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Los Angeles County DPSS Health Care Reform Brochure in Nine (9) Languages. Includes information about where to call, click, mail or visit to apply. Pass-It-Along.
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Los Angeles County DPSS Health Care Reform Brochure in Nine (9) Languages. Includes information about where to call, click, mail or visit to apply. Pass-It-Along.


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Los Angeles County DPSS Health Care Reform Brochure in Nine (9) Languages. Includes information about where to call, click, mail or visit to apply. Pass-It-Along.

Los Angeles County DPSS Health Care Reform Brochure in Nine (9) Languages. Includes information about where to call, click, mail or visit to apply. Pass-It-Along.

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  • 1. What If I Am Not Eligible For Any of These Programs? County and Community Health Clinics are here to help NOW and in 2014. Los Angeles County residents who can't be on other programs because of citizenship, residency, age or other reasons can find a clinic near them at: http:l/dhs.Iacountv.qovlwpslportalldhs I You May Be Eligible for Other Benefits: - CalWORKs State and federally-funded program that gives temporary cash assistance and services to low-income families with children. CalFresh (Food Stamps) - Federal program that gives low-income households the ability to purchase healthy food for their family. IHSS: State-mandated program that provides domestic services and personal care services to eligible aged, blind and disabled individuals to allow them to remain safely in their own homes. - General Relief County-funded cash assistance for low-income individuals not eligible for StatelFederal assistance. SAVE TIME! GO ON-LINE! CalFresh, Medi-Cal, CalWORKs I Need More Information on HCR? Additional information on the upcoming HCR implementation is available on many websites. Below are some of the different websites worth visiting to learn more about what the upcoming changes mean to you. Visit our website to view our HCR Newsletters, - Terms-of-the-Week, and the ----*-- THE KEY TO AFFOAUILE HEALTH CARE -7 L4 , w YouToons video on HCR courteSy of ~~i~~~~ ~ ~ Foundation at hso:/ldoss.lacounty.p0v~dpsslheall~r~f~rmIdefa~1I.~fm The official federal government website managed by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services at htt~s:// i Health Care Reform What You l ~ Need to Know California's portal for purchasing health care, comparing rates and health plans, and getting information on health care in California at Kaiser family foundation is a non-profit, private operating foundation focusing on health care policy. Here you can view the YouToons video on HCR and obtain health care policy information at http://kff.orq Here you will find additional links that explain how HCR affects individuals, businesses, and links to HCR information in different languages at [I $-di g % County of Los Angeles Department of Public Social Services l i a h t s l ~ ~ ~ l Hiah Health Care ileform.htm Copies of this publication are available on the DPSS HCR website at YBN ACCESS IS A CLICK AWAY http:Ildpss.lacountv.~ov PA 6098 10113 (EN) THE KEY TO AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE
  • 2. 1 I What is HCR? How to Apply? Online - Through Covered California at or through DPSS Your Benefits Now (YBN) at http://d~ss.lacountv.~ov The Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (PPACA) also known as Health Care Reform (HCR) is a new law that expands health care insurance coverage to the uninsured and makes healthcare more affordable. Phone - By calling Covered California at (888) 975-1142. Mail - Applications can be mailed to: DPSS Medi-Cal Outreach District 16, PO BOX 5270, El Monte, CA 91734-9915. The new law will: Expand Medi-Cal coverage to single childless adults, between the ages of 19 and 64 who are not aged, blind or disabled. Expand Medi-Cal up to age 26 for former foster youth who were enrolled in Medi-Cal at the age of 18. Require individuals to have health insurance or they will pay a fine. !I I Prevent insurance companies from charging more money or limit how much they will pay because an individual is sick. In person at any DPSS County Office. For the office near you, please call (866) 613-3777. Staff outstationed in non-traditional sites will continue to assist the public in filling out applications. I Be Aware of Health Care Reform Scams Do not pay anyone to help you apply for Health Care Insurance. Prevent insurance companies from denying coverage for patients that have pre-existing conditions. Do not give any personal health and financial information to anyone who makes contact over the phone or the internet. It is estimated that 464,000 individuals in Los Angeles County will be eligible for Medi-Cal as a result of Health Care Reform. I Beware of unsolicited offers to sign-up for the new health insurance plans. Beware of unsolicited calls, emails, or visits from someone who claims to be a representative under HCR, the new law or from Covered California. When Does the New Law Take Effect? The new law takes effect January 1,2014. Pre-enrollment period will be from October 1, 2013, through December 31, 2013;open enrollment will continue through March 31, 2014. Enroll by December 15, 2013 to have health insurance starting January 1, 2014. , I 1 - What is Covered California? Covered California will allow customers to shop online, or over the phone to find the right health insurance option for them. Individuals can compare different health insurance plans and learn if they qualify for federal subsidies and tax credits. In addition, Covered California will refer individuals that may be eligible for Medi-Cal to the Department of Public Social Services. I Covered California Health lnsurance Plans The new HCR changes make insurance plans much easier to compare. In addition, all health plans will cover doctor visits, hospitalization, emergency care, maternity, pediatric care, and prescriptions. -' Below are the four levels of plans with a description of what percentage of the medical cost will be covered by the health plan: Bronze 60 percent of covered medical expenses are paid by the health plan. Silver 70 percent of covered medical expenses are paid by the health plan. 1 ,epercent of covered plan. expenses medical paid by the health What If I need Health Care lnsurance now? Low-income families with children and elderly1 disabled individuals may be eligible for Medi-Cal. Apply on-line at http:l/dpss.lacountv.~ovor call the DPSS Customer Service Center at (866) 613-3777. Low-income uninsured adult citizens and legal residents may be eligible for Healthy Way LA (HWLA). Apply on-line at www.ladhs.orq/hwla or call (877) 333-4952 through December 31, 2013. RO Platinum 1 percent of covered medical expenses ,e paid by the health plan. Monthly premiums and the amount an individual will pay for doctor's visits will be determined by the level of coverage selected.
  • 3. PA 4027 (1 0113) (SP) 4027 (10113) (SP) HEALTH CARE REFORM (HCR) BROCHURE (SPANISH) PREPARATIONIPROCEDURES: Same as English. FILINGIRETENTION: Same as English. Facsimile of PA 6098 ( 1 0113) (SP)
  • 4. I iQu6 pasa si no soy elegible para ninguno de estos programas? En rnuchos sitios web hay informacion adicional sobre la proxima implementacion de la HCR. Las clinicas de salud de la comunidad y el Condado estan aqui para ayudar AHORA y en 2014. Los residentes del Condado de Los Angeles que no pueden participar en otros programas por la ciudadania, residencia, edad u otra razon pueden encontrar una clinica cercana a ellos en: htt~:l/dhs.lacountv.~vlwslworta~Idhs I Puede que usted sea elegible para otros beneficios: - CalWORKs Un prograrna con fondos estatales y federales que brinda asistencia rnonetaria y servicios temporales a familias de bajos ingresos con nifios. CalFresh (Estarnpillas para cornida) - Un prograrna federal que ayuda a las farnilias de bajos ingresos para que puedan comprar alimentos saludables para su farnilia. IHSS: Un programa dirigido por el estado que provee servicios de apoyo en el hogar y cuidado personal a personas rnayores de edad, ciegas y discapacitadas para que puedan permanecer en sus hogares de una manera segura. - Ayuda General Asistencia monetaria con fondos del Condado para personas de bajos ingresos que no son elegibles para la asistencia eaatal o federal. !AHORRE TlEMPOl !CONECTESE EN INTERNET! A continuacion hay algunos de 10s diferentes sitios web que vale la pena visitar para conocer mas acerca de lo que 10s proximos cambios significan para usted. &Id, Visite nuestro sitio web para ver I ' G- nuestros1boletines informativos de la HCR, 0 'Terminos de la Semana", s Family en mj/d~ss lacounhrsov/d~Wl?dWreloddefault cm7 El sitio web oficial del gobierno federal administrado por IOS Centros de Servicios de Medicare y Medicaid de 10s Estados Unidos en El portal de California para comprar seguro de salud, comparar precios y planes de salud, y obtener informacion sobre el cuidado de la salud en California en htt~:/ La Fundacion Kaiser Family es una organizacion privada sin fines de lucro centrada en las practicas del cuidado de la salud. Aqui usted puede ver el video YouToons acerca de la HCR y obtener informacion sobre las practicas del cuidado de la salud en http://kff.orq - - zL:--_- I miYa cMlalah,n SPANISH La Reforma de Salud Lo que Usted Necesita Saber CalFresh, Medi-Cal, CalWORKs A SOLO UN CLIC EL ACCESO A YBN EJ htt~:lldoss.lacountv.crov y el video "YarToons"sobreb HCR cortesia de la Fundacion Kaiser LI IEY lo-' County of Los Angeles Department of Public Social Services Aqui usted encontrara enlaces adicionales que explican el impact0 de HCR en 10s individuos y negocios, y enlaces a la informacion sobre la HCR en diferentes idioms en Y Hl.hll.wCE:%z= aovlplant Las copias de esta publicaci6n estin disponibles en el sitio web de la HCR del DPSS en http: I ~ . I a d ~ s s n d d M ~ 1 W f e f o W ~ 1 & I [ ~ a L ~ . E f m Conrnrtent Accurate RerWctful Fa~d 6cWpsroruropmwarrtwm THE KEY TO AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE
  • 5. I AQuC es Covered California? En linea - A traves de Covered California en htt~://www.coveredca.como a traves de Your Benefits Now (YBN) del DPSS en http://dpss.lacountv.qov La Ley de Proteccion al Paciente y Cuidado de Salud Asequible (PPACA) tambien conocida como la Reforma de Salud (HCR por sus siglas en ingles) es una nueva ley que expande la cobertura del seguro medico para las personas que no tienen seguro y hace mas asequible la atencion rnedica. Por telefono - Llamando a Covered California al (888) 975-1 142. Por correo - Las solicitudes pueden ser enviadas por correo a: DPSS Medi-Cal Outreach District 16, PO BOX 5270, El Monte, CA 91734-9915. La nueva ley: Expande la cobertura de Medi-Cal para adultos solteros sin hijos, entre las edades de 19y 64 aiios que no sean ancianos, discapacitados o ciegos. En persona en cualquier oficina del DPSS del Condado. Para saber cual es la oficina mas cercana a usted, por favor llarne al(866) 613-3777. Extiende el Medi-Cal hasta la edad de 26 anos para j6venes que estuvieron bajo crianza temporal (foster) aue recibieron beneficios de Medi-Cal a la edad de '18 aiios. El personal ubicado en sitios no tradicionales continuarhn ayudando al pllblico a llenar las solicitudes. Exige que las personas tengan un seguro de salud o se les impondra una multa. Tenga cuidado con las estafas de la Reforma de Salud Covered California perrnitirh que 10s clientes compren en linea o por telefono para encontrar la opcion de seguro de salud conveniente para ellos. Las personas pueden comparar diferentes planes de seguro medico y saber si son elegibles para 10s subsidios federales y descuentos en 10s i r n p u s b . Ademas, Covered California referira a las personas que puedan ser elegibles para Medi-Cal al Departamento de Servicios Sociales PStblicos. I Planes de Seguro de Salud de Covered California No le pague a nadie para que le ayude a solicitar seguro de salud. Los cambios de la nueva HCR perrnite que sea mucho mas facil cornparar 10s planes de seguro de salud. Ademas, todos 10s planes de salud cubren las visitas al medico, hospitalizacion, atencion de ernergencia, maternidad, atencion pedihtrica y recetas medicas. Evita que las compaiiias de seguro le nieguen la cobertura a 10s pacientes que tienen un problema de salud preexistentes. No le d6 informacion personal de salud o financiera a nadie que se cornunique con usted por telefono o Internet. A continuacibn hay cuatro niveles de planes con una descripcion del porcentaje de 10s costos medicos que cubre el plan de salud: Se estima que unas 464,000 personas en el Condado de Los Angeles seran elegibles para Medi-Cal corno resultado de la Reforma de Salud. Cuidado con las ofertas no solicitadas para inscribirse en 10s nuevos planes de seguro de salud. Evita que las compaiiias de seguro cobren mas dinero o limiten la cantidad que van a pagar porque una persona esta enferma. I iCu=ndo entra en vigor la nueva ley? I La nueva ley entra en vigor el loenero de 2014. de Cuidado con las Ilarnadas, correos electr6nicos o visitas no solicitadas de alguien que dice ser representante de la HCR, la nueva ley o Covered California. IAY seguro mCdico si necesito 1ahora? El period0 de pre-inscripci6n sera del lo de octubre de 2013 a131 de diciembre de 2013; la inscripcion abierta continuara hasta e l 31 de rnarzo de 2014. Las familias con niiios y personas de edad avanzada o discapacitadas pueden ser elegibles para Medi-Cal. Solicite en linea en htt~://d~ss.lacountv.~ov o llame al Centro de Aten&n al Cliente del DPSS al (866) 613-3777. lnscribase antes del 15 de diciembre para que tenga cobertura de seguro de salud a partir del lo de enero de 2014. Los ciudadanos adultos de bajos ingresos que no tienen seguro y residentes legales pueden ser elegibles para Healthy Way LA (HWLA). Solicite en linea en www.ladhs.orulhwla o llame al (877) 333-4952 hasta el 31 de diciernbre de 2013. SPANISH il60 por ciento de 10s gastos medicos :ubiertoses pagado por el plan de salud. il70 por ciento de 10s gastos medicos cu~iertos pagado por el plan de salud. es il80 por ciento de 10s gastos rnt5dicos :ubiertoses pagado por el plan de salud 390 por ciento de 10s gastos medicos iubiertos es pagado por el plan de salud Las primas rnensuales y la cantidad que cada persona va a pagar por las visitas al medico serhn determinadas por el nivel de cobertura seleccionado.
  • 6. PA 6098 (10113) (AR) PA 6098 (10113) (AR) HEALTH CARE REFORM (HCR) BROCHURE (ARMENIAN) PREPARATIONIPROCEDURES: Same as English. FILINGIRETENTION: Same as English. Facsimile of PA 6098 ( 1 0113) (AR)
  • 7. Uup* h L u L I u l l J p u ~ ~ bu y l u h u Q u QfihPQuhlipp h mjumtq t h h t q o q h t ~ hmdmp LFUU h 2014 p + k Lnu n~ Uhpt~hu dmp+ phm4blhtpp, n*hp )lib bmpnq f i h t ~ npht U l L b ~ m q dhP b ~ t h ~ m l V ' J ~ m 9 b " ~ ~ l~hm4n~F'lm~v ~b g mh. mrnpbpb 4 u d UJL ymm&mnhtpnq, l.lmpnq t h bpthg dnm qmhtL4fihfi4m' htf~:lld hs.lac~unW.qovIwpsI~ortaVd -33% hs County of Los Angeles Department of Public Social Services Umnph h2qwb t h d b pmhb m m p ~ t Ilmjptp, npnhp mpdt p uqgt~tb bdmhmln~ hmdmp, p t b h l t h mnmpb4m +n+nbn~p]n~hhlipp h2mhmQn~d t q hmdmp: h U l g t ~ t p t p 4mjulptyp + m t ~ nhmdmp d t p d ~ HCR Stqt4mqptpp. Cmpmpqm Ilmjdmhh t p p h YouToons mtumhn~ndmLlp HCR-b *m, b 2hnphbq Kaiser-l-I phmmhbpb .-,".+-...,.rwt I rorrnaruf HEALTH CARE hbdhmqpmdK htt~://dpss.lacountv.~ov n d~sslhealthlreformldefault.cfm n ~ d : E2 - CalWORKs Lmhmhqb h +hqtpmfi 4nqdbg +~hmhumqnpqmb bmpmqbp t, npp mmfiu t dmdmhmQmdnp qpmdm4mh o h h q m Q n ~ p j nh bbmnmln~pjn~h~h h t p tpt]uulhtp n~hlignq gmbp lillrndn~mnq phmmhbphhpbh: CalFresh (Uhhqb ?pmdmhb2tp) - % t q t p m b p ~ q b kt, ~ p npp hhmpmqnpn~pln~hmmfiu gmbp t l p ~ d n ~ m n d t phmmhbphtpbh q h t ~ m n n q p p m p u h n ~ h q n~ bpthg &mmhbphhpb hmdmp: IHSS: L m h m h a ~ n q d l - ~ g fimqnpqmb bpmqbp t, npp mpmdmqpn~d mhmjbh h m4hhm4mh bhmdpb t b u m m ~ n ~ p j n ~ h~ tp m ~ m u n ~ bnqp h h p mmptg, mhm~~mmn~hm4 mhhmhg, npp p n ~ jmmfiu hpmhg ~t mqmhnq f i m bphhg m h t p n ~ d : ~ - General Relief Ump+ 4nqdbg qpmdm4h o d u ~ l ~ q m l l n ~ pt n ~ h t ~ m d n ~ ~ mhhmhg hhmmp, j gmbp nnq npnhp bpmqmun~ t h u m m h m ~ n ~ l Lmhmhqb I 5 t q t p m ~ o&~uhqm4n~pjn~h: iutU36 2 ~ U L T U t U q c Q . L U S O L~ L U ~ L ~ CalFresh, Medi-Cal, CalWORKs <P I ' YBN-L LUUULbW k ' http:Ilduss.lacountv.qov q t ~ m ~ m h ~ m l l p tnpp pp Llmnmdmpqn~d U r n - b t Medicare h Medicaid qmfi+nphbmjb q&mqnp d n ~ m p h htnp p t p t ~ n ~ t hmdmp u m n ~ m y m h m 4 u I h luhmdp, h m d t d m m t ~ n ~ qhtpp h mnnqmymhm4mh bpmqptpp h u m m h m ~ n ~ mtqt4n~pjn~h 4mfi+nphbmjb mnnqmymhm4mh bhmdpb qtpLUFtplIUj htt~:// Kaiser phmmht4mh h ~ f i u q p m d p m h q b u m h ~ d h t 2mhn~jph t m m y h p q , dmuhuqnp qnpbnq l hbfimqpmd, npp 4thmpnhmhn~d mnnrpmymt 7 hn~plmh luhmdpb mqmhnquqpb *m: Ujumtq q n ~ qmpnq t p HCR-b +m qbmt~YouToons p mtumhn~nqm4p htnp ~ t p t ~ m n n ~ u y m h m 4 m h h bhmdpb ~ ~q b w ~ b r l n r l y ~ m t q h L l n ~ p j nhtt~:l~-or9;tnht~nt~~n~h' ~ htt~:llkff.orq: -- Ujumtq q n ~ Qqmhtp ~ l m g n ~ 4myhp, npnhp p gb~ 4~mgmmpth, t b h l y t u t HCR-p UlqqnLd p mhhmmhtpb, ~ b q h t u h t p b +m h P m q t p q t y b HCR, npmtrl4mh m t q h 4 n ~ p j n ~ h h m m p ~ h p tp Ulu h p u y u p u l # u b yuu1&hlipp h u u m h t f i lib h t u 1 h l u ~ DPSS HCR-hb w ~ ~ b n ~ d ' ~ ~ 9 ~ ~ FhLd Consistent Accurate Efhcientservice to our customers Respectful THE KEY TO AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE
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  • 11. PA 6098 (10113) (CH) PA 6098 (1 0113) (CH) HEALTH CARE REFORM (HCR) BROCHURE (CHINESE) PREPARATIONIPROCEDURES: Same as English. Same as English. Facsimile of PA 6098 (1 011 3) (CH)
  • 12. PA 6098 (1 0113) (KO) PA 6098 (10113) (KO) HEALTH CARE REFORM (HCR) BROCHURE (KOREAN) PREPARATIONIPROCEDURES: Same as English. Same as English. Facsimile of PA 6098 ( 1 011 3 ) (KO)
  • 13. I H-??sew *? I HCR?/4/@3$!7/~j3A#flL/#? q$H W7i? x i s 1q.l~l2014gq ~ w q q xa10n4 SPFE 4q 9 agqq. A]Y~$,~T$, $!$%% qg 0l$riz qg "11Gq 7 ) " d + 3%z"ggz11" 4ggs qg g ~ F * l ~ o l l7 j ~ ) s h) aZ&% f 2sL]q: 3% h~p:Ildhs.lawunty.qovlwsI~ortaVdhs SOZ ~ l q HCR 4 q$ f 7)49 Z J g s q ~%A) g 1 j 0lEollhj 9-2 f 216.1 G-. 22s 21% @ 4 7 ] %gq 4 79%q P]%)*7(l 8 33 99 q s $h)olE7 oF4lol1 %$qG-. so) itR(7-14 1 1 3 4?!4 4lgol14WI% 4 H C R * ~~ I ( I I q* ~ . ; rn =u1yoz % I $ ~ ~ V P ! ~ / @ A ) - $e-:-.---~K' %I2H C R q 4 3 YouToons O r/L m E, ?=MtOlouE HEALTH CARE THE REV x Sx~l zj 7j 4 +P)*]E w d~ss.lacountv qovldpss/healthlreforrnldefaultc f r n g - CalWORKs ol-301 9 1 2 7j &% 7I8 q %A1 1 H z 2 AjH]&S ?ql+%e f ZJ+; 2 9 3s HJZJ 7 x ) s ~ 1 %3 1 9 q q. z19 CalFresh (Food Stamps) - ;(-) &% 7FZJ 01 1s 7)+$ qzJ 372 4 5 % i q g $= 915% 5e gtl,FZJ? zz19qqq. IHSS: XI? 01 s] k 9%7(F, 0 1 1s g g 2 Medicaid Y & M_E{ any a 3 Medicare 1 giq3)* 5 4 Z J y 'kZ%)4 A1 2. $ hio] E:https:l/ 2 4 n q o ) o l l h q 870~ 3 70d,7~3372 3 2 3-Lg %@ H l Z , $72 9-gol1 q 4 ? ! 9s $2 f $2 2 4 4 q o F 33 A t o l E : 47-F 30H9, d 301 7)~Jql~j *a%+fl] $ 95 xlq 2 71 9 3 4 ~j ' 4 %3) 8 1 http:llwww.coveredca.corn 5+7)hF ~jH] lh * 9HJ HI 4 4 f xi'; q"dz1q"dq. General Relief f / g H J Z q HEO)l xi? *I J s] S e 7H9+$ q8fl 7 ) $ ~ l q ] ~ 4 j 7)*lxj 4 % d J?$ ]! 9 8q-ls 3 0 1 11 %agD,F%Hlqjq 7.]ggq 4. $ A ) o ] E htt~:llkff.orqdAjHCRq1 l O X 0 , Ids)&@ s H z zz!-~"U,Wq. 3 YouToons 21 2 % ? f 2q , q z ZJqoll ZJHZ 90% @ q+gA/22! f6~1 q. - + &+6,IS 0/%+AdA/P! FAMILY l-Oi,ll!l~iL.'~ 0 q % l l 7 1 9 , 719oll $%% 1 u15i]+x] $+8fl-'ik +7) "d*.qg 9 q Z HCR 3 0 )$ z q k 3 3 5 4%x1 ~ ) o ~ 9 o $ Sgqq: '~ ~ A ~ HCR CalFresh, Medi-Cal, CalWORKs c-Jm-mn http:N~ublichea~th.lacountv.qovlplanl HiahliohlslHCRl Health Care Reforrn.htrn 01 3d 4x1 A w @ DPSS HCR 4 A ) o l E e n A j ? f 9eqq: '! & http:/ z & g g z l ] & 7)*q 3 (DPSS)
  • 14. 3 tCu iY4 m 10 3 >x -40 &a a.u 0- 12 & ar 2 & I> 0, h 10 gB -. w d 0% o l & rX Irk "A oy u2 >x 3 mkl " >x 4O rlo rlr " t&g-+ AX %oys n rulH e 2 rln EL 0 & 40 5 4k I,p F ~3p & Lo$&&
  • 15. PA 6098 (1 0/13) (RU) PA 6098 (10113) (RU) HEALTH CARE REFORM (HCR) BROCHURE (RUSSIAN) PREPARATIONIPROCEDURES: Same as English. FILINGIRETENTION: Same as English. Facsimile of PA 6098 ( 1 0113) (RU)
  • 16. I K ~ 6blTb9ecnn SI ne nmem npasa K nn na oplny na arnx nporpamm? I Xo~enn 6b16onbwe ysna.rb o HCR? I ~ o n o n ~ ~ ~ e n b ~op~au~sl n~* a s l o BHeapeHMn nporpaMMbl HCR npeaocTaensleTcsl Ha p a 3 n ~ r ~ b l x 836-cah~ax. H H X IlpHBOaslTCR aApeCa HeKOTOPblX B ~ County of Los Angeles Department of Public Social Services ~ ~ - C ~ ~ T O B KOTOpble C O T IlOCeTHTb, q ~ 0 6 by3HaTb KaK T H l OTPP3FITCFI Ha BaC IlPOHCXOAFI~Me H3MeHeHHsl . ~ o C ~ T M T ~ 3 6 - ~ a h '4~06bl HaLU ~ T, 0 H K M T C C MLUMM BblnyCKOM 3 a O Mb R HCR ~ o e o m e i H O B O C ~ M M , HeAenu, a -* L.- TaKXe nOCMOTpeTb B A O YouToons M e 06 ycnoeMRx n p v l ~ e ~ e ~nporpaMMb1 nsl A .n - rnE*tlTOAFFOUWuLEnEALTn HCR B cucTeMe Kaiser Family Foundat~on: hllp Ildpss.lz-muntv aovld~sslbeallhlre~ormldelaullm d CalWORKs - nporpaMMa B ~ ~ M ~ H H~OeRt i e x ~ o i nOMOUH CeMbRM C H B M A X A M MMetOUHM HK M O O O , Ae~eLi, ~ ~ a ~ c m purraToM n @ e ~ e p a u ~ e L i . @ y e ~ a ~ CalFresh (Food Stamps) - @u~a~cnpyeMaR @e~epau~eR nporpahn#a, no3eonsltoqaR C ~ M ~ R M c H B M A X A M npn06pe~aTb MK M O O O KaqeCTBeHHble npOAylc-rblnMTaHMsl. nporpa~~a urra-ra, npeAomaenRtoulaR ycnyrM no nnrHoMy yxony H ~ a o n no BeAeHuto ~ y IHSS: AoMawHero xo3slfimsa noxunblu, cnenblM M M BO M MHBan~HOCTb M I U M nlOmM, M eo U M npaBO MtL M H 3 ) npOrpaMMy, ' T n03BOnsleT M OCTaBaTbCR B a 1' 4O M KOM@OPT~M 6e30nac~omu O ~ C T B ~ H H OAOMa. C ~O -General Relief - @ntia~cwpye~asl YO O P r M K nporpaMMa A ~ H ~ X H noMoqn nloAslhn c HMJKMM OR AOXOAOM, nMetoqMM npaea Ha ApyrMe He nporpaMMbl urra~al@e~epaumn. 3KOHOMbTE BPEMH! UC~OJ~~~YUTE UHTEPHET! CalFresh, Medi-Cal, CalWORKs O@Ll~Manb~blR f i ~ ca @eaepanb~oro npaenTenbcTaa, ynpa~nReMblfi CUlA no nporpaMMaM Medicare M Medicaid : HeolthCore,gov U~HT~~MM nop~an urra-ra Kan~@op~msl, MOXHO KynmTb rAe MeA.CTpaXOBaHMe, CpaBHlnTb UeHbl M npeanaraewe sa HMX ycnyrm, a Tawe nonyquTb H@OPMB~HD C C e e 3ApaBOOXpaHeHHR B 0 M TM - R~~M@OPHMII : htt~:/ - OOHP, Kaiser family TO '4amHag HeKoMMepqecKaslo p r a ~ ~ 3 a u ~ s l OCHOBH~IMO AeRTenbHOcTM K O T O P O ~ B A M M RBnfleTCR MeA.CTpaXOBaHMe. 3 ~ e c b Bbl MOXeTe npOCMOTpeTb BMfleO YouToons 0 nporpaMMe HCR , a Tawe nonyrMTb H H @ O P M ~ ~ M H ) MeA.CTPaXOBaHMM : 0 . -- http://kff.orq - - . - 3 ~ e c b ~ HaRae~e B I flononHMTenbHble ~ 3 6 - Cc '--""' C sJ M rAe O ~ ~ S I C H F ~ ~ T a KFnpOrpaMMa HCR BlK , KC I npMMeHsleTCR B O H L e M OTflenbHblX n u M T OUH M M ~M~H~COB, a Tame ~ a h e HH@OPMB~UH)o ~ e npOrpaMMe HC!? Ha pa3HblX R3blKaX : w h t t p : l l p u b l i c h e a l t h . l a ~ ~ ~ n i y ~ ~ ~HiohliphtslHCRl m ]~/p~anl Health Care Reform.htm Konnn 3 nOnYL(HTbHa ~ ~ 6 c a A ~ e DPSS HCR no canslce : http:l/www.ladpss.omld~sslheaIthlreformloub~ications.cfm - ~ 06p0111mpb1 i MOXHO - -AUA Consistent Accurate Efficientservice to o r tterpxtful u- THE KEY TO AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE
  • 17. YTO osnarlaer n op m n a pra mm I YTO o s ~ a r l a e ~ HCR? AKT saunTe nHTepecoe naunenTos n AocrynHoM o Men.crpaxoeaHnn (The Patient Protection &Affordable Care Ad-PPACA) Tame L ~ ~ B ~ C TKK~P ~~ ~ o P M ~ a I H B~paeooxpa~e~nn Care Reform -HCR) - TO HOB~IA (Health 3aKOH, KOTOP~IA fl03BOnReT nOnyClnTb CTpaxOBOe flOKpblTMe e TeM, KTO ero H nMeeT n KOTOP~IAnenaeT MeanunHcKne ycnyrn donee AOCTyflHblMn. npenoc~aen~b Medi-Cal coeepureHHoneTtinMnnuaM B BospacTe OT 19 no 64, H nMemqnM ~ e ~n ee i e H nonna,qamqnM non KaTeropnm nomnblx nnn nMemqnx CneflOTy nnn MHBannflHOCTb. I Covered California? 6 uHTepHeTe - repes c a i Covered California ~ htt~:// Mnu qepes c a h DPSS ~ Your Benefits Now (YBN) : htt~://d~ss.lawuntv.aov no T e n e a o ~ y ~ O ~ B O H M BnpOrpaMMy Covered B California no HoMepy (888) 975-1 142. no nowe - 3aslsne~msl o n x ~6b l ~ b ~ b OTnpaBnetibl ~o 2013r. B O@MC npOrpaMMbl Medi-Gal no KOHua HOSI~PFI aApecy: DPSS Medi-Cal Outreach District 16, P.O. Box 5270,El Monte, CA 91734-9915. nporpa~~a Covered California nos son^^ saM KynuTb no &lR MHTePHeTY M M no Tefle@oHynOpSt0~sl~Ui BaC n nnaH MeA.CTpaX0BaHMsl. B ~cMoxeTe CpaBtim pasnuq~ble I nnaHbl, a TaMe C Y3HaTb, nOAneXaT JlU OHM @eAepaJlbHbl~ Y ~ C ~ M S I M nnn HanoroeoMy ~ o s ~ p a q . K p o ~ Toro, nporpama Covered California MoxeT e o @ o p ~ n eaM Hanpaenetiue B Ynpaene~ue ~b co~o6ecnere~nsl (Department of Public Social Services) Ann nonyreHnn cTpaxoeaHnfi no Medi-Gal, ecnn B ~ I MMeeTe Ha TO npaeo. I nnanb~ Mepl.crpaxosanm no nporpaMMe Covered California neTHero Bospacra 6 b l B ~ npneMHblM AeTnM, paHee n~ nMeBwnM Medi-Cal B BospacTe 18 neT. OT MeA. no~pe60ea~b nMu 06~3a~enbH0r0 CTPaXOBaHMFI M ~ a s ~ a q a ~ p a aecnn onn TaKoeoro H nMemT. w b , e He nnaTMTe HMKOMY, npemarae-r noMorb O ~ O P M M T ~ KTO saslenetine Ha nporpaMMy Health Care Insurance sa AeHbrM. KTO K He c o o 6 q a h ~ e HMKOMY, 06paqae~csl saM no BaLUeh nMrH0h T ~ ~ ~ @M MH Y MHTepHeT, H M K ~ K O ~ O clepe3 n 0 @UH M ~ Xe M H @ O ~ M ~ ~ M U ~ H C n MX 0 3AOpOBbe. 6 y ~ b OCTOPOXH~I, nonyraeTe HeoxlvlAaHHble ~e KorAa npeAnoxetiusl O@OPM~TL HoBoe MeAcTpaxosaHue. 06paqae~csl saM K 6 y ~ b OCTOPOXHLI, KorAa KTO-nn60 ~e no ~ e n e @ o ~ y ,~ e i n y M n M noceqaeT sac, e, npeACTaBJlslslCb COTPYAHHKOM npOrpaMMbl HCR, HOBOrO saKotioAaTenbcTsa Hnn nporpaMMb1Covered California. He 4aBaTb CTpaXOBblM KOMnaHnaM BOSMOXHOCTH o ~ ~ a s b ~ a a ~ b nnuau, nMeeurnM sa6oneea~nn B ycnyrax 40 Toro KK oHn 06pa~nnncb nonyqennehn a sa MeA.crpaxoeaHnn. n o npeaBapHTenbHblM AaHHblM O O O 464,000 WnOBeK Kn oKpyre Jloc-A~menec cMoryr nonyrnTb MeA.cTpaxoeaHue no nporpaMMe Medi-Cal B p e s y n b ~ a ~ e 0 h e @ o p ~ 3 ~ p a e o o x p a ~ e(Health 3~ P b ~~sl Care Reform -HCR). B I K ~ bbl~b, K eCJlH R Hy-alOCb crpaxosanmm Health Care Insurance n r m ceiirac? pi o m Hoeble M3MeHeHMfl IlpOrpaMMbl HCR AalOT B03MOXHOCTb CpaBHMBaTb pa3JlMrHble cTpaXOBble IlnaHbl. K p o ~ TOrO, B e nnaHbl IlOKpblBaloT TaKMe e ycnyrM K K noceqetiue spara, r o c n u ~ a n ~ s a u ~ s l , a HeOTnOXHasl nOMOqb, MaTepUHcTBO, YUlyrM IleAnaTpa, a TaKxe neKapcTsa no p e w n v . CTpaxoBblx nnaHoB c Hnxe npnBoAslTCsl reTblpe ~POBHSI yKa3aHUeM B IlpOueHTaX nOKpblTMsl, KOTOPOe f l a ~ ~ b l h nnaH 0 6 e c n e r ~ s a e ~ : 10npoueHToe Men.pacxoAoe, s x o ~ s l q B x ~ TpaxoeaHue, nolcpbleam-rcsl3~n~ nnaHoM. B C e ~ b c HMJKHM AOXOAOM, u nMetoqne B cBoeM wcTaBe a e ~ e h n o ~ ~ n b ~ x l n ~~~ r y - r ~ ~ onpaBo Ha unn o a nnMeTb ~ , Medi-Cal. n o n a i ~ e sasleneHne Ha c a i ~ http:// e d~ss.~acountv.aovn M n03BOHUTe B U ~ H T c n y x u ~ a ~ n ~ M o6 ~ B 3aBMCMMOCTM OT B ~ I ~ ~ ~ H H O ~ 6O a e ~ nnaHa, y HaceneHMsl DPSS no HoMepy (866) 613-3777. onpeaenen pashnep BaLuMx MecnrHblx n n a ~ e x e h 3a Bspocnble, uMeDqme rpawaHcTBo nnn neranbHble IlnaTMTb CTpaXOBKy M CYMMM, KOTOPble B b l 6 y ~ e ~ e pe3MAeHTbl M O V MMeTb npaBO Ha npOrpaMMy Healthy 3a noceueme spara. saslsne~ne c a h ~ e Ha Way LA (HWIA). n o j q a i ~ e www.ladhs.ora/hwla nnn ~ O ~ B O H M T ~ 3334952 ~o 31 (877) ~eKa6psl 3r. 201
  • 18. P 6098 (10113) (TG) A PA 6098 (04113). (TG) HEALTH CARE REFORM (HCR) BROCHURE (TAGALOG) PREPARATION/PROCEDURES: Same as English. FILING/RETENTION: Same as English. Facsimile of PA 6098 ( 1 0/13) (TG)
  • 19. Paano Kung Hindi Ako Karapat-dapat Para Sa Alinman Sa Mga Programang I Kailangan Ng Karagdagang lmpormasyon sa HCR? Ang karagdagang irnporrnasyon sa paparating na pagpapatupad ng HCR ay rnakukuha sa rnararning website. Ang rnga Klinikang Pangkalusugan ng County at ng Kornunidad ay narito para tumulong NGAYON at sa 2014. Ang rnga residente ng County ng Los Angeles na hindi maaari sa iba pang rnga prograrna dahil sa pagkarnarnamayan, tirahan, edad o iba pang rnga kadahilanan ay rnaaaring makahanap ng klinika na malapit sa kanila sa: htt~:lldhs.lacoun~v.~ovJwpsl~ortal/dhs I Nasa ibaba ang ilan sa rnga iba't ibang website na rnahalagang rnabisita upang higit pang rnatutunan ang tungkol sa kung ano ang ibig sabihin ng paparating na rnga pagbabago sa iyo. Bisitahin ang arning website upang rnakita ang arning rnga HCR Newsletter, Terms-of-the-Week, at ang video ng YouToons sa HCR sa kagandahang Maaari Kang Maging Karapat-dapat Para Sa Iba Pang Mga Benepisyo: Foundation sa CalWORKs - Prograrnang pinondohan ng estado at pederal na nagbibigay ng pansarnantalang tulong parnpinansiyal at rnga serbisyo sa rnga parnilyang rnababa ang kita na may rnga bata. CalFresh (Food Stamps) - Prograrnang parnpederal na nagbibigay sa rnga sarnbahayang may rnababang kita ng kakayahang burnili ng rnasusustansiyang pagkain para sa kanilang parnilya. IHSS: Prograrnang inutos ng estado na nagbibigay ng rnga serbisyong pantahanan at rnga serbisyo sa pangangalaga ng sarili sa karapat-dapat na indibidwal na nasa gulang, bulag at may kapansanan upang rnanatiling ligtas sa kanilang sariling tahanan. General Relief - Tulong pananalapi na pinondohan ng County para sa indibidwal na may rnababang kita na hindi karapat-dapat para sa tulong ng Estadol Pederal. MAKATlPlD SA ORAS! PUMUNTA SA ON-LINE! CalFresh, Medi-Cal, CalWORKs htra:lld~ss.lacounlv.sov~dps~ealIfil~eform/default,clm A opisyal na website ng pamahalaang pederal na pinarnarnahilaan ng U.S. centers para Serbisyona Medicare at ~ e d i c asa i htt s:llw,healthcare, County of Los Angeles Department of Public Social Services PagbabagoSa Pangangalaga Ng Kalusugan Ano Ang Kailangan Mong Malaman ov Ang website ng California para sa pagbili ng pangangalaga ng kalusugan, paghaharnbing ng presyo at planong pangkalusugan, at pagkuha ng irnporrnasyon sa pangangalaga ng kalusugan sa California sa http:llwww.coveredca.corn Ang Kaiser family foundation ay isang pundasyong walang-tub0 at pribadong pinarnarnahalaan na turnututok sa parnarnalakad ng pangangalaga ng kalusugan. Maaari rnong tingnan dito ang video ng YouToons sa HCR at kurnuha ng irnporrnasyon sa parnarnalakad ng pangangalaga ng kalusugan sa http:llkff.orq Matatagpuan mo dito ang rnga karagdagang link na nagpapaliwanag kung paano nakakaapekto ang HCR sa rnga indibidwal, mga negosyo, at rnga link sa impormasyon ng HCR RBfkwtb sa iba't ibang wika sa .------. . A 7 ANG PAG-ACCESS SA YBN AY ISANG KLlK LAMANG htt~:/ld~ss.lacountv.~ov http:llpublichealth.lacounty.qovlplanl HiuhliqhtslHCRl Health Care Reform.htm Ang rnga kopya ng babasahing ito ay makukuha sa website ng DPSS HCR sa http:/~.ladpss.orqidp~slhealthlrefom/ w - A ~ ~ m w r c m t o m e r s THE KEY TO AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE
  • 20. r u n ru > z P; 22: n , z m- V) r= m 3 cn. cn. a i Y m V) 8 0- a 0 2 m a u a " 2 3 m V ) a 3 m P A (D K? za 0 a 2 g 0 u ru 2 a 2 ZLY 223 g "W 5 0 LD C 27% ;u J; ='3 a, ;am ~ 2 ; 5% -0 5 m m m 3 B2 m PE W u o m 0 3 L a -a m a , V) 2.3 3 p," Cm 4 gBg - s cn. qgg 2 2~ 3" 03; 0) E Z 2: = E 2.; cn 5 ' m o a g 3 cn. (D Zf zgz u m D 2 gg Kz ; 02b . Pa I I G. 5 z $3 3 $ 2. (0 3 2 3 2 9 ? a m E c x% nr 3 g a 3 K e ma a 3 2% a3 c 2 -0 . m V) 5E cn. (D m a a :g s2 n 3 ( D a I c r Y m -0 a g m c= n 3 g - 3 3 3g a, $ X3 gr m : : a 8 ~ 2 : ax3 .; EX "x ~2 5 2 Ex .: 3 mcncn z32 - a m 222 p3 1 g r a, 5' n =: 5' 3 PI P E U, s 3 0 P) v 3 P 3 f 0 3g E m oP 2 !?! k; ow 3 3 P p cu 32 g G a, e- o cn rn 2. K 22 2 Ya,# z-0 " , ( n g 2, 27-3 QF gf u a , n -.: d a 0 , :z; a , 8 m 3 o Z m 3 s cn E a, ? r n """a Z ;Ea,E n z m w Z a m m 5 - 3 c ha" cno 3 cn,a V ) m o r y
  • 21. PA 6098 (10113) (VN) PA 6098 (10113) (VN) HEALTH CARE REFORM (HCR) BROCHURE (VIETNAMESE) PREPARATIONIPROCEDURES: Same as English. FILING/RETENTION: Same as English. Facsimile of PA 6098 ( 10/13) (VN)
  • 22. I ~ e " T6i Kh6ng H@iDu Di6u Kien Nhfin u H h g 6a"tCOJC h m g Trinh Nao Trong ~6 Cac C h m g Trinh Nay Thi Sao? Quen-H?t v5 Cac Phong Kham Swc Khoe Gong ~ o n g hien dang co mat d6 giup d& quy vj NGAY BAY ~ l va b vao n5m 2014. C v d i n Quan-Hat Los Angeles nao ma khBng thk d v q c nhan vao chlvang trinh nao khac vi Iy do qu6c tich, c v tru, tubi tac hoac vi c5c Iy do khac, thi co thk tim d&n mot phong kham gen nha hq qua trang mang tai dia chi: http:lldhs.lacount~.aovl~slportaI/dhs 1Quy Vi Co T ~ HOi Du Di&u Kien C 1Hwwng Cac Loai Phuc Lqi Khac: - CalWORKs Chvang trinh dvqc Ti& Bang va Lien Bang tai trq, cung &p trq gitip ti& mat tam thtri va c5c dich vy danh cho gia Binh w thu nhap thhp va co con nhb. I CAN co THEM THONG TIN VE HCR? - Th6ng tin b6 sung v& viec thi hanh HCR sdp t9i day, hien co s i n tren nhi&utrang mang dien toan. DvQi d i y la mot s6 cac trang mang khac nhau rht cAn truy cap d6 tim hi6u them xem nhong thay d6i sdp t9i co y nghTa gi d6i vCvi quy vi. k+ Xin quy vj truy c$p trang mang clja -. chljng tbi a&xern Cac B5n Tin V& wk HRC, Cac k6t qua trong T u b , va YouToons video tren HCR do s v $iEibii6~~ir nuuncrn~ trq giup Kaiser Family Foundation tai: htt~:Ndpss.lacoun~.aov/d~sslhealthlreformldefault.cfm - Trana mana chinh thGc clja chinh lien bang do Cac Trung T i m Hoa KYV& c r c DIC~VU Medicare va Medicaid quan Iy: htt~s:// - General Relief Chvcmg trlnh do Quan-Hat tAi trq, nham trq giup tikn mat cho n h h g ca n h i n w thu nhap t h i p ma khBng hoi d i di&u kien nhan hvirng HAY T I ~ KIEM TH&/ GlAN! T HAY S DVNG MANG LL& OIGN TOAN/ o CalFresh, Medi-Cal, CalWORKs -. L e d CHI BAY CAN NUT OANG NHAP OVUC VAO YBN httu://duss.lacountY.Qov Cai ~6 Chim Soc S v Khoe ic Nhikng ~ i k u Quy Vi c P ~i6t ~ HealthCare.qov CalFresh (Food Stamps) - Chvwng trinh Lien Bang, t r ~gidp cAc h6 gia dinh cb thu nhap thhp dk hq co l kh5 n3ng mua sdm thyc phsm Ihnh manh cho gia dinh ho. IHSS: Chvang trinh bet buoc cOa Ti& Bang, cung &p dich vu trq giup tai nha va dich vu cham s6c ca n h i n danh cho ngvai cao nikn, ngvtri mu va tan tat dk hq c6 thk d v q c an toan v tqi nha cOa chinh hq. County of Los Angeles Department of Public Social Services V Trang mang clja California d6 chon lwa v& loai ch8m soc s13c khod, d6 so sanh gi8 ca va cac loai k& hoach sGc kh6e, va dvwc them th6ng tin v& c h i m soc sGc khod tai California, tai: Kaiser family foundation la mot t6 chGc phi-lqi-nhugn do t v n h i n diQu hanh, tap trung vao chinh sach chim soc sGc khod. Ncri day, quy vi co th6 xem Youtoons video ve HRC va I i y th6ng tin v& chinh sach ch8m soc sGc khod, tai: http://kff.orq 1 Tai dsy, quS, vi s6 tim thAy cac trang mang nbi kbt bd sung, trong db w giai thich viec nhin, c4c HCR anh h v h g d6n cAc doanh nghiep nhw thh nao, va C ~ trang C -uLm.--, mang n6i k&t nhpng thBng tin v& HCR PWm b h g nhihu ngdn ngP khac nhau, tai: mm e h~p:/lpublichealth.tacountv.qo~/~lan/ HiohliahtslHCRI Health Care Reforrn.htm Ban sao cua i n phdm nay co san tr6n trang mang cua HCR DPSS Qi ~ o n $ tentq Accurate s Fdud Res&l service to or Efficient u- THE KEY TO AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE
  • 23. 1 Nap D m Xin Nhv Th6 N=o? Mang L k i Dien Toan -Qua trang mang Covered California (California Co Bao ~ i k mtai vao ) trang mqng Phuc Lqi Cba Quy Vj Ngay B l y Gib (YBN) thuQcSb DPSS, tgi dja chi htt~://d~ss.lacountv.aov Dqo Lugt Bao Ve va Chim Soc Benh Nhln vwi Gia Ca Phai Ching (PPACA) con dwqc gpi la Cai ~6 Chim Soc SCc Khoe (HCR) la mot lugt mwi, m& rijng pham vi bao hikm chim soc sCc kh6e dkn ngwbi khdng w bBo hikm y tk va lam cho vigc cham soc sCc khoe co gia ca phai ching han. Qua Dien Thoai - beng d c h goi cho Covered California (California Co Bao Hikm) tgi s6 (888) 975-1142. M u rong phgm vi bao hikm cOa Medi-Cal cho ngwbi Iwn dec than khdng 05 con, trong 64 tudi tiu 19 twi 64 ma khdng phai la ngwbi cao nibn, bj mu hoQcbj tan tgt. Gipi Thw Qua B V Bien- Don xin 0 thk givi qua bwu dien twi Lu 5 dja chi: DPSS Medi-Cal Outreach District 16, PO BOX 5270, El Monte, CA 91734-9915. Mw rQngchwong trinh Medi-Cal cho dkn 26 tudi d6i vwi thanh thiku nien trwuc d l y la con tam nudi (foster care) d l dwqc ghi danh vao trong Medi-Cal w tudi 18. Doi hoi cAc ca nhln phai ci, bao hiem y t& hoac hp s6 phai tra tien phat. Ngan than khdng cho d c cdng ty bao hikm tinh them tikn khach hang hoac gibi han khoan ti&n khach hang phi1 tra Iy do vi hp bj benh. Ngin than d c c6ng ty bao hi&m khdng dvqc tiu ch6i bao hibm cho nhhng benh nhln dB w benh tiu trvwc. Dich Thin Twi Nap Dun tai bet cC Van Phong DPSS nao cba Quan-Hat. Dk bikt v i n phong nao gen nha quy vj nhht, xin gpi s6 (866) 613-3777. Nhln vign lam viec ngoai v i n phong tgi d c dja dikm khdng chinh quy s6 tikp tuc giup d& c6ng chung dikn don xin. I in Nh3n T h k V& Cac Loai Quy Lira Dao v& Cai T6 Cham Soc S k Khoe Kh?ng tra tien cho bht cC ai dk nghj giup quy vj nap dun xin Bao Hibm Chim Soc SCc Khoe. Theo wwc tinh co dkn 464.000 ngwbi trong Qugn-Hat Los Angeles s6 dvqc h w h g Medi-Cal, do k6t qua c i a viec cai td cham soc swc khoe. Khdng w n g c$p b$t ky thdng tin nao v& sCc kh6e d nhln va tai chinh cho bht cC ai lien lac vwi quy vj qua dien thogi hoac qua mang lwwi dien toan. I Khi Nao Lugt M e Co Hieu Lyc? H l y d n h giac trwwc nhhng Ibi mbi gpi gia nhgp vao d c chwwng trinh bao hiem sCc khoe mwi ma quy vj khdng hk ybu d u . Lugt m~ co hi& lyc ngay 01 thang Gibng n i m 2014. Giai doan ghidanh-trwwc s6 bet d i u tiu ngay 01 Thang Mwbi, 2013, dkn ngay 31 thang Mwbi Hai narn 2013; viec ghi-danhmw-rQngsB tikp tyc cho dkn ngay 31 thang Ba n i m 2014. Xin quy vj ghi danh trwwc ngay 15 thang Mvbi Hai n i m 2013 dk dwqc hwung bao hi&m sCc kh6e b i t dhu tiu ngay 01 Thang GiBng, n i m 2014 H i y d n h giac vk nhivng sw vigc ma quy vj khdng he ybu c8u, cheng han nhv: cac ch dien thogi, emails, hoac nhivng ngwbi dkn nha quy vj va t y xwng la nhln vibn dai dien cba dqo lust mwi HCR, hole thuQcBao Hikm California. I N6u nhv t6i tin Bao Hi6m Cham Soc S k Khoe ngay bay giw thi sao? I "California Co B6o Hi6mJJ gi? N Chvcmg trinh "California C6 B l o Hidrn" (Covered California) cho phep khach hang len rnang Iv&i dien toan hogc qua dibn thoqi, tirn kidrn chpn lgva chc loai bao hidrn swc kho6 nao phu hqp v&i hg. M8i d nhin dbu cb thd so sanh d c kd hoach b l o hidrn 5 y td khac nhau v tlrn hidu xern hp a hOi dd dibu kien A dvqc hvCvng trq chp lien bang va d c khoan tin dung thuk hay kh6ng. Ngoai ra, "California Cb Bao Hidm" cirng sb gi&i thieu chuy6n givi nhivng ngvbi c6 thd h6i dd dibu kien hlvCvng Medi-Cal dkn Sw Dich Vy XB H4i C6ng Gong. I Cac ~6 Hoach S k Khoe ccia c h m g trr'nh "California Co Bao Hi6m" Nhivng thay dbi rn&i cda HCR Iarn cho viec so sanh d c k6 hoqch bao hidm dvqc d& dang hcrn. Ngoai ra, tht ca cac chvcrng trinh y td sb bao gbrn d c vhn db nhw: kharn bac si, nhlp benh vien, chp ccu, phu sin, cham sbc tr6 em, va thu6c the0 toa. Dv&i d i y la b6n kd hoach dvqc xdp the0 hang rnyc, kern the0 la phen rn6 tP cho bidt chi phi y-td dwqc kd hoach 5ao thau chi tra sb 1 bao nhi6u phhn trgrn. 8 €)ong Bac Vang don qua mang Iwui dign toan, tai dja chi httpi/d~ss.Iawuntv.qov, hoac gpi cho Trung T i m Dich Vy Khac Hang DPSS tai s6 (866) 613-3777. Cdng d l n thanh nibn va thvbng tru nhln hqp phap w thu nhgp thhp, khdng co bao hikm, 05 th6 hQidb diku kien hwivng chwwng trinh Healthy Way LA (HWLA). Xin qu)i vj nap don qua rnang Iwwi dien toan tai dja chi www.ladhs.ora/hwla, hoQcgoi cho s6 (877) 333-4952 cho d6n ngay 31 Thang Mwbi Hai, 2013. I r kd hoach swc khbe sb thanh toBn 70 phan tr3rn khoan chi phi y td cb b5o hidrn. k6 hoqch slic kh6e sb thanh toan 80 phan tr3rn khoin chi phi y t6 c6 b i o hidrn. ~e hoach slic kh6e sB thanh toBn 60 p h h Hij gia dinh thu nhgp thhp, a con nhb va ngwbi cao nienfin tat, 5 w thk hQidb diku kien nhgn hw6ng Medi-Cal. Xin quy vj nap I kk hoach sljlc khbe sb thanh toan 60 phen tram kho5n chi phi y td c6 b i o hiern. Kim Bath Itram khoin chi phi y t& c6 bao hiern. I L8 phi hhng thang cho bao hi6m va s6 tibn ma rn4t d nhin sb phli tr5 cho bhc si khi kharn benh sb dwqc xac djnh the0 hang rnyc bao hidm dB llpa chpn. 1