 4. OUR VISION Preparing ALL students forbright and prosperous futures by Deliberately and Intentionallyproviding Rigorous and Relevant instruction in every classroom, every day.
  5. 5. OUR MISSION“The mission of the Nash- Rocky Mount Public School System is to provide ALL students a Rigorous and Relevant educational program to ensure that each becomes a globally competitive, responsible and contributing member of society.”
  6. 6. SHARED AGREEMENTS High achievement by ALL students is the only acceptable outcome for our work. Classrooms are dynamic, child centered environments driven by high expectations and rigorous and relevant instruction. Educational decisions MUST be supported with data (evidence). Students must have deliberate and intentional educational experiences to develop 21st century skills Every student MUST graduate college, career and life- ready. Meaningful relationships are essential to our success. (RIGOR + RELEVANCE+ RESOURCES/ RELATIONSHIPS =RESULTS)
  7. 7. Beliefs Commitment to a clear and focused vision will guide the district to the highest performance Effective teaching and leadership are essential for student achievement School environment impacts achievement An engaged community is essential Every student can/ must succeed
  8. 8. Objectives 100% of students will graduate on time and excel at their school or career of choice. 100% of students will reach their full academic potential. 100% of students will be actively involved in extracurricular and co-curricular activities. 100% of students will graduate on-time with the skills needed to compete. 100% of students will graduate with an awareness of and a commitment to their community.
  9. 9. Inspired Learners The NRMPS will be a high performing, technology-rich school district with leading-edge learning experiences that promote engagement, creativity, critical thinking and achievement. The NRMPS will prepare our graduates to excel in higher education or the career of their choice. The NRMPS will be the leader in the education marketplace by providing world-class facilities while being fiscally responsible. The NRMPS will provide a safe and secure environment. The NRMPS will ensure all teachers are highly effective.
  10. 10. Effective Leadership The NRMPS will recruit and retain the most effective people by rewarding excellence and providing opportunities for continual growth. The NRMPS will foster a caring culture of respect, integrity, wellness and citizenship throughout the district. The NRMPS will cultivate an environment that builds great leaders.
  11. 11. Engaged Community The NRMPS will actively engage and partner with parents in the educational experience. The NRMPS will enhance educational excellence and workforce development through community partners. collaboration with The NRMPS will utilize all the communications channels to maximize awareness and support of the district’s vision to be globally acknowledged as a premier school district.
  12. 12. STRATEGIC PRIORITIES High Student Achievement Safe and Orderly Schools 21st Century Professionals Embrace the use of 21 Century tools and Systems Transparent Organizational Culture/ Effective and Efficient Use of Resources Engaged and Connected with our Community
  13. 13. STRATEGIC PRIORITY- 1High Quality Teaching and LearningWe will provide an aligned, rigorous curriculum, designed to prepare globally competitive students.
  14. 14. FOCUS AREAS Successful Common Core/ Essential Standards Implementation  Curriculum alignment with Common Core Standards/ monitoring Student Performance on state assessments Graduation rate/ Dropout rate / Ready Indicators Implementation of the Rigor/ Relevance Framework Targeted Professional Development aligned to instructional needs District-wide intervention/ enrichment support District-wide standards for Integration of technology
  15. 15. STRATEGIC PRIORITY- 2 Safe and Orderly SchoolsWe will maintain a safe and orderly environment throughout the district
  16. 16. FOCUS AREAS Standardize district-wide safety protocols Staff training for student safety and discipline Vulnerability Assessments across the district/ Coordination of Resources
  17. 17. STRATEGIC PRIORITY- 3 21st Century ProfessionalsWe will be directed by 21st century professionals
  18. 18. FOCUS AREAS Recruitment/Hiring/ Retention of HQ staff Professional Development District Level PLC’S/ Advisory Groups  Teacher/ Support Staff/ Content Leaders/ Student Employee Recognition Programs Succession Management Process
  19. 19. STRATEGIC PRIORITY- 4 Embrace the use of 21stCentury tools and Systems We will use cutting-edge technology to enhance instruction and promote innovation.
  20. 20. FOCUS AREAS Technological tools in classrooms and across the district to enhance productivity  (1:1 computing 24/7/365) and establish expectations for technology integration Ongoing, Embedded Professional Development (Face-to-Face, online) Identify a predictable funding stream in the annual budget to support future technology purchases and replacement cycles Video-conferencing connectivity across the district
  21. 21. STRATEGIC PRIORITY- 5Transparent Organizational Culture/ Effective and Efficient Use of Resources We will exhibit excellence in financial and facility planning, management, and stewardship.
  22. 22. FOCUS AREAS Develop a 10 year facility plan/projections Develop long range replacement cycles / repair schedules for major capital expenditures Implement process / performance mapping/ develop district SOP’s Transparent budget process Increased Grants and Community Partnerships
  23. 23. STRATEGIC PRIORITY- 6Engaged and Connected with our Community We will engage families and the community to ensure opencommunication and opportunities toevaluate organizational effectiveness and customer satisfaction.
  24. 24. FOCUS AREAS Annual School Climate/ Staff Satisfaction Surveys of community stake-holders Parent Portal access Multiple district-wide communication outlets Multiple parent volunteer and involvement programs.
  25. 25. NEXT STEPS Share plan with internal and external constituents Appoint groups (Action Teams) to develop strategies for each Priority identifying baseline data, annual targets and expected outcomes. Develop an evaluation method and tool to ensure accountability Develop a reporting mechanism to keep the board, the organization and the community informed.