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  • A big part of staying connected is having access to your email calendar and contacts without having to turn on your computer.

Free and Low Cost Tools - Coldwater 10-09 Free and Low Cost Tools - Coldwater 10-09 Presentation Transcript

  • Free and Low Cost Tools You Can Use
  • Tools You Can Use
    Mark Shaw
  • Today’s Session
    File sharing
  • Today’s Session
    Lots of Material here!
    “I know about this already”
    “ don’t know.. But can’t use it”
    “ this might work to…”
    “ Cool! This is the answer to….”
    • Try/Trial it first
    • Some are similar but have their own “twist”
    Look closely and find your “best “fit”
  • Presentations
  • Wikis
  • Email / File Share / Collaborate
    Wouldn’t it be nice?
    Share calendars
    Share contacts
    Access ENTIRE mailbox (inbox & all folders) anywhere
    Access all your own contacts, calendar, and tasks anywhere
    Internal website for announcements, discussion
    Share & collaborate on documents online
    Organization-wide calendar
  • Email / File Share / Collaborate
    Option 1: Exchange & Sharepoint
    Internal Server
    • T1 internet: $300 per monthminimum (.. for reliability)
    • Internal Exchange server: hardware + labor $3000 - $5000 every 5 years
    • Maintenance (up to $200/hr rates)
    • You do backups: hard drives (minimum 2 @ $150 each)
    • Exchange antivirus protection: $85 dollars @
    • ExchangeMgt (Care and Feeding)
    • Server goes down = email goes down
    • Internet connection goes down = email goes down
    • OWA is difficult to setup and can “compromise” your internal LAN if not properly setup
    • Outlook will only work from PC/Laptop at org site
    • Smartphone's setups are difficult and costly
    Option 2: Exchange & Sharepoint
    Hosted Service
    • Cable or DSL connection
    • No internal server needed
    • Backed up by Hosted Exchange provider
    • Antivirus protection included
    • Maintenance and updates included
    • $9 to $12 per month, per user
    • Makes sense for up to 50 staff
    • Recommended providers:
    • OWA is effortless and will not compromise internal LAN security
    • Outlook will work anywhere
    • Smartphone setup is easy (Active Sync and Blackberry)
    Costly - Vulnerable
    Cheaper - Reliable
  • Email: Hosted Exchange
  • Email: Hosted Exchange
  • Email & Online Another Option!
    Google Apps for Nonprofits –
    Email with your domain (i.e.
    Shared calendars
    Organizational calendar
    Internal team website
    Share and collaborate on documents online (word processing, spreadsheet, etc)
  • Using Google Apps…
    For Email
    Register for Nonprofit edition to use your domain
  • Using Google Apps…
    For Shared, online calendars
    Create organizational internal calendars and even public “calendar of events” to add to your website
  • Using Google Apps…
    For shared docs
    Create and share spreadsheets, word docs, slideshows
  • Using Google Apps…
    For a website to serve just your staff
    Share info, manage projects, post announcements, etc.
  • Get Started with Google Apps
  • Email
    Outlook Search Tool
  • Online Productivity
    Online apps (word proc., spreadsheet, presentation)
    Web conferencing, Contact Database
    Basic versions of all apps are free
  • Online File Sharing
    Simple Private Exchange
    • Post documents, audio clips, videos, pictures
    • Share with staff, board members, etc.
    • 100 MB free storage
  • File Server vs. Online
    • Hardware - $2000
    • Software - $200
    • Setup - $1000
    • Backup Media - $300
    • Total: $3500 every 5 years
    • Still best when there are LOTS of daily data being changed/updated
    Online File Service
    • 10 staff ($2 each per month) - $20
    • 20 GB data (0.15 per GB, per month) - $3
    • $23 per month
    • $1380 per 5 years
    • Can be an “addition” your internal server
  • Online File Sharing
    Use as a shared network drive
    Your files accessible on any computer
    $2 per user per month, plus 15 ¢ per GB
    (Workgroup Edition)
    Less than half the price of purchasing and maintaining a file server…
  • File Sharing
    • Virtual file server
  • File Sharing
    • Share and work on Office files from anywhere
  • File Sharing
  • File Sharing & Online Backup
    More Online File Sharing and Backup &
    More listed at:
  • Software Software AND NPO Information
    • Microsoft Office 2007 Professional - $20
    • PeachTree Premium Accounting 2009 - $65
    • Quickbooks Premier 2008 - $45
  • Software
    • PDF Makers
    • PDF Creator -
    • PDF 995 –
    • SaveAsPDF for Office 2007 --
    Vs. Adobe Acrobat 9 - $299 retail
  • Hosted Database
    • Free Enterprise version of CRM (Constituent Management Database)
    • Online, accessible anywhere, automatically backed up/updated
    • Tracks donor, clients, volunteers, board members
    • Needs to be customized for nonprofit
  • Hosted Database
    • Network For Good’s Donor Suite
    • Customized Salesforce database
    • Customized and integrated online donations page on your website
    • Integrated E-newsletter
    • $99 a month
  • Hardware
    How much should you spend on a new computer?
    • Desktop $800 to $1000 – 5yr life, 1yr Warrantee
    • Laptop $1000 to $1500 – 5yr life, 3yr Accidental Warrantee
  • Purchase Tips
    • Processor
    • Intel Core 2 or Quad Core
    • Higher Model numbers are better processors
    • Bestperformance is in more CACHE (2, 3, 6, 12 etc)
    • Buy “Business” grade over “Consumer Grade”
    • Buy more Video if feasible
    • Better LCD is worth it
    • More value in a desktop over a laptop
    • The larger the laptop… the better performance (generally)
    • Purchase “full tower” case
    XP VISTA Windows7 and MAC ??
  • Hardware
    Stop burning CD / DVD’s!
    USB Flash Drives and Hard Drives
    • 4GB Kingston DataTraveler - $7.79
    • 8GB Kingston DataTraveler - $14.29
    • 350GB Western Digital Passport Drive - $89.99
  • Smartphone
    • Email anywhere
    • Faster scheduling
    • Task management (“to dos”)
    • Address book always available
    • Look up information / search
    • Directions
  • Scheduling
    Send a single meeting request to many people with proposed dates and times
    Choose the time that works best for most
    Automated email reminders
  • Meetings
    Create a committee, add agenda, invite members, automated meeting reminders post minutes, discuss/edit online
    Free for 1 committee
  • Project Management & Collaboration
    Free online collaboration tool
    Manage small group projects
    Shared calendar, group task list, share documents
  • E-newsletter
    Free E-newsletter marketing for nonprofits
    Send up to 10,000 emails a month
    15% discount beyond 10,000
    Discounts on Online Surveys
  • Blogs &
    Free way to extend your online presence
    Promote your organization
    Less formal way to communicate your message
  • Blog Reader
    A way to read many updated blog entries on one page
    Also called RSS readers (Really Simple Syndication)
    Stay up-to-date in your area of specialty
  • Social Networking
    Easy and free way to gain supporters
    Message people easily, less formally
    Invites to events
    Can generate donations
    Sign up on Facebook and start a “fan page” (
    Keep it up to date!
  • Social Bookmarking
    • Shared (“Social”) Bookmarking tool
    • Sign up for an account and share bookmarks across your organization
  • Team & Project Collaboration
    Online project management and team collaboration
    Manage programs, share files, discussion boards
    Free for 1 or 3 projects…
  • Team & Project Collaboration
    • 2 free projects – 5 users
  • To Do Lists &
    Online To Do list
    Share with staff
    Prioritize, due dates, etc.
    Email and RSS alerts
  • To Do Lists
  • Conference Calls &
    Host a conference call for free
    Not a local number
  • Video Conferencing
    Free person-to-person video calls
    Free conference calls up to 25 people
  • Video Conferencing
    Free video conferencing for up to 3 people at a time
  • Online Conferencing
    • Online voice, video – Webinar!
    • Share slides, show your computer Desktop
    • Free for 20 or less attendees
  • Online Conferencing
  • Instant Messaging
    • Free web-based IM service
    • Quick messaging to co-workers (in or out of the office)
    • Saves time
  • Remote Access
    Free access to your computer at the office
    Work on files, email, etc.
  • Remote Access
    Free remote access to assist (support)
    More “light duty” than LogMe In
  • Texting/SMS
    • Setup
  • Texting/SMS
    • SMS surveys with instant results
    • Free for 30 votes
  • Webhosting Not a Website builder
    Free webhosting for nonprofits (
    Includes email accounts, domain registration
  • Website & Database
    Website & Online Donations - e-Newsletter tool
    Event/Class registration - Integrated blog
    Constituent database - Members only login
    Pricing based on size of database:
    $25/month for 250 $50/month for 500
  • Website & Database
    Online Donations
    Donor database
    $35 per month
  • Online Donations
    •’s Basic DonateNow
    • Register for free
    • 4.75% fee of online donations
    • One-time or reoccurring donations
  • Online Survey Tools &
    Free for less that 100 responders
    Survey staff, members, board, etc.
  • Online Photo Sharing
    • Pro Account for free at
    • Tell your story with photos: Post pictures of events, community, staff, etc.
    • Embed on your website
  • Online Video Sharing
    • Video campaigns educate/raise awareness
    • Promote your org or an event
  • Online Training
    Free training and demos for Office 2003 & 2007
  • Online Training
    Basic computer, email, Office suite training
  • Online Training
    Nonprofit Technology Webinars
    Choosing a database
    Web Redesign
    Online Donations
    Social Media
  • Online Training
    “Our Product is Explanation”
    What’s a: Blog, Wiki, Social Media, Zombie??
  • Free Cool
    Computer Maintenance
  • Desktop Maintenance
    Disk Cleanup –
  • Desktop Maintenance
    Disk Defrag -
  • Desktop Maintenance
    Spyware Scanning –
  • Computer Maintenance
    • Microsoft Security Essentials
    Free Antivirus and Malware
  • NPower Michigan’s Services
    • Consulting and Assessments
    • IT Project Implementation
    • Managed Services
    NPower strategy, budgeting and planning
    Toll Free 24x7 Help desk
    Security (anti-spyware and anti-virus)
    Windows Security updates
    Remote assistance
    Software deployment
    System monitoring
    $40 per desktop / $100 per server
  • Mark Shaw