Instagram callout best practices


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Instagram callout best practices

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  • Is it natural to take a photo to illustrate this?
  • You want to make sure that the hashtag isn’t too vague like #nashville. You also want to make sure that it hasn’t been used in something else that may conflict with your callout.
  • You can reach out to colleagues or friends to help seed the project
  • Some stations even do radio call-outs
  • If you’re really fancy, you can compile images with a hashtag from Instagram on a Google Spreadsheet
  • Instagram callout best practices

    1. 1. How To Engage Your Community Visually With Instagram Callouts Emily Bogle, Assistant Producer on the NPR Visuals Team
    2. 2. Why Instagram? ● Currently, there are over 200 million active users on Instagram ● It’s not just a place for cat photos! ● Another outlet to share current stories ● Resurface older stories and images ● Share your station’s personality and voice
    3. 3. @KEXP: Live music coverage
    4. 4. @WLRN: Behind the scenes
    5. 5. @KQEDnews: Archive dig
    6. 6. What is a callout?
    7. 7. ● Ask our audience to share something with us ● Instagram callouts: asking for photos or videos on a specific topic ● Have an Instagram account before starting a callout
    8. 8. Recent example: #menpr ● Part of All Things Considered series, Men In America ● Asked for photos of an object that makes you feel manly
    9. 9. When to do an Instagram callout
    10. 10. ● Working on a longer series ● Looking for stories from your audience ● There is lead time to plan and promote ● Recent example #menpr Timing
    11. 11. Keyword: Visual ● The idea is visual, meaning you can actually take a photo of something. ● That way you can anticipate what kind of photos you will get
    12. 12. Anatomy of a callout
    13. 13. ● Idea ● Plan ● Prelaunch ● Launch ● Stories ● Wrap up
    14. 14. #PSCommute ● Monthly photo assignment with KPCC called Public Square ● All Things Considered had a series focused on commuting ● We decided to combine these two series for #PSCommute
    15. 15. #PSCommute ● Monitor photos as they come in ● Use a submitted photo as another example ● Compile the best photos and/or stories into a blog post
    16. 16. #PSCommute ● Read the comments ● Ask the submitters for more information ● Follow up with a radio story if there is more to tell
    17. 17. Starting your callout
    18. 18. ● Plan your roadmap ● Plan how you will use the photos ● How will you collect the photos? ● Think of a hashtag and make sure it hasn’t been used already ● Be specific: #NashvilleWPLN is better than #Nashville Planning is your friend
    19. 19. Prelaunch
    20. 20. Prep work ● Make a couple examples/seed images ● Nail down a caption format ● Plan out the language and copy edit it ● Let submitters know how the photos will be used
    21. 21. Cook Your Cupboard ● Series that ran on Morning Edition ● We asked audience to submit photos of food they have on hand
    22. 22. Provide photo tips ● We did a post on how to make good photos with your phone ● We received better quality images ● Audience knew what we were looking for
    23. 23. Launch
    24. 24. The big day ● Post an example on your Instagram account ● Share it widely and across channels ● Be persistent
    25. 25. Public Square with NPR and KPCC ● Introduction to the series ● Not just pretty photos ● Emphasis on storytelling ● Explanation of the assignment ● Guidelines and deadline clearly defined
    26. 26. Tools
    27. 27. Webstagram ● Search hashtags ● Download images ● Boards allow you to compile as photos come in and share internally
    28. 28. IFTTT ● IFTTT creates recipes with different apps ● You can make a recipe so when you post to instagram it will tweet a photo ● Photo with hashtag can auto post to your tumblr
    29. 29. Collage Apps ● PicStitch (iPhone/Free) ● Diptic (iPhone/$0.99) ● Photo Grid (Android/Free)
    30. 30. Instagram Embed ● Embed code allows you to use an image without downloading it ● Easy to add to most Content Management Systems
    31. 31. How it looks on a page ● Includes subtle Instagram branding ● Big downside: does not include caption (as of now) ● It works better with only a few images
    32. 32. NPR’s rules around copyright ● In general, we need permission to use any image on Instagram ● Embedding is an alternative ● A specific hashtag gives implicit permission to use the photos
    33. 33. Wrap up
    34. 34. ● Plan a meeting to discuss what worked and what could be improved ● Adapt and make changes for the next callout ● Maintain consistency between other callouts ● Despite preplanning, some callouts fail, and that’s OK!
    35. 35. #FutureMemories Fail ● Callout: share photos of things you would want to remember ● We got lots of sentimental wedding and baby photos ● We decided it was too complicated and ditched it
    36. 36. #FakeMemory Success! ● We asked for photos of an event you only remember because there is a photo ● We got some great stories like this one: a family that hangs babies from a hook (for just a second!)
    37. 37. Other callouts
    38. 38. Weekend Hashtag Project
    39. 39. Bon Appetite: Cook The Cover
    40. 40. 99 Percent Invisible
    41. 41. @WNYCradio: Favorite NYC ‘Grams
    42. 42. #WhyIStay from WFAE and other member stations
    43. 43. Any questions?
    44. 44. Thank you for joining! Emily Bogle, Assistant Producer on the NPR Visuals Team Email: Instagram: @emilybogle