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  • Time allocated: 1 min
    Purpose: To give basic introduction about Wikipedia
    Facilitation Notes/Talking Points:
    Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia. It has over 3.8 million articles on English Wikipedia.
    It’s the 5th most visited website. Websites which rate higher are: Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo.
    Wikipedia has 500 crores of unique visitors visiting the website per month. Out of this 500 crores, 200 comes from India itself. So you can imagine the number of people from India making use of this website.
    There are about 11.7bn page requests per month.
    This one is a really interesting fact – How many of you know Wikipedia is available in Indian languages? Yes, Wikipedia is available in over 20 Indian languages like – Marathi, Kannada, Hindi, Sanskrit etc.
  • Time allocated: 1 min
    Purpose: To inform them who writes on Wikipedia
    Facilitation Notes/Talking Points: Anyone can edit Wikipedia! People like you and me edit Wikipedia on everyday basis. There is no editor in chief who is evaluating and approving the edits I make. It goes live as soon as I press the Save button.
    ~~Click – Show the pictures~~
    Just to explain some simple definitions that we use in Wikipedia and I’ll be using it during the course of my presentation
    Edit – If I change or correct something in Wikipedia we call it an Edit.
    Editor – All the volunteers who edit Wikipedia on regular basis are called Editors.
    So here is a picture of some of the Wikipedia editors from different cities in India.
    There are about hundred thousand global editors on Wikipedia. Which includes no. of editors editing in English, German, Hebrew etc.
    Out of these hundred thousand, 60,000 edit English Wikipedia
    However there are only about 1500 Indian editors on english Wikipedia
    And what is even more sad is the number of people editing Indian language Wikipedia which is just 1000.
    Can anyone tell me why are the last two figures particularly saddening? (you might get one or two people give their reasons)
    If we have Bharatnatyam, Jalebi, Baba Ram Dev, dhoti, and so many other topics peculiar to India, we’ll need Indians to write about these topics. Some American, Brazilian or German might not be able to write about these topics as well as we Indians can. But we have only handful of them about 2000 or so writing on Wikipedia as of today.
  • Time allocated: 1 min
    Purpose: What do Wikipedians draw their inspiration from to edit?
    Facilitation Notes/Talking Points: I'm sure you must be wondering why people edit Wikipedia. It’s all for LOVE
    Love to share knowledge
    Love to preserve and celebrate their their language and culture
    Love of a topic
    Love to collaborate
    Love to think
  • Time allocated: 2 mn
    Purpose: To tell them how can they benefit from editing Wikipedia.
    Facilitation Notes/Talking Points:
    Improve your writing skills
    Improve your critical thinking
    Improve your research skills
    Provides you a global audience
    Lean how to collaborate
    Helps you find/switch jobs
  • Wikipedia Open content Repository

    1. 1. Wikipedia Largest Open Content Encyclopedia pane rakash Neu P iastic dge Enthus le Open Know
    2. 2. Introduction Wikipedia is multi-lingual web-based open knowledge encyclopedia. On which, everyone can write new article and edit on the existing. Currently it has 30 millions articles. ● Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger launched In Jan 15 2001 ● It is available in 287 languages across the world including 5 Nepali languages i.e. Nepali, Nepal Bhasa, Bhojpuri, Pali, sanskrit. ● Has given individual web address usually beginning with the 2/3 character ISO code of the language. (e.g.नेपाली);नेवारी) ● In Pipeline Maithili, Tharu, Tamang, Gurung, Limbu, Sherpa, Awadhi, Lepcha (These are in incubation) ● ●
    3. 3. Open Content ● Wikipedia is the world largest open content repository Open Content According to Open Definition “Any content is open if anyone is free to use, reuse and redistribute it- Subject only, at most, to the requirement to attribute and/or sharealike” ”
    4. 4. What is Wikipedia? 5+ Nepali languages ~12 billion articles read per month 6th most popular website on earth 500 million unique visitors; 2 million come from Nepal
    5. 5. Who edits Wikipedia? Professors Students Everything on Wikipedia has been written by people like you & me! fessionals Pro Amatures
    6. 6. Five Pillars of Wikipedia? ● Wikipedia is Encyclopedia ● Wikipedia is written by neutral point of view ● Wikipedia is free/open content that anyone can edit, modify and distribute ● Editors should treat each other with respect ● Wikipedia doesn't have any firm rules.
    7. 7. How everybody can edit Wiki pages? ● Every individual can edit Wikipedia articles or write new articles. ● One can edit or write by logging in or without logging in. ● ● ● If you log-in with your username and password, the record log of your edit is maintained and the number of your edit goes increasing after every edit. If you edit without logging in, Wikipedia maintains logs of your edits by your IP address. The Edit record can be viewed by clicking in View History (इतितिहास हेने) link.
    8. 8. Page and edit log in Wikipedia
    9. 9. What to Write about? - In any language Wikipedia people can write about any useful topic. - You can write about Plants, Animals, Your place, Celebrities, Your role model, History, Geography, Economics, Science, Environment, Culture, food stuff etc. The following are NOT allowed in Wikipedia - Your autobiography, Opinion, Business promotion. - While writing article in new topic, you should be sure that there is no other article on the same or similar subject. - Your topic has importance and worthy to read. - Your article should tell about why the subject is important in the first para after the introduction to the topic.
    10. 10. Take the following things into consideration • Write the subject clearly. • Cite sources (Newspapers, magazine, books, journals etc.) • Categorize the article • Respect Copyright • Most Materials published in books, newspapers or online are copyrighted. You cannot copy Paste in Wikipedia. You should re-write the paragraphs and should quote the source where you’ve taken it.
    11. 11. Why do people edit Wikipedia? Love to share knowledge Love Love to preserve & celebrate their language & culture Love for a subject area Love to write Love to collaborate
    12. 12. What’s in it for you? Improve your writing skills Improve your critical thinking Lean how to collaborate Get global audience Preserve your language & culture Improve your research skills Note: All images have been taken from Wikimedia Commons
    13. 13. Thank You!  PraPase Na upenP h PwwPpraPasena upencPP omPnp h We are here to help you out Wikimedia Nepal Email: Facebook: Wikimedia Nepal Twitter: Wikimedia Nepal