After review my action research plan and reviewing “Examining what we do to improve our
schools: 8 steps from analysis to ...
determined in step six that meet our campus needs. The implementation plan is another action
plan within itself; it will c...
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data and using                                 etc.)                  collected from
data to driving                      ...
Associate                   Lesson Plans           created by the
                  Principal (My                         ...
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Action Research Plan


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Action Research Plan

  1. 1. After review my action research plan and reviewing “Examining what we do to improve our schools: 8 steps from analysis to action,” I made modification and added steps to my action research plan. My revised draft of my action research plan covers all eight steps listed in the book “Examining what we do to improve our schools: 8 steps from analysis to action.” However, I found that my steps do not correspond in the same order as they are listed in the book. The steps in the book are a guide or template to conducting action research. I believe that all action research is unique and following a template exactly as it is written is not wise and is not in the best interest of the research we are conducting for our unique campus and our unique circumstances. Therefore, I modified the order of the step in the book and incorporated them within the additional steps I added to my action research plan to meet our needs. Mission: Our mission on our campus is to exemplify student academics and student conduct In an effort to achieve this mission we are always searching for ways to improve the educational process on our campus. On area that we feel we may need improvement is disaggregating data and using disaggregated data to drive instruction. Therefore we have developed the following action research plan disaggregating data to drive instruction. Action Research Plan Goal: The goal of the action research plan listed below is to improve the quality of instruction. We believe that through assisting or faculty to effectively disaggregate data and use that data to drive classroom instruction, we will increase our student academic success. The Plan: The first step in our action research is to conduct a need assessment and to evaluate the data presented to determine if there is truly a need to conduct this action research project. Our second step is to develop a true understanding for the need of improvement. Although the data has proved we have a need for improve in this area, we need to understand why our faculty is not proficient in this area; do they truly lack the knowledge and skill or are they choosing not utilize it. Understanding why we need to conduct this project will be helpful in developing an action plan to fix the need we have identified. Our third step is to reflect on what we have learned about this project, what our plan are for this project, and determine if we will be able to successful complete this project. We want to reflect early in this process before getting deep into the project and discover we lack what it take to complete this project. If we lack any knowledge, skill, or resources that we can foresee, we want to work to rectify those problems before moving on. Reflection on this action research is a process that we will conduct throughout the project. In steps four and five we will be gathering data from principals and teachers in our district as well as academic data from libraries, articles, journals, book, and more on the methods and strategies that are being used to disaggregate data and how to use disaggregated data to drive instruction. Next in step six, we will analyze all the data we collected in steps four and five and develop a list of methods and strategies for disaggregating data that we believe is best for our campus based on the understanding of the needs assessment we obtain in step 2 of the action plan. In step seven we will develop a plan of how to implement the methods and strategies we
  2. 2. determined in step six that meet our campus needs. The implementation plan is another action plan within itself; it will contain the sample population we will use, how to train faculty, how we will put the methods and strategies into action, as well as how to monitor the implementation and make necessary adjustment. Finally steps eight, nine, and ten are implementing the plan (taking action), monitoring the progress of the plan, and conducting the final evaluation of the project respectively. In the finally evaluation process, we will determine if the project is successful, make necessary adjustment, and start the process over again to expand the research to a large population until new method and strategies have been implemented throughout the entire campus. Disaggregating Data to Drive Instruction Goal: To improve the quality of instruction by using disaggregated data to drive instruction and student achievement. Action Step(s) Person(s) Timeline Needed Resources Evaluation Responsible Start/End 1. Conduct a Project 8/2/10 1. Observation from This action Need Leader Through walkthroughs and step will be Assessment (Myself), and Professional evaluated (Using data Associate 8/6/10 Learning Community based on a collected from Principle (My meeting, etc. report that will observations Site 2. Academic be developed from Supervisor) Excellence Indicator by the persons walkthroughs System Report identified in the and responsible Professional section; the Learning report will Community identify the meeting, I will need for this determine if action there is a need research for this based on data. project). 2. Understand Project 8/9/10 1. Observation from This action the Need For Leader Through walkthroughs and step will be Improvement (Myself) and Professional evaluated (We will Associate 8/11/10 Learning Community based on a interview Principle (My meeting, etc. report that individuals and Site 2. Faculty and Staff identifies why use focus Supervisor) data is not groups to disaggregated understand by teacher or why faculty used to drive does instruction. disaggregate This report will data and use it help when to drive selecting
  3. 3. instruction. method and strategies in step 4. 3. Action Project 8/11/10 1. Action Research In this action Research Leader Through Plan step we will Project (Myself) 2. Needs generate a Reflection (We Associate and 8/13/10 check list and Assessment will reflect on Principle (My use it to the project and Site evaluate this determine if we Supervisor) step in the have the action resource, research plan. knowledge and skill to conduct the project; if not, can we obtain them. Determine it the project realistic). 4. Collect data Project 8/16/10 1. Computer and This action on current Leader Through Internet Access. step will be practice of (Myself) 2. Communication evaluated disaggregating 9/10/10 based on the Software (email, data and using blogs, etc). product of the data to drive data collected instruction on 3. Software Tools from the our campus (Access, Excel, surveys and and in our Word, PowerPoint, interviews district. etc.). which is a list 4. Survey Software methods / (Survey Monkey) strategies of how faculty 5. Teachers and and staff on Instructional / TAKS our campus Specialist. and in our district disaggregate data and use it to drive classroom instruction. 5. Conduct Project 8/16/10 1. Computer and This action academic Leader Through Internet Access step will be research on (Myself) 9/10/10 2. Software Tools evaluated methods / (Access, Excel, based on the strategies of Word, PowerPoint, product from disaggregating the data
  4. 4. data and using etc.) collected from data to driving 3. Search Engines research which instruction. is a list of 4. Research methods / Resources strategies for (Academic Libraries, disaggregating Electronic Articles data and using /Journals, Books). it to drive classroom instruction. 6. Analyze the Project 9/13/10 1. List of academic This action practical and Leader Through and practical step will be academic data (Myself), methods / strategies evaluated collected on Instructional / 10/1/10 compiled from the based on the disaggregating TAKS research. product from data and using Specialist, 2. District data the data data to drive Teachers, software and data analysis which instruction. Associate (Eduphoria, TAKS is devising Principal (My data, District methods / Site Common strategies that Supervisor) Assessment Data, best work for Benchmarks, etc.). the faculty on our campus for 3. Software Tools disaggregating (Access, Excel, data and using Word, PowerPoint, it to drive etc.). classroom instruction. 7. Develop an Project 10/4/10 1. Finding This action implementation Leader Through (methods / step will be plan to employ (Myself), strategies devised evaluated the findings of Instructional / 10/22/10 for disaggregating based on its the action TAKS data and driving product which research (In Specialist, instruction) from is a detailed this step we Teachers, data analysis. plan for will determine Associate 2. Software Tools implementing our direction). Principal (My (Access, Excel, the findings of Site Word, PowerPoint, the action Supervisor) etc.) research project. 8. Implement Project 11/1/10 1. Implementation This action the action Leader Through Plan step will be research (In (Myself), 2. 7th Grade Math evaluated by this step, we Instructional / 4/29/11 accessing the Department will take TAKS instructional action). Specialist, 3. Instructional calendars and Teachers, Calendars and lesson plan
  5. 5. Associate Lesson Plans created by the Principal (My 7th Grade Math Site Depart., and Supervisor) determining if they are fulfilling the action items in the implementation plan. 9. Monitor Project 11/1/10 1. Implementation This action progress of Leader Through Plan step will be action (Myself), 2. District Common evaluated research plan. Instructional / 4/29/11 based on Assessment (DCA) TAKS and Benchmarks student Specialist, process on Teachers, 3. Progress Monitor assessments Associate Reports and student Principal (My progress Site monitor reports Supervisor) create by faculty on the sample of students. 10. Evaluation Project 5/2/11 1. District Common This action of action Leader Through Assessment (DCA) step will be research plan (Myself), and Benchmarks evaluated (In this step, Instructional / 5/27/11 based on 2. Academic we will make in TAKS Excellence Indicator student effort to Specialist, System Report. progress on sustain Teachers, DCA and improvement. Associate TAKS results We will assess Principal (My and the final the strength Site write up or and weakness Supervisor) executive of the action summary. research, determine if we should continue the process, make necessary adjustments and restart the process by broadening the action into other
  6. 6. department).