MAOP Process Validation


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  • Business Process Management (BPM) is a proven technology that orchestrates work across systems and departmentsSupport real-time user-interaction Management of work Work metrics Ties all relevant human and system work together:Orchestrates cross-functional end-to-end work-flows, such as DIMP which is a series of interactive and dependent workIt’s ideal for DIMP compliance as companies already have many of the required processes, systems and people in place The role is documenting process, improving process, measuring and acting on performance indicators and incorporating risk based decision-makingValue of BPM to DIMPCommunicates WorkDocuments WorkAutomates WorkNotifies and Escalates Out of Tolerance WorkLeverages Existing Systems and ProcessesManages Process Metrics (Time, Deadlines)Supports Continuous ImprovementConfigurable to Company Processes & CultureWeb-Based, Mobil Based
  • MAOP Process Validation

    1. 1. Managing the Records VerificationProcess for Establishing MAOP and MOP NRG Tech, LLC & McElroy Consulting, LLC
    2. 2. Problem• PHMSA Advisory Bulletin 11–01 ▫ Review of design, construction, inspection, testing and other related data to establish MAOP and MOP ▫ Ensure that the records used are reliable, traceable, verifiable, and complete• The Pipeline Safety, Regulatory Certainty, and Job Creation Act of 2011 ▫ PHMSA to direct each owner or operator of a gas transmission pipeline and associated facilities to provide verification that their records accurately reflect MAOP of their pipelines within Class 3 and Class 4 locations and in Class 1 and Class 2 locations in High Consequence Areas (HCAs).• PHMSA Advisory Bulletin on May 7, 2012 ▫ Reminding operators of gas and hazardous liquid pipeline facilities to verify their records relating to operating specifications for MAOP and MOP ▫ Informing gas operators of anticipated changes in:  annual reporting requirements to document the confirmation of MAOP  reporting total mileage and mileage with adequate records,  when reports will be due  what PHMSA considers an adequate record
    3. 3. Challenge• Operators facing a monumental task of: ▫ Determining location throughout the organization where records are or have been stored ▫ Reviewing, summarizing and compiling relevant data ▫ Reviewing the complied data and matching to pipeline ▫ Determining the adequacy of data to verify MAOP for each pipeline segment ▫ Resolving any discrepancies and gaps, ▫ Comparing with GIS records and linking verification records ▫ Utilizing verified data to validate the MAOP for the pipeline and all associated components ▫ If MAOP cannot be verified, what action to take• Each operator is unique in terms of: ▫ What data they have collected ▫ How they have handled data ▫ Where data is stored• Many moving parts and opportunities to let important items fall through the cracks
    4. 4. Records Verification Process Find/ Review/ Verification/ Risk Based MAOP Capture Compile Validation Alternative Verification Traceable Verifiable Complete Processes Procedures Standards TechnologyTechnology provides the supports needed to track each step of the verification process and ensure & document compliance with company standards & procedures
    5. 5. Solution• Lightweight tool that manages the records verification process ▫ Rapid deployment ▫ Builds a foundation for a clear and repeatable process ▫ Ensures continuity, consistency and validity ▫ Manages process metrics (budget, schedule, etc.) ▫ Ensures accountability and transparency• Disciplined processes underpinned with standards and procedures• Fully documented solution that fits within current enterprise requirements
    6. 6. Records Verification Process Dashboard• Support real-time user interaction and management of work• Provides verification process metrics• Ties all relevant human and system work together
    7. 7. Centralized Management of MAOP Verification Tasks• Provides visibility for each task by pipeline segment• Identified individual responsible and date due• Flags overdue items that require escalation
    8. 8. Workflow Wizard Guides Process• Configurable for company specific process• Allows for linking supporting documentation for each step• Automatically determine next step based on responses• Task assignment tracked for each process step
    9. 9. Provides Accountability and Transparency • Identifies each task by pipeline segment • Tracks status for each task • Provides reminders and alerts for overdue tasks • Sends e-mail alerts • Facilitates escalation of non-responsive individuals
    10. 10. Link Directly to SourceVariety of Reporting Options Documents
    11. 11. For More Information or to Schedule a DemonstrationMike Gloven Rob McElroyNRG Tech, LLC McElroy Consulting, LLC(303) 881-4379 (970)