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NRD Phoenix Recruiting Assistance District

NRD Phoenix Recruiting Assistance District

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  • NRD Phoenix’s Area of Responsibility (AOR)
  • Stations w/in 50 miles of Metro Phoenix
  • The bottom line is that recruiting the nation’s best and brightest definitely continues to be a challenge. Here is why... Combat Support Operations have increased the requirement for special ratings. At the same time, the pool of eligible prospects is shrinking, the unemployment rate continues to fluctuate (currently 9.6% - affecting all recruiting resources) and the propensity to recommend military service remains low. The combination of these elements makes recruiting a difficult challenge and requires a concerted effort from the entire recruiting team, to include active, reserve, and retired personnel (influencers). So, Why is Recruiting So Challenging… Only 1/3 of the target market is QUALIFIED Current Wars Decrease of influencers recommending service (less Vets) Fluctuations in Economy Weeding them out takes time, resources and training Once we get them, keeping them motivated and preparing them to succeed takes time, resources, training and PATIENCE Avg. Delay before boot-camp is about 9 months => Recruiters have less time to prospect
  • Here’s a quick look at the data
  • A very big part of Navy Recruiting success is the support we receive from citizens who influence young Americans, i.e., parents, siblings, educators, veterans, youth workers and various Friends of the Navy (FON) organizations such as Navy League, the Fleet Reserve Association and Navy Club of the USA. These Centers of Influence (COI’s) like each one of you, are vital to the future of our Navy. More often than not “Influencers” such as yourselves will choose to recommend service in the military as a result of your own views on education, war, and the economy. Let’s look at some ways that you can help. (Next slide).
  • Here are a few valuable sources of information to assist you and those you influence. Thank you all for your dedication and service. 1-800-USA-NAVY (1-800-872-6289) www.navy.com www.elnavy.com www.facebook.com/NavyRecruiting www.cnrc.navy.mil
  • HSDG – NRC: 97.4% - PHX: 98.2% TCU – NRC: 83.0% - PHX: 95% Even with significant training, 50% of recruits fail initial PT Test at boot-camp


  • 1. Recruiting District Assistance Council (RDAC) Kick-Off
  • 2. NRD Phoenix Approx. 160 Enlisted recruiters Approx. 11 Officer recruiters
  • 3. Phoenix Area Stations Approx. 15 Stations in Metro Phoenix Area
  • 4. Recruiting Challenges
    • QUALITY of Applicants
    • Ongoing War
    • Decrease in influencers
    • Fluctuating Economy
      • Delayed Entry Time
    • Specific Challenges:
      • Nuclear Field
      • Reserve Medical
  • 5.
    • Two-thirds of male target market does not qualify for Navy service.
    17 – 24 Year Olds Source: Lewin Group Study 2007 for disqualifying factors. 16M - 17 – 24 male target market 5.3M - qualified for military service 850,000 - propensed and qualified Source: W&P population estimates propensity JAMRS youth poll 2009 It is not enough to just recruit those propensed … Navy Recruiters must interest the non-propensed.
  • 6.
    • In FY-11, NRD PHX
      • Enlisted 1,130 Sailors (Nation ~ 40,000)
      • Commissioned 100+ Officers (Nation ~ 4,000)
    Looking Forward
  • 7. Influencer’s Role
  • 8. What is the RDAC?
    • An excellent resource for Navy Recruiting Phoenix to tether the talents available in the civilian community to assist in the recruiting effort.
    • Assist new recruiters in integrating into the community.
    • “ Open doors” and provide invaluable access, inroads and influence in the local community.
    • A valuable referral network.
    • Assist in the promotion and support of community special events.
    • Membership comprised of two-levels
    • Level One. serves as vital Centers of Influence in the broader RDAC network.
    • Level Two. The actual “working” organization (Chairperson and various committee membership)
    • “ The main goal of RDAC is to open doors…not attend meetings”
  • 10. RDAC Objectives:
    • Diversity Committee:
      • In order to embrace the demographic changes of tomorrow, and build a Navy that always reflects the make up of the country.
      • NRD Phoenix is a reflection of a broad society that captures America’s proud diverse culture and history
      • Membership
      • Diversity is a leadership issue that requires the talent and innovation of all RDAC members.
      • RDAC Engagement/Function
      • Nurture diversity initiatives through community outreach, recruitment and mentoring.
      • Participate in events and groups to include: Affinity Chapter outreach, c reating pipelines and increasing awareness among influencers of diverse youth to Navy career opportunities.
  • 11.
    • Women in Non-Traditional Ratings (WINR) Committee
      • Currently, 15.4 percent of the Navy enlisted force are females, and the Navy wants to increase that number to at least 20 percent.
      • Membership
      • Team Phoenix has partnered with NOSC Phoenix to leverage the unique talents of both officer and enlisted female sailors in the Navy Reserve. All RDAC members are invited and encouraged to support the continued development of this committee.
      • RDAC Engagement/Function
      • Assist in female Future Sailor Mentorship and High School/College outreach initiatives.
      • Provide information that highlights a broad spectrum of career opportunities for women throughout all Navy communities.
  • 12. Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM)Committee
      • Students' declining interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers adversely affects the future operations and capabilities of the U.S. Navy , posing a challenge to the country's economic health and national defense.
      • Membership
      • Education Faculty, Corporate Partners, Partnerships with “Best Practice” programs (i.e. Carl Hayden First Robotics)
      • RDAC Engagement/Function
      • Engage students and build their STEM confidence and skills through hands-on learning activities. (i.e. National Underwater Robotics Challenge, First Lego, )
  • 13. Social Medial and Public Relations Committee
    • The Navy uses social media to show the country what the heroes of the US Navy are doing on their ships and bases all over the world every day. Speed and transparency of information have increased, the roles of traditional and new media are changing, and social networking tools allow collaboration as never seen before. NRD Phoenix’s advertising budget suffered a $50,000 reduction of funds from the previous FY.
    • Membership
    • Public affairs and media professionals, corporate partners, NRD advertising coordinator and PAO.
    • RDAC Engagement/Function
    • Develop a communications network that responsively exchanges information and builds a relationship and in return trust through sharing and engaging topics of interest and upcoming events of interest.
    • Convey positive Navy outreach to include university listserv initiatives.
  • 14. Officer Interview and Collegiate Mentorship Committee
    • Membership
    • Active, Reserve & Retired Officers (All specialties and communities)
    • RDAC Engagement/Function
    • Evaluate accurately and impartially the characteristics of candidates to determine potential as a commissioned officer and motivation toward service in the Navy and Navy Reserve.
    • Mentorship of on-campus Collegiates and NROTC applicants.
    • Provide Officer career opportunity awareness and support to perspective NROTC candidates and enrolled college students.
  • 15. NRD RDAC Support
    • Direct and Indirect Support:
      • Provide training and mentorship for Officer interviewers.
      • Meeting location and conference room at NRD Phoenix.
      • Provide Navy Displays and manpower (with lead time.)
      • Provide recruiting literature and promotional devices.
      • Receptive to additional requests with emphasized need.
  • 16. Questions? & Contact Info 1-800-USA-NAVY (1-800-872-6289) www.navy.com www.elnavy.com www.facebook.com/NavyRecruiting NRD Phoenix (1-800-354-9627) www.cnrc.navy.mil/phoenix www.facebook.com/NavyRecruitingDistrictPhoenix [email_address]
  • 17.
    • 95% HS Diploma
    • 70% > 50 on Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT)
      • 0% <30 on AFQT
      • Need specific categorical scores for job specialties
    • Physically fit (performance & body fat)
    • No significant history of drug use
    • Drug free at time of enlistment
    • No significant or offensive tattoos and none above collar
    • Must not have sole custody of dependents
    • No significant legal issues and none outstanding
    Navy Enlistment Policy