Los Angeles County DPSS Letter To The Honorable Barbara Boxer - August 2013


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Los Angeles County DPSS Letter To The Honorable Barbara Boxer - August 2013

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Los Angeles County DPSS Letter To The Honorable Barbara Boxer - August 2013

  1. 1. Enclosure I Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services Programs and Services Overview The Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) serves a diverse community through a variety of federal, State, and County-funded programs designed to alleviate hardship and promote health, personal responsibility, and economic independence. DPSS administers the CalWORKs, CalFresh (Food Stamps), Medi-Cal, General Relief (GR), and In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Programs, and the Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants (CAPI) to low-income residents of Los Angeles County through dozens of DPSS Offices and other public and non-profit agencies located across the County. The following provides a description highlighting some integral components of these programs. CalWORKs: State and federally-funded temporary cash assistance for low-income families with children and any combination of the following, as necessary:  Greater Avenues for Independence (GAIN) Program: CalWORKs applicants and participants are prepared to find and maintain employment. Eligible CalWORKs applicants are engaged during the first points of contact with DPSS, and once participating in GAIN, they are provided with case management, employment services and ongoing supportive services. In addition, participants receive assistance in resolving or clearing their Welfare-to-Work (WTW) non-compliance or pending sanction through the GAIN Sanction Home Visit Outreach Project, which employs intensive case management to identify services participants need to overcome employment barriers.  CalWORKs Housing Program: Program provides a number of services and benefits designed to assist CalWORKs homeless families, or families at risk of homelessness, to prevent eviction or move out of their current situation and into affordable permanent housing. Benefits include temporary shelter, permanent housing, moving assistance, short-term rental subsidy, assistance to prevent eviction, relocation assistance, and case management services.  CalWORKs Specialized Supportive Services: Mental health, domestic violence, and substance abuse services are provided to participants in need of services.  Supplemental Security Income Assistance Program (SSIAP): SSIAP workers provide physically and mentally disabled CalWORKs participants with assistance and advocacy support throughout the SSI application process. The goal is to obtain an early SSI approval for participants who appear to meet federal SSI eligibility criteria. MEDI-CAL: State and federally-funded program which provides medical benefits to low-income families with children and elderly/disabled individuals who are unable to afford the cost of their medical care. CalFresh (FOOD STAMPS): Federal program with the purpose of promoting and safeguarding the health and well-being of low-income households by raising their levels of nutrition and increasing their food purchasing power. IHSS: State-mandated program that provides domestic services and personal care services to eligible aged, blind and disabled individuals to allow them to remain safely in their own homes.  The intent of the program is to prevent costly institutional care, by providing basic in-home care services to consumers who cannot safely perform the services themselves. Services must be related to health or safety and cannot be authorized for “comfort.” GR: County-funded cash assistance for low-income individuals not eligible for State/federal assistance, plus the following services, as necessary:  General Relief Opportunities for Work (GROW) Program: GROW transitions employable GR participants into the labor market. Participants are assisted with activities designed to prepare them for employment, including case management, employment services and supportive services.  Supplemental Security Income Medical Advocacy Program (SSIMAP): SSIMAP workers provide physically and mentally disabled GR participants with assistance and advocacy support throughout the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) application process. The goal is to obtain an early SSI approval for participants who appear to meet federal SSI eligibility criteria.
  2. 2. 2 Updated August 1, 2013 CAPI: State-funded cash assistance provided to aged, blind, and/or disabled legal non-citizens who are categorically ineligible to Supplemental Security Income/State Supplemental Payment (SSI/SSP) due to their immigration status. REFUGEE EMPLOYMENT PROGRAM (REP):  REP provides employment and training services, case management and placement services for refugees residing in the U.S. for five years or less and asylees residing in the U.S. for five years from the date they are granted asylum. Services are available to refugees aided through the CalWORKs, Refugee Cash Assistance, and GR Program, or refugees not aided through a public assistance program. EXPANDING ACCESS TO SERVICES  Customer Service Center (CSC): The CSC provides participants with a single point of contact for ease in accessing their CalWORKs, CalFresh (Food Stamps), Medi-Cal or GR case information and reporting changes through the telephone. In addition, participants have access to general case information, emergency hotlines and program hotlines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via a self-service menu.  CalFresh (Food Stamp) and Medi-Cal Outreach: CalFresh (Food Stamp) and Medi-Cal Outreach staff is stationed at various non-traditional community sites (including health clinics, food pantries, farmers’ markets, WIC sites, churches and schools) to accept and assist with CalFresh (Food Stamp) and/or Medi-Cal applications. Workers engage with the community, providing information and referrals to available resources and services.  LINKAGES Project: A Los Angeles County interdepartmental partnership that promotes service coordination for families involved in the child welfare system (Department of Children and Family Services) who are also receiving services or benefits provided by DPSS. The goal is to increase child safety and family functioning and increase the number of positive child/family outcomes.  YourBenefitsNow (YBN) Website: Los Angeles County residents can now apply on-line for CalWORKs, CalFresh (Food Stamps), or Medi-Cal at www.dpssbenefits.lacounty.gov. Participants with an existing case can also view their benefit information through the YBN website. YBN provides 24/7 easy and convenient access for new and existing clients. FRAUD PREVENTION  Income and Eligibility Verification System (IEVS): The coordinated data exchange system made available through IEVS allows workers to search and verify income and assets associated with specific identifying information for each household member, including name, social security number, and date of birth. IEVS is a valuable tool in identifying and detecting welfare fraud.  Statewide Fingerprint Imaging System (SFIS): SFIS clerks capture fingerprints and photo images during the CalWORKs or GR application process. SFIS is a valuable tool for preventing duplicate aid fraud by matching applicant’s fingerprints against those individuals known to the statewide system.  Early Fraud Prevention and Intervention Activities: Welfare Fraud Investigators take referrals for early fraud detection from eligibility staff, the Central Fraud Reporting Line, WeTip, and computer matches from fingerprints, addresses, wage and asset reports. CO-LOCATED AGENCIES OR COUNTY DEPARTMENTS  Child Care Resource and Referral: Agencies identify appropriate child care for CalWORKs families and other families depending on family size and income. Agencies serve as a resource and referral to connect families to alternative community program services.  Health Care Options: Applicants/participants receive assistance in choosing and enrolling in a health care plan.  Department of Mental Health: Mental health services are provided to CalWORKs and GR participants.  Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE): LACOE provides orientations for GROW participants.  Military and Veteran’s Affairs: Staff provides referrals and resource information. BUSINESS HOURS  Los Angeles County, DPSS offices are open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  In response to Health Care Reform, our Customer Service Centers will receive phone calls on Saturdays and during extended business hours.  DPSS has a “No Wrong Door Policy” when serving the public. Participants will receive services in the office of their choice or may accept a referral to another office.
  3. 3. DPSS Caseload Characteristics Los Angeles County Totals May 2013 CalWORKs General Relief Refugee CAPI Medical Assistance Only CalFresh In-Home Supportive Services Total Aided Cases 174,575 106,490 678 5,062 761,359 549,021 183,653 Persons 422,504 107,118 776 5,657 1,755,996 1,135,966 183,653 Age of Aided Persons Under 1 17,568 1 51,085 28,120 7 1-2 44,683 100,942 79,000 105 3-5 68,949 3 150,222 127,080 542 6-12 125,573 8 313,370 244,752 3,659 13-15 43,690 8 124,775 85,192 1,905 16-17 28,226 1 82,512 53,815 1,201 18 6,866 1,844 18 3 45,855 23,603 726 19 3,336 3,060 24 1 39,865 19,474 786 20 4,079 3,214 17 3 34,441 17,247 788 21-59 78,880 92,954 583 754 553,857 413,064 44,351 60-65 580 5,769 82 567 33,314 26,421 18,157 Over 65 74 275 52 4,310 225,758 18,198 111,426 Total 422,504 107,118 776 5,657 1,755,996 1,135,966 183,653 Average Age of Aided Adults Average Age 31 39 40 71 51 37 68 Gender of Aided Persons Adult Male 16,334 70,742 385 1,949 280,437 220,150 63,615 Female 69,375 36,374 391 3,689 532,492 297,857 112,619 Children Male 168,141 16 475,932 310,448 4,940 Female 168,654 2 3 467,134 307,511 2,479 Total 422,504 107,118 776 5,657 1,755,996 1,135,966 183,653 Page 1 DPSS - Information and Statistical Services Section Enclosure II
  4. 4. DPSS Caseload Characteristics Los Angeles County Totals May 2013 CalWORKs General Relief Refugee CAPI Medical Assistance Only CalFresh In-Home Supportive Services Citizenship Status of Aided Persons Citizen 404,532 99,253 1 42 1,255,138 1,046,282 N/A Legal Immigrants 17,477 7,833 775 5,601 191,259 88,847 N/A Other 495 32 14 3,088 837 N/A Undocumented Immigrants 81 4 3 306,511 41 N/A Total 422,504 107,118 776 5,657 1,755,996 1,135,966 N/A Primary Language of Aided Cases ( Blank ) Armenian 2,741 1,437 224 1,029 20,975 8,234 31,455 Cambodian 467 58 13 2,388 1,144 2,215 Chinese 356 130 34 152 25,946 3,655 14,352 English 109,574 98,881 78 374 360,490 360,828 69,354 Farsi 282 139 118 109 4,257 1,150 5,797 Korean 137 142 5 203 12,169 1,254 4,945 Other 400 83 93 126 5,247 1,212 2,886 Russian 245 107 28 188 4,496 758 7,206 Spanish 59,988 5,297 97 2,744 310,790 167,664 37,686 Tagalog 34 47 1 94 5,160 453 4,236 Vietnamese 351 169 30 9,441 2,669 3,521 Total 174,575 106,490 678 5,062 761,359 549,021 183,653 Ethnic Origin of Aided Persons ( Blank ) American Indian / Alaskan Native 315 461 1 1 1,462 1,812 385 Asian 10,744 2,510 64 680 153,856 46,480 35,409 Black 85,713 44,251 22 71 119,950 207,432 31,928 Hispanic 278,281 33,671 103 3,065 1,239,885 719,736 52,372 Other 15,357 8,888 27 197 83,143 50,164 White 32,087 17,328 559 1,643 157,663 110,251 63,559 Total 422,504 107,118 776 5,657 1,755,996 1,135,966 183,653 Page 2 DPSS - Information and Statistical Services Section
  5. 5. Enclosure III Dec-07 May-13 Increase Change CalWORKs 349,574 422,504 72,930 20.9% General Relief 61,406 107,118 45,712 74.4% Refugee Cash Assistance 1,267 776 -491 -38.8% Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants (CAPI) 4,133 5,657 1,524 36.9% Medi-Cal Assistance Only* 1,602,354 1,755,996 153,642 9.6% CalFresh 641,215 1,135,966 494,751 77.2% In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) 168,477 183,653 15,176 9.0% Total Number of Persons Served* 2,118,174 2,519,023 400,849 18.9% Total Number of Children (under 18) Served* 1,096,049 1,239,396 143,347 9.8% * Unduplicated Source: DPSSMART reports accessed on July 8, 2013. Source: DPSS internal reports accessed on July 8, 2013. Source: DPSS internal reports accessed on July 8, 2013. For help resolving constituent case issues, contact: Derrick Robinson, Director Government Inquiry & Response Section Phone: (562) 908-8349 Fax: (562) 463-5396 Email: DerrickRobinson@dpss.lacounty.gov For all other questions, contact: Nestor Requeno, Director Intergovernmental Relations & Multimedia Services Section Phone: (562) 908-8517 Fax: (562) 699-3671 Email: NestorRequeno@dpss.lacounty.gov Link to the 2012-13 Los Angeles Annual Report News Releases accessed July 8, 2013. http://www.lacountyannualreport.com/2012/working.html Updated July 8, 2013 CalWORKs Families CalWORKs Homeless Families 12,814 14% 134% The Beginning of Recession Vs. May 2013 July 2006 - April 2013 July 2006 April 2013 Selected Unemployment Rates CalWORKs Caseload and CaWORKs Homeless Families 5/13 Rates: US: 7.6%, CA: 10.7%, LA County: 9.2% Source: California Employment Development Department January 2006 to May 2013 Selected Data for Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services July 2006 - April 2013 CalWORKs Homeless Families Comparison of Numbers of Persons Served by Major Programs Comparison Chart 152,722 5,487 174,558 Contact Information Percentage Increase 4% 6% 8% 10% 12% 14% Los Angles County California U.S. 0 2,000 4,000 6,000 8,000 10,000 12,000 14,000 Jul‐06 Jul‐07 Jul‐08 Jul‐09 Jul‐10 Jul‐11 Jul‐12 48-Month Time Limit August 2011 Single Allocation Reduction & 4% Grant Reduction July 2009 8% Grant Reduction July 2011
  6. 6. SHERYL Director DPSS County promot assista constitu L. SPILLER offers a y-funded te self-su ance) ben uents da R broad r program ufficiency nefits. In ily. Below range of ms design y and in Los Ang w are DPS Sa on (fo an f social s ned to m depende geles Co SS office ave tim n-line. ood ass nd emplo services eet critic ence; fre ounty, 13 es servin me, go Visit sistance) oyment s DEPA to low-i cal safety e and lo ,000 Dep ng Los A “To E o on-lin us at ), Medi-C services ARTMENT 2013 D ncome r y net nee ow-cost partment Angeles Enrich Li ne! Los http:// Cal (acce s) applic LOS T OF PU DPSS DI DPS residents eds, inclu health in t of Publi County ves Thro s Ange dpssben ess to fr ations 2 S ANGEL UBLIC SO RECTOR SS OFFIC across uding cas nsurance ic Social resident ugh Effec eles C nefits.lac ree and 4-hours- LES COU OCIAL S RY OF S CE MAP Los Ang sh assist e; in-hom Services ts throug ctive And County county.g low-cost -a-day, 7 UNTY ERVICES ERVICES geles Co tance for me care s employ ghout th d Caring residen gov/. C t medica 7-days-a- S (DPSS S ounty. DP r families for frail yees prov e county Service” nts can Currently al care), -week. S)  PSS adm s with ch elderly a vide safe y. Please n apply y, Your and Ca ministers ildren an and disa ety net s e see rev y for rBenefits lWORKs MARK R Z MICHA s a numb nd adults abled ad ervices t verse for and v sNow! s (tempo Enclo GLORIA RIDLEY-TH ZEV YAROS DON AEL D. ANTO ber of fe s; employ ults; and to over 2 r more d view th suppor orary cas osure IV Board of S A MOLINA, HOMAS, Sec SLAVSKY, T KNABE, Fo ONOVICH, ederal, S yment se d CalFre 2.5 million details. Updated A heir be rts Cal sh assis Supervisors First District cond Distric Third Distric ourth Distric Fifth Distric State and ervices to esh (food n County pril 10, 201 enefits Fresh stance s t ct ct ct ct d o d y 3
  7. 7. COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SOCIAL SERVICES 2013 DPSS DIRECTORY OF SERVICES Office Number DISTRICT OFFICES (CalWORKs, CalFresh, Medi-Cal, and General Relief) CalWORKs CalFresh Medi-Cal General Relief 05 Belvedere – 5445 Whittier Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90022    14 Civic Center – 813 E. Fourth Pl., Los Angeles, CA 90013*    26 Compton – 211 E. Alondra Blvd., Compton, CA 90220    06 Cudahy – 8130 S. Atlantic Ave., Cudahy, CA 90201    11 East Valley – 14545 Lanark St., Panorama City, CA 91402    04 El Monte – 3350 Aerojet Ave., El Monte, CA 91731    12 Exposition Park – 3833 S. Vermont Ave., 2nd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90037    17 Florence – 1740 E. Gage Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90001    02 Glendale – 4680 San Fernando Rd., Glendale, CA 91204     92 Hawthorne – 12000 Hawthorne Blvd., Hawthorne, CA 90250  34 Lancaster – 349-B East Ave. K-6, Lancaster, CA 93535    67 Lancaster General – 337 East Ave. K-10, Lancaster, CA 93535   66 Lincoln Heights – 4077 N. Mission Rd., Los Angeles, CA 90032    15 Metro East – 2855 E. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90023**     13 Metro Family – 2615 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90007    38 Metro North – 2601 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90057    70 Metro Special – 2707 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90007    16 Medi-Cal Outreach – 3400 Aerojet Ave., El Monte, CA 91731   80 Medi-Cal Long Term Care – 17171 East Gale Ave., City of Industry, CA 91745  40 Norwalk – 12727 Norwalk Blvd., Norwalk, CA 90650    89 Medi-Cal Mail-In – 2615 S. Grand Ave., 2nd Fl., Los Angeles, CA 90007*** 62 Paramount – 2961 E. Victoria St., Rancho Dominguez, CA 90221    03 Pasadena – 955 N. Lake Ave., Pasadena, CA 91104     36 Pomona – 2040 W. Holt Ave., Pomona, CA 91768     60 Rancho Park – 11110 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90064     32 San Fernando Branch – 9188 Glenoaks Blvd., Sun Valley, CA 91352   20 San Gabriel Valley – 3352 Aerojet Ave., El Monte, CA 91731     51 Santa Clarita Branch – 27233 Camp Plenty Rd., Canyon Country, CA 91352    27 South Central – 10728 S. Central Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90059     31 South Family – 17600 “A” Santa Fe Ave., Rancho Dominguez, CA 90221    07 South Special – 17600 “B” Santa Fe Ave., Rancho Dominguez, CA 90221   83 Southwest Family – 8300 South Vermont Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90044    08 Southwest Special – 1819 W. 120th St., Los Angeles, CA 90047    82 West Valley – 21415 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311    10 Wilshire Special – 2415 W. 6th St., Los Angeles, CA 90057    Notes: * This office does not provide CalFresh Only services. ** This office does not provide Medi-Cal Only or CalFresh Only services. *** Not open to the public. Office Number GAIN REGIONAL OFFICES PROVIDING CalWORKs WELFARE-TO-WORK SERVICES IV Central County, Exposition Main Office – 3833 S. Vermont Ave., 3rd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90037 VII East San Fernando Valley – 3307 N. Glenoaks Blvd., Burbank, CA 91504 III San Gabriel Valley – 3216 Rosemead Blvd., El Monte, CA 91731 III-P San Gabriel Valley, Pomona Sub Office – 2255 N. Garey Ave., Pomona, CA 91767 V South County – 2959 Victoria St., Rancho Dominguez, CA 90221 V-H South County Harbor One-Stop Sub Office – 1851 N. Gaffey St., Suite F, San Pedro, CA 90731 VI Southeast County – 5460 Bandini Blvd., Bell, CA 90201 VI-B Southeast County, Belvedere Sub-Office – 5445 E. Whittier Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90022 I West County – 5200 W. Century Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045 II West San Fernando Valley – 21415 Plummer St., Suite B, Chatsworth, CA 91311 II-P West San Fernando Valley, Palmdale Sub Office – 1050 E. Palmdale Blvd., Suite 204, Palmdale, CA 93550 II-S West San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita Sub Office – 27233 Camp Plenty Rd., Canyon Country, CA 91351 Office Number IN-HOME SUPPORTIVE SERVICES (IHSS) OFFICES 73 Burbank – 3307 N. Glenoaks Blvd., Burbank, CA 91504 01 Chatsworth – 21615 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311 35 Lancaster – 335-C East Ave. K-6, Lancaster, CA 93535 74 El Monte – 3400 Aerojet Ave., 5th Floor, El Monte, CA 91731 19 Pomona – 360 E. Mission Blvd., Pomona, CA 91766 77 Hawthorne – 12000 S. Hawthorne Blvd., “A”, Hawthorne, CA 90250 75 La Cienega – 9800 S. La Cienega Blvd., 11th Floor, Inglewood, CA 90301 47 Metro – 2707 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90007 Office Number CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTERS (CSC) CSC Phone Numbers C1 Customer Service Center # 1 – 3400 Aerojet Ave., 4th Floor, El Monte, CA 91731 (626) 569-1399 Toll Free (866) 613-3777 C2 Customer Service Center # 2 – 9800 La Cienega Blvd., 10th Floor, Inglewood, CA 90301 (310) 258-7400 C3 Customer Service Center # 3 – 9451 Corbin Ave., Northridge, CA 91324 (818) 701-8200 Office Number TOY LOAN & VOLUNTEER SERVICES SECTION TL&VS 2615 S. Grand Ave., 2nd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90007 DPSS WEBSITES FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: DPSS: http://dpss.lacounty.gov/ On-line Office Maps: http://dpss.lacounty.gov/dpss/maps/default.cfm On-line Application for CalWORKs, CalFresh, and Medi-Cal: http://dpssbenefits.lacounty.gov/ @DPSSNews: General News, Program Data & Updates @toyloanla: Toy Loan and Volunteer Services @DPSS_CalFresh: CalFresh Program  
  8. 8.   Th Sy sy pr th vo ge re     Th sy us in m em an pa se da     O as ex Th se G Pr     OTHER     M in M     Th is  an ut m su lo     Th w fr th co Co fr th (1     Comm CSBG indiv a var he  GAIN  Em ystem (GEARS ystem,  used  to rogram  in  Los he  GAIN  par ocational  &  tra enerate  repor esources; and p he General Re ystem  is  an  a sed to support n  Los  Angeles  monitor  the  p mployment, ed nd noncomplia ayments; gene ervice  provide ata. (30 Minut utbound Diali ssists  the  dep xpeditiously  by he  system  can even days a we eneral  Relief,  rograms. (30 M R TOURS  Mobile  Office  ndividuals and  Medi‐Cal benefi he Enterprise  a  data‐driven nd  seven  ot tilization  over  most vulnerable ubsidies  and  ongitudinal dat he  Toy  Loan  which allows ch om  one  of  hroughout Los  ommunity  eff ounty Board of ee  toy  lending he  non‐profit  1 Hour)  munity  Servic G is a program iduals to achie iety of program mployment  Ac ) is the autom o  support  the s  Angeles  Cou rticipant's  em aining  activitie ts;  maintain  i provide progra elief Opportun utomated  case t the GROW w County.  It  is  rogress  of  th ducation, voca ance; authoriz erate reports;  er  resources;  es)  ng System: O artment  outre y  making  auto n  make  up  to eek. It is used  Medi‐Cal,  GA Minutes)  Tour:  The  M families to ap its on‐site. (1 H Linkages Proje n  collaborative her  Departm time.    ELP  he e for special pr SSI  advocacy abase for polic Program  (TLP hildren to bor the  60  Toy  Angeles Coun ort  sponsored f Supervisors a g program  in  501(c)(3)  Toy ces  Block  Gra  that assists lo eve economic  ms and service ctivity  and  mated case ma e  GAIN  welfar unty,  designed mployment,  e es;  authorize p nventories  of  am data. (30 M nities for Work e  managemen welfare‐to‐work designed  to  he  GROW  pa tional, training e work‐related maintain inve and  provide  utbound Dialin each  to  its  pa omated  teleph o  40,000  calls by CalWORKs, AIN,  GROW,  Mobile  Office pply for CalFre Hour)  ect (ELP) Over e  effort  betw ents  to  trac elps  workers  t rograms such a y.  It  also  ser cy research. (1  ):  TLP  is  a  fre row a toy onc Loan  Center nty.   TLP is a  d  by  the  Los and DPSS. It is t the nation  op y  Loan  Adviso ants  (CSBG)  O ow‐income fam self‐sufficienc es which includ Reporting  nagement  re‐to‐work  d  to  track   education,  payments;  available  Minutes)   k (GROW)  nt  system,  k program  track  and  rticipant's  g activities  d expense  ntories of  program  ng System  articipants  hone  calls.  s  per  day  , CalFresh,  and  IHSS  e  enables  sh and/or  rview: ELP  een  DPSS  k  service  target  the  as housing  rves  as  a  Hour)  ee  service  ce a week  s  located  voluntary  s  Angeles  the oldest  erated  by  ory  Board.   Overview:  milies and  y through  de, but are  4             D o a b sp in M     F   not  limited  t education,  h nutrition,  you The program  under  the  Eco been  tradition “hand out” fo contracts  wit provide servic (2 Hours)  Public  Social  and office tou County DPSS f of Self‐Sufficie for Low‐Incom County. The  CalFresh  (Foo and In‐Home  the workshop and Welfare‐t Self‐Sufficienc Lecture  des students and  major  progr (Food  Stamps Relief  (GR),  a Programs. For site, contact I Services at (56 Depending on the workshop (e.g.,  WebEx® and  always  e on‐site/first‐h staff  and  con workshops/to controlled  in demonstration information.  DPSS is open to of interest.  Br and  can  be  c briefings  and  pecific  area  nformation,  c Multimedia Ser Follow us on Tw @DPSSNews @toyloanla: @DPSS_Cal to,  employme ousing  assist uth  services,  was originally onomic  Oppor nally  seen  as  or low‐income  h  60  Commu ces across all fiv Services  (PSS ur is held annua facility. The wo ency, Safety Ne me Families an DPSS  program od  Stamps),  M Supportive Se p, a tour is off o‐Work Opera cy, Safety Net signed  for  “Think Tanks” rams  such  s),  Medi‐Cal/H and  In‐Home  r a facilitator t ntergovernme 62) 908‐8517. ( n reciprocal te ps could be ho ®  or  similar).  encouraged,  a hand experienc nstituents  whic ours.  Other  n  live  sessio ns,  technical  o suggestions  riefing and tou customized  to tours,  to  be of  interest  contact  Inter rvices at (562) witter:  s: General News Toy Loan and Vo Fresh: CalFresh Updated  nt  services,  c tance,  emerg and  health‐re y part of the W rtunity  Act  of  a  “hand  up”  individuals.  C unity‐Based  Or ve Supervisoria S)  Workshop: ally in March i orkshop provid et and Work‐Su nd Individuals  ms  discussed  a Medi‐Cal,  Gene rvices (IHSS) P fered of the o ations. (4 Hour t and Work‐Su college/unive ”: This lecture as  CalWOR Health  Care  Re Supportive  S to come to you ental Relations (30 minutes to echnical capab osted via video Live  attenda as  there  are  f ce and live int ch  are  integra factors  that ons  are  no delays  and  for other brief ur times are o o  include  mul etter  accomm and  schedu rgovernmental ) 908‐8517.  , Program Data & olunteer Services Program April 10, 2013 counseling  an ency  services elated  services War on Povert 1964  and  ha rather  than  Currently, DPS rganizations  t al Districts.   The  worksho n a Los Angele des an overview upport Service in Los Angele are  CalWORKs ral  Relief  (GR Programs. Afte n‐site Eligibilit s)  upport Service ersity  faculty e includes DPS RKs,  CalFres eform,  Genera Services  (IHSS ur university o s & Multimedi o 3 Hours)  bilities, some o o conferencin nce  is  optima factors  such  a teractions with al  parts  of  th t  are  bette oise,  real‐tim fluid  flow  o fings and tour only suggested ltiple  program odate  visitors ule.  For  mor l  Relations  & & Updates s d  s,  s.   y  s  a  S  o  p  s  w  es  s  s,  ),  er  y  es  y,  S  h   al  S)  or  a  of  g  al  as   h  e  er  e  of  rs  d,  m  s’  e  &  Dep   GENERAL TOP     DPSS Ove     DPSSTAT executive Departm compreh enhance  the  Depa Los Ange Thursday    Customer enhance  timelines increase  Eligibility and  upd access th other  7‐days‐a‐ and expa network  and Nort     Fair  Hea Hearing  offices to need for      CALIFORNIA  (CALWORKS)     CalWORK     CalWORK Intake  applicatio unit colle of  all  av program  CalWORK Count partment o Tours PICS  erview: Genera TS  Meeting:  T e  managemen ent  come  to ensive  data  t the  Departm artment’s  mor les County. M y of each mont r Service Cente the  quality  ss  of  case  ac telephone acc  Workers, take date  case  inf e self‐service a DPSS  Progr ‐week. CSCs se anding every m of  three  CSCs hridge. (1 Hou aring  Process  staff  work  cl o resolve issue a State Hearin WORK  AN Ks Program: Ge Ks  Intake  Proc Unit  conduc ons to determi ects required d vailable  suppo rules  and  Ks compliance.         2013  y of Los An of Public S s & Activit al briefing. (1 H his  is  a  mont nt  and  key  m ogether  to  re to  determine  ent’s  operatio re  than  2.4  mi eetings are ge h. (3.5 Hours) er (CSC) Tour: of  customer ctions  and  se ess. CSC Repre e action on all  ormation.  Pa automated sys am  Hotlines ervice over 80 month. DPSS c s  located  in  El ur)  Office  Tour: osely  with  di es raised by cla g. (30 Minutes ND  RESPONS eneral briefing cess  Office  To cts  interview ine applicant e documents, and rtive  services. participant   (1 Hour)  ngeles  Social Servi ty List  Hour)  thly  meeting  w anagers  acros eview  current actions  need ons  to  better  illion  participa nerally held th : CSC is design r  service,  im rvice  delivery esentatives, wh telephone req rticipants  can stem and conn s  24‐hours‐ 0,000 cases to currently opera l  Monte,  Ingle Appeals  and  istrict  and  re aimants witho s)   IBILITY  TO  g. (1 Hour)  our:  The  CalW ws  and  proc eligibility. The  d informs appl .  They  also  e responsibilitie vices  where  ss  the  t  and  ded  to  serve  ants  in  he last  ned to  mprove  y,  and  ho are  quests  n  also  nect to  ‐a‐day,   o date  rates a  ewood  State  egional  out the  KIDS  WORKs  cesses  intake  licants  explain  es  for    Skid also Uni serv hea and nee age such   Rela Pro     DPS Hou vari assi hom mov     GREATE     GAI     GAI prov Job  assi and with pro     Link coo Dep enh eco (1 H     GAI Ride man (Wt CalW bar tow     Com part Coo prov com       d  Row  Tour:  o known as Sk on  Rescue  M vices,  services althcare and sc d transition pro ed. An optional ncies  servicin h as Homeboy ated Tour: Tw gram listings. SS  Housing  Pr using  Program ious  housing  ist homeless C melessness,  to ve into afforda ER AVENUES FO IN Program: Ge IN  Orientation vides  a  one‐d Readiness an ist  participant d/or  enrollme h  the  ultimat moting living w kages  Program ordination  pa partment  of  C hance  service  nomic  self‐su Hour)  IN  Sanction  H e Along: Thro nagement is p tW)  participa WORKs  work  riers,  complet wards self‐suffic mmunity Colle tnering  comm ordinators outr viding  guidanc mpliance with W Drive  through kid Row, and t Mission,  whic s  for  women creenings,  and ograms, availab l component o g  homeless  p  Industries. (2  in Towers Pro rogram  Briefi m  is  the  umb and  homeless CalWORKs fam   overcome  th able housing. ( OR INDEPENDE eneral briefing n  and  Job  Cl day  GAIN  Orie d Career Plan ts  with  job  p nt  in  an  edu te  goal  of  ob wage employm m  Overview: rtnership  be Children  and  F delivery,  stre ufficiency  and  Home  Visit  Ou ugh the GSHV rovided to Ca nts  who  are requirements,  te  their  WtW ciency. (2 Hou ge Tour: Tour  munity  colleg reach and wor ce  to  assist  p WtW requirem Los  Angeles’  hen visit the L ch  provides    and  childre d long‐term re ble free of cha f this tour is to populations  in Hours)  ject under Gen ng  and  Tour: rella  program  s  programs,  d ilies or familie eir  current  sit 1 Hour)   ENCE PROGRA g. (1 Hour)  ub  Tour:  GAI ntation  and  a  ning Services P preparation,  j ucation/trainin taining,  secur ment. (2 Hours) Linkages  is  tween  DPSS  amily  Services ngthen  familie focus  on  ch utreach  (GSHV O Project, inte WORKs Welfa e  not  comp to  help  them component,  rs)  the campus of es.  CalWORK k with GAIN p participants  in  ents. (2 Hours Enc 7th   Street,  Los Angeles  emergency  n,  primary  habilitation  rge to all in  o visit other  the  area,  neral Relief  The  DPSS  for  DPSS’  esigned  to  s at risk of  uation  and  M (GAIN)  N  Program  four‐week  Program to  ob  search,  g  program  ing  and/or  a  service  and  the  s  (DCFS)  to  es  through  hild  safety.   VO)  Project  ensive case  re‐to‐Work  lying  with    overcome  and  move  f one of our  Ks  Campus  articipants,  successful  )  closure V 
  9. 9.    Tr Em pa no va Lo W pr W     W W ve ot     GENER     G     Su Ad pr m ap ob     Tw Pr an Tw     Ad Ro De (D se ne (G pa as pr     Th Th re D re el da fo Co         ransitional  Su mployer  Tou articipants wit on‐profit, and  aluable  work os  Angeles  Co Workforce Inves rogram.    Sou WorkSource cen Welfare‐to‐Wor Welfare‐to‐Wor enue for discus ther activities.  RAL RELIEF  eneral Relief P upplemental  dvocacy  Prog rovides  advoc mentally  disabl pply  for  Supp btain early SSI  win  Towers  P roject is desig nd/or  County  win Towers jai dult  Protectiv ow (interactio epartment  of DCSS) help to r elf‐neglect or s et  while  they  GR)  to  be  ap articipants’  ou ssist  the  Elig rocess. (30 Min he  DPSS/Sher his  project  wa esult  of  a  mut PSS  and  the  S educe  homele igibility staff t aily to process or  homeless  i ounty jail. (30  bsidized  Empl ur:  TSE  prov h subsidized e private emplo k  skills  whil ounty  contract stment Board  uth  Bay  in  t nters and emp rk  (WtW)  GA rk  GAIN  Mee ssing caseload (1 Hour)   Program: Gene Security  In gram  (SSIMA cacy  services  led  General  R lemental  Secu approval. (1 H Project  Overv ned to help tr benefits  prior l. (30 Minutes) ve  Services  &  on with your d f  Community  recognize and  self‐abuse by p are  waiting  f pproved.  The  ut‐of‐state  info ibility  Worker nutes)  riff  Homeless  as  developed  tual  and  collab Sheriff’s  Depa essness  in  the travel to the M General Relie ndividuals  be Minutes)  loyment  (TSE) vides  CalWO employment w oyers.  Particip le  earning  ts  with  the  S for the provisi urn  subcontr loyers. (2 Hour AIN  Staff  Mee eting  provides , participation  eral briefing. (1 come  and  P)  Overview: to  help  phys Relief  (GR)  pa urity  Income  Hour)  iew:  The  Twi ransition inma r  to  discharge  )  Direct  Service district): APS s and  Senior  protect individ providing them for  their  Gene APS  unit  also ormation  (if  ne r  to  expedite Release  Pilot and  impleme borative  effort rtment  to  pre e  County.  Civ Men’s Central  f / CalFresh ap ing  released  )  Program  ORKs/GAIN  ith public,  ants learn  a  wage.    South  Bay  ion of this  acts  with  rs)  eting:  The  s  staff  a  data, and  1 Hour)  Medi‐Cal  :  SSIMAP  ically  and  articipants  (SSI),  and  n  Towers  ates to SSI  from  the  es  in  Skid  staff from  Services  duals from  m a safety  eral  Relief  o  obtains  eeded)  to  e  the  GR  t  Project:   nted  as  a  t  between  event  and  vic  Center  Jail (MCJ)  pplications  from  the  2   CALF               MED                          Transitional  A provides  tran Computer  Ap (LSK) training  Classes are off     FRESH    CalFresh Prog CalFresh  Outr non‐traditiona applications. ( Mobile  Office the  Mobile  Capabilities,  m and  case  stat system  via  W non‐traditiona Food Bank To Bank.  The Foo through  its  organizations  soup  kitchen after‐school p     DI‐CAL  Medi‐Cal Prog Health Care R (ACA) of 2010  legal  resident partners to pr (1 Hour)  Healthy  Way approved  the  allows Medica 19  to  64  year Income Health (1 Hour)    Transition  of  Medi‐Cal  Ove to  transition  Medi‐Cal Prog Adult  Youth  (T nsitional  adu pplication  Clas to assist them fered at the W gram: General b reach  Site  Vis al  sites  to  int (1 Hour)  e  Tour:  As  ava Office  on‐si mobile  access tus,  real‐time  Wi‐Fi  and  Elig al sites. (2 Hou our:  Visit to th od Bank mobili network  o that  serve  fa ns,  senior  ce rograms, and f gram: General  Reform Overvi  expands healt ts.  DPSS  is  w repare for imp y  LA  Overview 1115  Waiver  aid expansion  rs  of  age.  In  L h Program (LIH the  Healthy  erview:  State  l current  Health gram. (1 Hour)  TAY)  program lt  youth  par ss  (CAC),  and  m in becoming Weingart Center briefing. (1 Ho sit:  Placing  eli terview  and  a ailable,  tour  in ite  to  demo s  to  web‐base access  to  M ibility  Worker urs)  he Los Angeles izes resources  of  nearly  9 amilies  county nters,  childre food pantries.  briefing. (1 Ho iew: The Affor th coverage to working  with  s lementation in w:  The  federa ‐  “Bridge  to  to uninsured a Los  Angeles  Co HP) is called H Families  Prog legislation  has hy  Families  en :  This  program rticipants  wit the  Life  Skill g self‐sufficient r. (30 Minutes ur)  igibility  staff  i ccept  CalFres ncludes  visitin onstrate  Wi‐F ed  application MEDS  compute rs  in  action  a s Regional Foo to fight hunge 00  charitabl y‐wide  throug en’s  programs (2 Hours)  our)  rdable Care Ac  all citizens an state  and  loca n January 2014 al  governmen Reform”  whic adults betwee ounty,  the  Low ealthy Way LA gram  (HFP)  to s  been  enacte nrollees  to  th m  h  s  t.  )  n  h  g  Fi  s  er  at   d  er  e  h  s,   ct  d  al  4.  nt  h  n  w  A.  o  d  e   IN‐HOME SUP     IHSS Prog     Dual Elig The Dual of  Califo project  t Cal  bene related  reducing  home  ad demonst     IHSS  Ho provides  completio applicant informati limitation first‐hand guideline service h safety an     Centraliz Tour:  CA applicatio all  speci sent by t (1.5 Hour     Case Ma II (CMIPS an  updat federal re be  web approxim security  employee trained o II,  all  tim Timeshee Timeshee easy stor     AUTOMATION     Your  Be Departm their mos on‐line a CalFresh,   PPORTIVE SERV gram: General  ibles Demonst l Eligibles Dem ornia’s  Coordin hat  integrates eficiaries,  and  to  coordinat system  costs dmissions.  Los  ration countie me  Visit  Rid the opportuni on  of  an  in t  or  recipient ion  regarding ns  of  the  ap d view of the S es  to  determin hours needed t d independen ed Application ATT  processe ons, IHSS time alized  Back‐U the Personal A rs)  nagement, Inf S II) Overview: ted  system  d equirements fo b‐based  and  mately 3,000 us protocols.  es,  who  curre on CMIPS II.  W mesheets  will et  Processing ets will then be age and retriev N  enefits  Now  ent's  on‐line  st updated ben pplication port , CalWORKs an VICES (IHSS)  briefing. (1 Ho tration Project monstration Pr nated  Care  In s  services  to  M is  designed  t ing  care,  im   related  to  h Angeles  Cou s. (1 Hour)  e  Along:  The ity to observe  ‐depth  assess t.  The  assess g  the  functi pplicant/recipie Social Worker’ ne  the  autho to ensure the  ce in their hom n/Timesheets  es  all  IHSS  esheets for all  Up  Provider  P Assistance Serv formation and : The state is in esigned  to  m or the IHSS pro allow  com sers statewide Approximate ently  use  Leg With the implem l  be  mailed  g  Facility  in  e scanned and  val. (1 Hour)  (YBN)  Overv website  for  p nefit informati tal where the  d Medi‐Cal be our)  t Overview:    roject, which i nitiative  (CCI), Medicare  and  o  address  con mproving  care ospital  and  n nty  is  one  of  e  IHSS  Home the Social Wo sment  of  an  ment  encomp onal  abilities ent.  It  provid ’s use of hourl rized  and  ass consumer’s h me. (2 Hours) Team (CATT)  phoned  or  district offices Program  times vices Council (P d Payrolling Sy ntroducing CM eet  new  state ogram. CMIPS  mputer  acces e in accordance ely  1,250  acy  CMIPS,  w mentation of C to  one  centr Chico,  Calif imaged to allo view:  YBN  is participants  to ion.  YBN is als public can app nefits. (30 Min is part  ,  is  a  Medi‐ ncerns  e  and  nursing  f  eight  e  Visit  orker’s  n  IHSS  passes  s  and  des  a   ly task  sessed  health,  Office  faxed  es, and  sheets  PASC).  System  MIPS II,  te  and  S II will  ss  to  e with  DPSS  will  be  CMIPS  ralized  fornia.  ow for  s  the  o  view  so our  ply for  nutes)  3   DPS Rep data from the  to  p (1 H     Lob prov the      Inco Tou qua who ben Los      Stat Tou Dup frau to o     Dat too Prev dete wel pro     Elec Tou tran elec inco retr doc secu retr     LEA Det (LEA     LEA inte lega Cou DPS GRO (1 H SS  Systematic porting Tool (D a warehouse t m multiple pro Department.  provide  State, Hour)  bby  Queue  To vides commun flow of traffic  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Office  eliminating  yees due to  a deterrent  MS  provides  lfare Fraud  m  in  their  child  care  Child  Care  m  (EDMS)  e  DPSS  to  ent  to  an  reducing  tion,  filing,  electronic  stored in a  essed  and  Automated  g  System  w:  LRS  will  f  disparate  os  Angeles  ervices and  R,  GEARS,  W  Works).  
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