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Associates in Arts in Teaching Program
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Associates in Arts in Teaching Program


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Presentation from the 2006 National Resource Center for Paraprofessionals Conference …

Presentation from the 2006 National Resource Center for Paraprofessionals Conference

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Associates in Arts in Teaching Program
    • Leeward Community College
    • Pearl City, HI
    • Laurie Lawrence
    • AAT Coordinator
  • 2. About Leeward Community College
    • 4000+ students enrolled
    • Gateway to higher education for West and Central Oahu
    • Partnership with University of West Oahu to provide a balanced and comprehensive offering of programs, services and educational opportunities at locations both on and off campus
  • 3. LCC Mission includes
    • To broaden access to post-secondary colleges in the State of Hawai‘i by providing open-door opportunities for students to enter quality educational programs within their community.
    • To provide vocational and technical programs, which both prepare students for immediate employment and provide the paraprofessional and trained workforce needed by the State.
  • 4. Context
    • Hawaii has a critical shortage of teachers, hiring over 50% of new teachers from the mainland
    • Over 10% of the Hawaii Department of Education teachers in West Oahu are new hires each year
    • Special educators and paraeducators are in very short supply statewide
    • Native Hawaiians and Filipinos are most underrepresented ethnic groups in teaching force
  • 5. AAT Program History
    • Grew out of HI DOE partnership
    • Provide a career ladder for EAs
    • Formally approved by Board of Regents in fall 2005
    • Initial funding by HI Legislature to hire full-time coordinator and instructor FY 06.
    • Coordinator and instructor on-board spring 2006.
  • 6. AAT Mission
    • To promote teaching as a means to serve the local community by recruiting current Education Assistants and high school students who have expressed the desire to teach.
    • To improve access to teaching by offering an alternative to the traditional AA degree and a seamless transfer to 4-year bachelors degree programs on Oahu.
    • To provide early real-world field experience allowing students to make an informed decision about teaching as a career.
  • 7. Our values and beliefs about teacher education
    • We believe that high quality teacher education:
    • Is based on standards frameworks for what new teachers should know and be able to do
    • Is grounded in constructivist principles
    • Models high quality teaching practices to meet the needs of all learners
    • Balances content and pedagogical knowledge appropriately
    • Meets the needs of all learners
    • Is a means of promoting social justice
    • Provides an ethic of caring
    • Supports the establishment of learning communities
  • 8. What is the AAT Program?
    • Associates degree program for students interested in pursuing a teaching degree or employment as an Education Assistant
    • Three tracks – current EAs, traditional day students, non-traditional adult students
  • 9. How are courses offered?
    • Current EA’s take 3 courses in fall and spring semesters and 2 courses in the summer
      • Two accelerated evening courses
      • Distance education – cable TV and Internet
    • Day courses available for traditional students starting Fall 2006
    • Evening and DE courses available for nontraditional adult students starting Fall 2007
  • 10. Options for Graduates of the AAT Program:
    • Continue employment as an education assistant in K-12 education
    • Transfer to a baccalaureate program in elementary education (University of Hawaii at West Oahu, University of Hawaii at Manoa)
    • Transfer to a baccalaureate program in secondary education (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
    • Transfer to a baccalaureate program for special education (Chaminade University, City University)
  • 11. What are the current degree requirements?
    • 62 credits total over 3 years
      • 19 credits in education courses
        • Intro to Classroom Management
        • Foundations in Education
        • Processes and Acquisition in Reading
        • Processes and Acquisition of Math
        • Working with Special Needs Populations I&II
        • Standards-based Art for Elementary Teachers
        • Education Psychology
        • Field Experience
      • 43 credits in general education (liberal arts courses)
  • 12. What are the proposed degree requirements?
    • Core Courses in Education
    • Introduction to Classroom Management
    • Foundations in Education
    • Developing Language and Literacy
    • Psychological Foundations of Teaching and Learning
    • Introduction to Multicultural Education
    • Field Experience
    • Plus 1 elective
    • General Education Requirements
    • Written Communication (6 credits)
    • Arts and Humanities (6 credits)
    • World Civilizations (6 credits)
    • Math (3 credits)
    • Science (7 credits)
    • Computer Apps (3 credits)
    • Social Sciences (9 credits)
  • 13. Articulation Agreements
    • Current:
    • Chaminade University, Honolulu, HI
    • City University, Bellevue, Washington
    • Pending:
    • University of Hawaii West Oahu
    • University of Hawaii Manoa
  • 14. LCC-UHM COE relationship
    • Of all the UH community college transfer students currently enrolled in all COE teacher education programs , approximately 30% of the students have taken courses at LCC.
    • Of all the UH community college transfer students currently enrolled in the COE Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) programs, approximately 33% of the students have taken courses at LCC (the highest percentage among all community colleges).
  • 15. Current EA Cohort Statistics
    • 3 cohorts currently in the program
    • 3 males, 56 females
    • Majority (over 60%) are age 40-55
  • 16. Ethnic Backgrounds
    • Most frequent response
    • Native Hawaiian
    • Japanese
    • Filipino
    • Chinese
    • Caucasian
    • Less frequent response
    • Hispanic
    • Native American
    • Pacific Islander (Tonga, Samoa)
    • Korean
    • Portuguese
    • African American
  • 17. Retention and Completion Rates
    • Retention rate
      • Cohort 1 – 82%
      • Cohort 2 – 92%
      • Cohort 3 – 100% (so far)
    • Expected completion rate for Cohort 1
      • 60% by Spring 2006
      • 20% by Summer 2006
      • 20% by Spring 2007
  • 18. Future Plans (Cohorts 1&2 surveyed 2/06)
    • Cohort 1
      • 47% AAT only
      • 20% B.Ed immediately
      • 33% B.Ed later
      • 0 not sure
    • Cohort 2
      • 0 not sure
      • 65% B.Ed immediately
      • 25% B.Ed later
      • 10% not sure