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It's All In The Tools: Maximizing Your TeamRaiser Event
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It's All In The Tools: Maximizing Your TeamRaiser Event


Published on

Presentation from the 2011 Convio Summit by Jonathan Cass and Shana Masterson

Presentation from the 2011 Convio Summit by Jonathan Cass and Shana Masterson

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Transcript

    • 1. t
      It’s All In The Tools:
      Maximizing Your TeamRaiser Event
      Presented by: Shana Masterson and Jonathan Cass
    • 2. Shana Masterson(@npshana)Associate Director, Interactive Fundraising & EngagementAmerican Diabetes Association
      © 2011 Convio, Inc.
      Frequently used avatar
      Unable to disconnect
    • 3. Jonathan Cass (@jcassAHS)e-Communications Manager
      © 2011 Convio, Inc.
    • 4. Event Registration
    • 5. Event Homepage Options
      TeamRaiser pages – “greeting page” - easiest to setup, less customizable.
      Custom pages in PageBuilder – More customizable, some HTML and graphic design knowledge needed.
      © 2011 Convio, Inc.
    • 6. Preferred: Custom PageBuilder Method
      You have better control over how information is presented to your supporters.
      Example: navigation using TR greeting page
      © 2011 Convio, Inc.
      2 donation buttons
      3 register buttons
    • 7. Preferred: Custom PageBuilder Method
      With the custom option you can control the navigation.
      The three registration buttons can be consolidated into one "register“ button that goes to a page giving people those options.  
      © 2011 Convio, Inc.
    • 8. Another example from AHS?
      © 2011 Convio, Inc.
    • 9. Update The Default Text
      © 2011 Convio, Inc.
      On all TeamRaiser Custom Pages,
      you have the option to update the default text and blank areas. Take advantage!
      Utilize the Preview link to locate fields and see your changes.
    • 10. Self Donation Sample
      © 2011 Convio, Inc.
      * Courtesy of the National Kidney Foundation
    • 11. Email Opt-In
      © 2011 Convio, Inc.
    • 12. Log In
      Essential option for returning participants and data cleanliness. Tell constituents WHY this is important.
      Prior participant log in, brings personal page and address book information to the new event.
      Registration form fields are pre-filled. (Higher registration conversion rate.)
      For organizations that enforce unique email address, mitigates error messaging.
      © 2011 Convio, Inc.
    • 13. Log In
      © 2011 Convio, Inc.
      Note: You may need to contact Convio support to enable “returning participant log on page”.
    • 14. Take Advantage of Additional Questions
      Gain more insight into your supporters.
      Segment communications around these questions.
      Connection to the cause
      Intention to fundraise
      With each question you add, more people may not complete the registration process.
      Only ask if you have a plan to use the information.
      Only make questions required if you have a good business reason to do so.
      Group required questions together to make them easier to find.
      © 2011 Convio, Inc.
    • 15. Thank You Page
      Should provide a clear, visual representation of what to do next.
      Default page does not do enough.
      © 2011 Convio, Inc.
    • 16. 16
      © 2011 Convio, Inc.
    • 17. Discount Codes
    • 18. It’s a Registration Coupon/Sale
      © 2011 Convio, Inc.
    • 19. Why use discounts?
      Give potential participants a “little push”
      Encourage registration when you need a boost
      Create one off discount codes as a gift to your best participants/teams/companies
      © 2011 Convio, Inc.
    • 20. Discounts are very flexible
      Can limit by:
      the number of discounts
      time available
      by registration type or group
      Discount can be a set dollar amount
      or a percentage
      © 2011 Convio, Inc.
    • 21. Keep In Mind
      If running multiple, make sure the discount decreases in value over time
      Case sensitive
      Easily confused characters 0 vs. O I vs. 1
      Fees lost through registration discounts must be made up in fundraising.
      © 2011 Convio, Inc.
    • 22. Case Study
      Participants who register during the first month of the event cycle raise nearly ten times more than participants who register during the last month.
      © 2011 Convio, Inc.
    • 23. Badges and Milestone Messages
    • 24. Badges
      Simple, free way to give participant recognition and to push them to the next level
      Self donor badge
      Badges for fundraising amounts
      Promote sharing (similar to Foursquare updates about mayorship, etc)
      © 2011 Convio, Inc.
    • 25. Badge Placement
      © 2011 Convio, Inc.
      Top Participant Component
      Search Results
      Top Participants List Page
    • 26. Badge Placement
      © 2011 Convio, Inc.
      Personal Pages
      Team Pages
      Shana Masterson
    • 27. Milestone Messages
      © 2011 Convio, Inc.
      Part of the autoresponder series. Sent when participants achieve certain dollar amounts.
      Can be used:
      - In conjunction with the badges to announce progress to badge or badge achievement.
      - Even if you are not using badges, to congratulate participants on fundraising achievements.
    • 28. Limitations
      Only one fundraising achievement can be shown at a time.
      Difficult to design for 48 x 48 pximage.
      Aside from self-donor badge, rewarded for monetary levels only. Other good behavior is not rewarded.
      © 2011 Convio, Inc.
    • 29. Advanced Badges To The Rescue!
      © 2011 Convio, Inc.
      Badges don’t go away.
      Reward for being active participants and not just $ raised
      Being on a team.
      Number of emails sent.
      Number of gifts received.
    • 30. Advanced Badges
      © 2011 Convio, Inc.
      • Badges for belonging to any Convio group - endless possibilities...
      • 31.   Badges specific to TR event
      • 32. Early bird badge for registering before certain date
      • 33. Top fundraisers in previous year
      • 34. Long term participants
      • 35. Badges specific to other engagement with your organization.
      • 36. Leadership donors
      • 37. Service users 
      • 38. Survivors
    • Advanced Badges
      Limitations - no autoresponders available - milestones can be used to help announce some new achievements. Query and task based groups and reoccurring emails will take care of rest.
      Advanced badges can't have icons display on team listing pages, top participants lists, search, etc. 
      • But you can combine regular badges and advanced badges.
      © 2011 Convio, Inc.
    • 39. Advanced Badges
      Custom built using s-Tags (more on those later!)
      Instructions, code and Photoshop and Illustrator templates provided at:
      © 2011 Convio, Inc.
    • 40. Email Engagement
    • 41. Email Options
      TeamRaiser Messages
      TeamRaiser conditionals and personalization readily available.
      TeamRaiser specific audience segmentation.
      A/B testing (a best practice) not available
      Takes a few extra steps to send to non-TR groups. *
      *more difficult to do, but easier when we show you how -
    • 42. Email Options
      Campaign Messages
      More options available, including A/B testing.
      Segmentation through reporting and groups.
      Often not available to event staff.
      TeamRaiser conditionals and personalization more difficult to achieve.*
      Combine both Team Raiser and Campaign messages into your plan for maximum benefit!
      *more difficult to do, but easier when we show you how -
    • 43. Email Engagement
      Use Autoresponders - Always provide a next step. For some, these are the only messages they receive.
      Welcome Series/Follow Ups – Walk participants along the path of engagement. Hints: Exclude from other messages. Turn off at predetermined interval before the event. Set expectations, tell them they are on the way.
      Smart segmentation – identify target groups.
      Team captains tolerate more messaging and can help push messages out for you. 
      Suggested messages - provide lots of options to make participants’ job easier (Registration, Donation, Reminders, Team Captain Welcome, Fundraising tips, Thank You, etc)
    • 44. Communications Calendar
      • Create calendar prior to event launch
      • 45. Reinforces multi-channel messaging
      • 46. Should include messages set up by week
      • 47. All communications avenues – Coaching emails, recruiting emails, homepage updates, participant center updates, social media updates
      • 48. Also include target audience and conditionals
      • 49. Try to schedule around other organization-wide email sends and include conditional messaging to participants if possible.
      • 50. Bonus if you schedule all emails in Convio in advance
      Communications calendar template available at:
    • 51. Stationery for different audiences
      Participant Center Ask Messages
    • 52. Personalization and Conditional Content
    • 53.
    • 54. If you’re speaking to everyone, you’re speaking to no one.
    • 55. Personalization
      Hi Jon
    • 56. Personalization
      Hi Jon, you’ve already raised $425 for the Walk for Animals. You have 21 days left to raise the extra $75 to reach your goal of $500!
    • 57. Conditionals
    • 58. Send six emails?
    • 59. Conditionals
      • Conditionals make it easier.
      • 60. Send ONE email with many versions. Let the system do the segmentation work for you.
    • Making it personal
      Just like HTML coding, Convio's WYSWYG editor will do a lot of the coding for Personalization and Conditionals for you.
      But just like HTML, you can do so much more (i.e. advanced badges!) if you learn a little bit more about how the coding works.
      • You can download the S-Tag & Conditional Snippets Kit to get started.
    • 61. Participant Center 2
    • 62. Participant Center (original)   
    • 63. PC 2 - More modern design
    • 64. PC 2 – improved navigation
    • 65. PC 2 – Tells people what to do
    • PC 2 – Easy to see your progress
    • 69. PC 2 – Manage your contacts
    • 70. © 2011 Convio, Inc.
      PC2 – Easier to customize
    • 71. Social Tools
    • 72. Social Sharing
    • 73. Social Tools
      Facebook comments plugin:
    • 74.
    • 75. Social Tools
      Replace with:
      Put in the footer of participants personal pages
    • 76. Reporting and Analysis
    • 77. TeamRaiser Reporting
      Every time you talk to a participant, are you looking at their personal page? (Hint: You should be!)
      Use Participant Performance or Registration report to get to know them better – online gifts, unconfirmed gifts, total number of emails sent, etc. Coach/congratulate using this info as a starting point.
      Source codes – where are participants coming from?
      Identify trends in user behavior, demographics and timing.
      Use reporting for current year goal setting.
      Compare results with last year’s event to ensure you are on track or ahead.
    • 78. Email Reporting
      Track and analyze:
      • Open rate
      • 79. Click-through rate
      • 80. Action rate – sometimes not applicable
      • 81. Unsubscribe rate
      Identify emails that are performing well and do more of them!
      Benchmarks exist, but it is better to focus on improving your own numbers.
      Track A/B test results and create your own set of best practices.
      Notes: Email reports not located in Data Management Tab. Located in Email tab.
      Coaching email reports are found in the coaching emails portion of TR.
      Report writer allows for a more comprehensive email reporting.
    • 82. Make it look good - CSS
    • 83. Making it look good with CSS
      No more purple and yellow forms!
      • It's your brand and your event - use the colors and fonts that match the rest of your design.
      Use on:
    • 88.
    • 89. Making it look good with CSS
      Not just for colors – but also layout.
      You used to only have four options for personal page layout
    • 90.
    • 91.
    • 92.
    • 93.
    • 94. Making it look good with CSS
      Now there is a custom layout option that lets you use CSS to change the layout.
    • 95.
    • 96. Making it look good with CSS
      • Not for beginners to coding - BUT you can learn.
      • 97. Many resources available online
      • 98. is a good place to get started.
      • 99. Once you’ve learned the basics, use Firebug to help you get started learning what to update on your Convio pages.
    • 100. Resources
    • 101. Convio Community    
    • 102. Convio Customer Center    
      TeamRaiser Event Staff Learning Path
    • 103. Other Convio Resources    
      Connection Café Blog:
      Convio research and white papers
      Case studies
      Also: Convio Users Groups and this Summit – take advantage of the knowledge around you!
    • 104. Other Resources
     – Get discounted software - Learn how to use discounted software
      Fundraising advice and latest trends:
    • 105. Questions?Comments? - 1053