Social Media 301: Keeping Momentum


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  • NPower Northwest is where savvy nonprofits turn for technology. At NPower, we’re guided by the belief that technology can transform the nonprofit sector and play a pivotal role in creating greater good.  When you work with us, you understand all your options and can move forward with an approach that you are confident makes most sense for your organization, in terms of both impact and cost. Check out our website at to learn more about what we do and how we work.
  • Social Media 301: Keeping Momentum

    1. 1. Social Media 301 Keeping MomentumFor Audio 866.740.1260 Access Code 9577700
    2. 2. Road Map• Finding Efficiency• RO“I”• Keep Evolving• Q&A
    3. 3. NPower Northwest• Vision – A thriving community with high performing nonprofits.• Mission – To strengthen the nonprofit sector by catalyzing innovation and driving adoption of technology solutions.
    4. 4. Introductions Presenter Ash Shepherd Project Strategist NPower Northwest Moderator Mandi Moshay Community Engagement Coordinator NPower Northwest
    5. 5. Technology Waiter “How am I suppose to do all of this, I already don’t have enough time to do my job(s)?” ~Previous Participant~ I provide the menu and recommendations … You pick a couple items to try and go from there
    6. 6. Don’t Overeat the Technology
    7. 7. Poll• What do you think you already do well
    8. 8. Poll• What do you struggle with the most?
    9. 9. Get A RoutineImage Credit:
    10. 10. Get A Routine | Listen (RSS)
    11. 11. Get A Routine | Listen (Alerts)Google searches and send you emails when it finds what you need
    12. 12. Get A Routine | Engage YourselfIf you want people to join your community you should be active in theirs as well
    13. 13. Get A Routine | Schedule Get ready now…goes out later.
    14. 14. Get A Routine | Editorial Calendar
    15. 15. Get A Routine | Editorial CalendarPromote Event Follow-Up
    16. 16. Get A Routine | Monitor Let the technology work for youDesktop Alerts via Tweetdeck
    17. 17. Understand Your Tools About using well, not using a lot
    18. 18. Return on “I”nvestment What’s In It For Me
    19. 19. Return on Engagement What’s the result of “US”Image Credit: Anirudh Koul on Flickr
    20. 20. Engagement is the starting line… …Not the finish lineImage Credit: tharrin on Flickr
    21. 21. Dropping from 30,000Image Credit: The US Army on Flickr
    22. 22. The FunnelSource: Debra Askanase with
    23. 23. Source: Debra Askanase with
    24. 24. Measuring Engagement | Participation Participation• Comments• Shares• Likes
    25. 25. Measuring Engagement | Authority Authority• Linked to by others• Website traffic from other sources• Requests to repost/guest post
    26. 26. Measuring Engagement | Influence Tools for analysis But remember…
    27. 27. Measuring Engagement | Influence Real influence has a context… And that context is action
    28. 28. Measuring Engagement | Sentiment How do people feel about youImage Credit:
    29. 29. Questions
    30. 30. Solicit User Content Volunteers submit at events
    31. 31. Solicit User Content Focus on asking questions
    32. 32. “We Are The Champions…” Know and use your “Champions” Engaged with You Large Communities
    33. 33. It’s All About Who “They” know Know and use your “Influencers”
    34. 34. Give Credit
    35. 35. Share Impact
    36. 36. “It is not the strongest of the species thatsurvives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”~Charles Darwin~ (adjustments by me)
    37. 37. Launch & Learn“You learn nothing with plans on a conference table” ~Dave Boyce | CEO, Fundly~
    38. 38. Launch & Learn Roll out in phases Practice makes better (don’t even worry about perfect)Source: Dave Boyce: Social Fundraising 101: How to Jump Start your Social Fundraising
    39. 39. Adapt & GrowRemember to evaluate, learn and feed that back into your goals Analysis Goal Implement Strategy TacticsImage Credit: looking4poetry on Flickr
    40. 40. Find Good Curators Trust them to filter the noise
    41. 41. Observe & Learn From Others
    42. 42. • Poll: Next Priority Step
    43. 43. Take Aways• Start with goals and come back to them• Building good habits improves results• Don’t look for perfect, just better Analysis Goals• There is no finish line Tools Strategy Tactic
    44. 44. Social Media Webinar Series What It Is & Why It Is Important Getting Started
    45. 45. Thank You Ash Shepherd Project Strategist Twitter: @NPTech_Ash NPower Northwest Website: Facebook: Twitter: @npowernw