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Google for Nonprofits

  1. 1. P R E S E N T E D B YGoogle for Nonprofits
  2. 2. Introductions Alex Green, Aimy Enriquez, Jessica Fraser HandsOn Tech AmeriCorps VISTA Serving at 501 Commons© 501 Commons
  3. 3. AboutHandsOn TechHandsOn Tech is anational AmeriCorpsprogram funded inpartnership with:- Google- Points of LightFoundation- The Corporation ofNational CommunityserviceAbout 501 Commons One Stop Shop for Nonprofits Technology Services Financial Services Human Resources Services Management Consulting Services For more info:© 501 Commons
  4. 4. Presentation Overview Introduction Google Apps Basics Drive, Docs, and Forms Google Analytics Google for Nonprofits Exclusive Google Grants (Adwords) YouTube for Nonprofits Google Earth Outreach Eligibility© 501 Commons
  5. 5. Overview of Google Products© 501 Commons
  6. 6. Google Apps for Nonprofits© 501 Commons
  7. 7. Google Drive© 501 Commons
  8. 8. © 501 CommonsGoogle Apps: Docs
  9. 9. Google Apps: Forms© 501 Commons Why use forms? Sign Ups Information Feedback How do I create a form? Go to Create a new Form
  10. 10. Benefits of Google Apps© 501 Commons Custom email allows for professional look Organize info and documents on a shared drive Real time editing fordocuments, spreadsheets, and presentations
  11. 11. Google Analytics© 501 Commons
  12. 12. Benefits of Google Analytics© 501 Commons Anyone with administrative access can view sitestatistics Use data to make critical decisions website Improve efficiency of site for audience usage
  13. 13. Google Grants (AdWords)© 501 Commons
  14. 14. Google Grants (Adwords)© 501 Commons Budget for free advertisement on $329 dollars a day = $10,000 per month The more time you spend on it, the better youcan fine-tune and get better results At the very least, set it up! It’s easy!
  15. 15. YouTube for Nonprofits© 501 Commons
  16. 16. Google Earth Outreach© 501 Commons
  17. 17. Eligibility for Google for Nonprofits© 501 Commons Organizations must: Hold current 501(c)(3) status, as determined by the US InternalRevenue Service Acknowledge and agree to the application’s requiredcertifications regarding nondiscrimination and donationreceipt and use These organizations are NOT eligible: Governmental entities and organizations Hospitals and health care organizations Schools, childcare center s, academic institutions, and universities(philanthropic arms of educational organizations are eligible). To learnmore about Google’s programs for educational institutions, visit Googlein Education Description of the Application Process
  18. 18. We can help you further!© 501 Commons For info on: Future workshops on technological applications, social mediamethods, and other topics Participating in a free tech assessment of your nonprofit Contact us:
  19. 19. About ourDeep DivePlanning programoffered to small povertyfighting nonprofitsDeep Dive is modeledafter several 501Commons’ cohortprogramsOrganizations arepaired with a skilledconsulting team Each participating nonprofit willreceive: An assessment of their currenttechnology infrastructure and usage A key issues report and plan for moreeffective use of technology Opportunities for implementationprojects through 501 Commons© 501 Commons