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Many nonprofits are heavily dependent on donations from the public to sustain their programs. In the digital era that we now find ourselves in, it is becoming increasingly important to communicate to clients, employees, and donors using the internet. This means using online tools to facilitate interactions that were once in person, through your website. Unfortunately, finding the right tool can be a complicated process. So where do you begin?

This presentation focuses on online donation service options. This presentation will help you understand what options are out there and how to determine which service is best for your size, income, and number of clients.

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Choosing an Online Donation Tool

  1. 1. Presents Choosing an Online Donation Tool 3/6/2013
  2. 2. Introductions Alex Green, Aimy Enriquez, and Jessica Fraser Serving at 501 Commons
  3. 3. Presentation Overview • • • • • • • • • Why online donation tools? The challenge of choosing Assessing your needs Click and Pledge Network for Good DonateNow Paypal Qgiv Summary Questions
  4. 4. Why Online Donation Tools? • Donating online much much easier than traditional donation methods • Impulse donors are much more likely to give • Online donating is becoming increasingly popular each year • An opportunity to connect with a younger donor/client/volunteer base • Can help build your contact database
  5. 5. The challenge of choosing (and why you are not alone) • Tons of different service providers available • Not all providers provide the same type of service • Some services are more customizable • Each provider deposits your money differently and has different security settings • Each service provider charges differently* • The majority of these differences come down to cost.
  6. 6. Assessing your needs *How much is your nonprofit relying on donations? Will you be using your own merchant account, or your vendors? *What is the typical size and volume of the donations you are expecting? • Setup Fees, Monthly or Annual Fees, Transaction Fees, Merchant Account Fees, Gateway Fees Does the donation form need to look like your website? Will you be wanting to accept tribute or memorial gifts? Recurring donations? International donations?
  7. 7. Click and Pledge • A great nonprofit starter service for first timers • Competitive pricing • Best for nonprofits that don’t expect a high volume of donations. • $20 monthly fee, 3% + $.30 • Recurring payments are an option • Semi – Integration capability • Transactions are handled for you- Deposits after 48 hours • Salesforce Integration
  8. 8. Network for Good- DonateNow Lite • Straight Forward • No set-up or monthly fees – Only %5 of each donation • Donors receive automated tax receipts • Donations can be tracked with online reports • Donations disbursed once a month • Not customizable, basic page Another good option where you are not expecting a high volume of donations and just need the basic functionality of receiving a donation
  9. 9. DonateNow • Upgraded version of DonateNow Lite for those who consider donations to be a much bigger part of the puzzle • $49.95/month, 3% transaction fee, $199 setup fee • No merchant account required – will transfer funds directly to your bank account of choice. • Donation page can be completely customized to look like your website, seamless integration. • Weekly webinars and 24/7 customer support • Ideal for organizations that are expecting a higher volume of donations and network traffic to their website.
  10. 10. PayPal Similar to DonateNow Lite, an extremely cheap option A lot of people are familiar with Paypal, it’s trusted and secure Money deposited into your bank account within minutes 501©(3) get the discounted rate of 2.2% + $.30, no monthly fees. Donors do not need to have a PayPal account, simply a credit card. This is a good option for organizations that want their service to be well known and don’t care about having a customizable page for their donations. When clicking the donate button, the user is very aware that they have left the site and are now at Paypal. Recurring payments are NOT an option.
  11. 11. QGive Full Integration Free 30 Day trial at full functionality Recurring option available You can also sell tickets, event packages, and products! $199 One-Time setup fee, 3.95% + $.25 The Qgiv guarantee Highly recommended for the organization that is looking for a service that is a step up from all the free options. The entire donation experience will be customized so that the donor does not even know they have left the site.
  12. 12. So what’s the first step? Take the time to discuss with your team what some of the needs of your organization are. • • • How much are you relying on donations? What is the average amount and frequency of donations? How important is integration? Most service providers give all of their critical information of pricing, features, and support on the front page Always inquire about a nonprofit discount
  13. 13. Any questions? Is that it?! photo by
  14. 14. We can help you further For info on: • Future workshops on technological applications, social media methods, and other topics • Participating in a free tech assessment of your nonprofit Email us:
  15. 15. Resources 501 Commons' Technology Knowledge Center o Tools, tips, & trainings to help make good tech decisions! For other nonprofit events, please check out the events page on the 501 Commons website While you're at it, check out all of Technology Services 501 Commons has to offer • •