Brush Creek Community Partners DrillDown

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  • 1.  
  • 2. Brush Creek Overview
    • an uncommon collaboration of businesses, institutions, neighborhood, faith-based and community organizations and city agencies
    • dedicated to redevelopment of the Brush Creek Corridor as the location in Kansas City in which to live, work and play
    • Elmwood Avenue to State Line, 39 th Street to 63 rd Street, with a special focus on influencing the environment contiguous to the creek.
  • 3. Brush Creek Overview
    • A CATALYST for assuring coordinated leadership among its diverse membership and spearheads the completion of programs mutually agreed by its members
    • SUCCESS due to active and inclusive leadership, careful planning, and proactive implementation of programs aimed at providing benefit and opportunity for all of its diverse constituents.
  • 4. Major Projects Overview
    • Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative
    •   I nfluence indicators of neighborhood health
    •   Connect residents to the Internet
    •   Develop an interactive website
    •   Provide leadership development
    •   Pilot a micro-project to bring redevelopment tools and resources to a targeted area.
  • 5. Major Projects Overview
    • Build world-class, public facilities through an indoor and outdoor tennis complex
    • Revitalize neighborhoods and realize economic development
      • Ivanhoe Neighborhood Development Strategy in the area from 31 st Street to Emanuel Cleaver Boulevard, Prospect Avenue to the Paseo.
    • Brush Creek Flood Control and Beautification Project, the Corps’ Bi-State Basin Study and other public investments.
  • 6. Successes
    • Development of a community-based vision in the Brush Creek Corridor Land Use and Development Plan and credibly convening the community
    • Funding for the Brush Creek Flood Control and Beautification Project
    • A ten-year stream of tax increment financing revenue for the Ivanhoe and Blue Hills Neighborhoods for neighborhood improvements, including housing and infrastructure.
  • 7. DrillDown Highlights
    • Population: significant undercount and population change is uncovered in Swope/Elmwood, Vineyard, Oak Park, Ivanhoe
    • Decline in Hyde Park is likely due to downzoning
    • Decline in South Plaza is likely due to reconstruction of Twin Oaks and other buildings during this snapshot
  • 8. DrillDown Highlights
    • Average Income: significant informal economy uncovered, boosting eastside neighborhood incomes
    • Purchasing Power: density in those neighborhoods yields trade market target that was underestimated in the Census
    • Gentrification is evident in Hyde Park and South Plaza
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  • 18. Remarks
  • 19. Questions?
    • For More Information:
    • Brush Creek Community Partners 4743 Troost Suite 200 Kansas City, MO 64110-1727
    • Ph: 816-523-2991 Fax: 816-523-2281
    • Carol Grimaldi, Executive Director, [email_address]
    • Dan Melton
    • KCUMA Coordinator
    • [email_address]