Heat Pump


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A heat pump uses natural resources such as the air, ground or water to produce heat and hot water which could make your home more energy efficient.

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Heat Pump

  1. 1. Heat pumps A heat pump uses natural resources such as the air, ground or water to produce heat and Key benefits hot water which could make your home more By installing a ground or air source energy efficient. heat pump you could: They can do this by absorbing “low grade” • ave money on your energy bills S heat from the air or ground and compressing it into higher, useful heat which can be used • Reduce your carbon footprint for hot water, radiators or underfloor heating. • o longer have to rely on oil, N With a heat pump you could get 3kW of heat LPG or solid fuel deliveries output for every 1kW of energy input, so they • e eligible for income through the B can supply more heat than they consume. Government’s Renewable Heat Often making them more efficient than a Incentive (RHI) standard boiler that is 90% efficient. How much does it cost? Costs for installing a heat pump start at £6,000 for air source and £9,000 for a ground source. Costs can vary due to a number of factors like: your current radiators, geology and how energy efficient your home is.npm10374 RF12052 Grand Designs Heat Pump Product Card 10 12.indd 1 04/10/2012 10:28
  2. 2. How much could I save? What’s the Renewable It depends on what system you use now, Heat Incentive? as well as what you’re replacing it with. The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is The following table shows the savings you a Government initiative that rewards might make every year when replacing an homeowners’ who use a renewable source existing heating system in an average of heat for their home. If you use the sun, three-bedroom semi-detached home wood or even a heat pump to heat your with a typical heat pump. home, then the government will pay you every year for how much “clean heat” you use. The RHI starts next summer, but in the Existing Annual savings for a heat meantime this is how you could benefit: heating pump performing at 300% system • f your home is heated by oil, LPG, I electricity or some form of solid fuel; you will qualify for a cash rebate called Gas £130 the Renewable Heat Premium Payment worth up to £1,250 Electric £610 • rom next year the Renewable Heat F Incentive will reward you even further, Oil £310 with cash payments every year for how much renewable heat you generate Solid £330 The scheme will be finalised in the New Year, but it’s likely the payback of your heat pump Source: Energy Saving Trust, October 2012 system will be under 7 years.* All npower heat pump installation could be eligible so enquire now to find out if you could qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive. *Source: www.decc.gov.uk, October 2012 npower is a registered trademark and the trading name of Npower Northern Limited (Registered in England and Wales No. 3432100) . Registered Office: Windmill Hill Business Park, Whitehill Way, Swindon SN5 6PB. npm10374/RF12052/10.12npm10374 RF12052 Grand Designs Heat Pump Product Card 10 12.indd 2 04/10/2012 10:28