Google vs. bing

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Critic about Google Vs. Bing

Critic about Google Vs. Bing

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  • 2. Google Search Engine Presented by : Dushyant Singh Team GvB
  • 3. Google's Search Engine
    • Launched by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1997.
    • Searches for text only.
    • Available in 132 languages.
    • Google owns over 160 domain names for various countries, besides[1]
    • Monthly Internet Crawl and Indexing.
    • Use Page Rank algorithm.
  • 4. Google's Page Rank
    • Matches the queried string.
    • Previous methods used keyword-matching.
    • Page Rank analyses human generated links.
    • Co-relates to the human aspect of thinking.
    • Has been modified to include 200+ indicators and criteria.
  • 5. Google's Current and Future
    • Snapshots non text content. PDF, Word, Excel, Flash etc.
    • Deepweb is still pretty much unaccesible to the search engine.
    • Negative reviews of a business would increase the search rank, this problem has been fixed.
    • I'm feeling lucky costs Google $110 million/annum. [2]
    • Special features: weather, US zipcode, calculations, time, numeric ranges, map, movie showtime, public data, real estate and housing, travel data/airports, package tracking, patent numbers, area code, synonym search and others.
  • 6. Let's talk stats...
  • 7. Source : Oct 2010 Dec 2010 Jan 2011 71.59 % 69.67 % 67.95 % 24.15 % 25.77 % 29.1 % 4.26 % 4.56 % 4.61 % Market Share
  • 8. Bing Search Engine Presented by : Nikhil Meshram Team GvB
  • 9. Let's talk technology...
  • 10. Search Technology
    • Google's Googlebot is more effective at crawling the web than competing engines
    • More sophisticated at filtering out web pages for targeted phrases related to search query
    • Good at differentiating between real text patterns and spammy text
    • Better than other search engines at determining the true intent of a query and trying to match that versus doing direct text matching.
    Since 1996
  • 11. Search Technology
    • Bing's MSNbot (soon to be called “Bingbot”) has gotten better over time at crawling but still not as good as Google at crawling deeply through large sites (such as eBay).
    • Does try to process queries for meaning instead of direct text matching – not on par with Google yet.
    • Since Microsoft started doing search later in the game, it has a harder time determining natural links from spammy/bought links.
    • Still takes longer than Google to get new websites in their index.
    Since 2005
  • 12. Bing steals Google search results ... --- and denies it !
  • 13.
    • It all started with “tarsorrhaphy”. REALLY!
    • Tarsorrhaphy is a rare surgical procedure on eyelids.
    • Summer of 2010, Google engineers were looking at search results for misspelled query [torsorophy]
    • Google returned correct spelling along with the search results.
    • At this time Bing had no search results for the same keyword.
  • 14.
    • Later in the summer , Bing started returning Google’s first result without the offering the spell correction.
    • Strange ?
    • How could they return our first result to their users without the correct spelling?
    • Had they known the correct spelling.
  • 15.
    • Google asked their engineers to enter some synthetic queries into the search box on the Google home page.
    • Within a couple weeks results started appearing in Bing.
    • Bing Denies this allegation.
  • 16. Re-cap
    • Google still on top – used by more Internet
    • savvy and business to business searchers.
    • Bing skews slightly older, more “shoppers”.
    • Bing will be #2 in the search engine
    • industry.
    • Others in the industry are way behind the curve.
  • 17.