The power of social media

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  • 100 millions view/day - 5 billions minutes
  • Google+ June 2011, only 4 months
  • Google+ June 2011, only 4 months


  • 1.  
  • 2. The Power of Social Media A Perspective of Online Hispanics And Social Media Presented by: Social Media Spanish (SMS) Presenter: Natasha Pongonis Social Media Director
  • 3. Content
    • Why Social Media?
    • Social Media Forums
    • Online Hispanics Overview
    • Are all Hispanics the same?
    • Case Studies
  • 4. Social Media
  • 5. Social Media - Why Social Media? 3 out of 4 people in America use Social Media Technology
  • 6. Which Forums
      • Facebook - 800MM Worldwide
      • Twitter - 200MM Global Users, est.
      • LinkedIn - 115MM Global Users, est
      • Google+ - 30MM Worldwide, est
    Source: Hispanics users on Facebook & Twitter, Social Media Spanish Blog
  • 7. Facebook
    • Homepage
      • News Feed : page which allows you to view your friend’s updates
      • Requests : Facebook will notify you when someone would like to “friend” you and the user has the opportunity to “friend request” any person
      • Notifications : Facebook notifies you if your friends post content on your wall, comment on your photos, etc.
    Source: A Beginner's Guide To Facebook: Learn The Basics Of Facebook by Susan Ng “ Helps you connect and share with the people in your life.” –Facebook
  • 8. Facebook Continued
    • Profile Page : your “personal space” on Facebook
      • Wall : profile’s main page on Facebook; users and friends can post content on this page
      • Info : basic personal information displayed to the Facebook community
    • Friends Page : allows you to view your friends profiles on Facebook
    • Inbox : e-mail feature which allows you to communicate with your friends
    • Chat : you can have a live conversation with your friends who are online
  • 9. Facebook Continued
    • How to set a your Facebook Page
      • YouTube : Using Facebook & features 3:33 minutes
  • 10. Twitter
    • Tweets : a post or status update
      • Hashtag (#): a way of organizing tweets which will be listed to all Twitter
      • Reply (@reply): a way of replying to a follower who mentions you or a way of mentioning a follower; ie. @username
    • Following : those whom you choose to receive and view “tweets” from
    • Followers : someone who can view and receive all of your “tweets”
    • Direct Message (DM): send e-messages which can only be viewed by the follower you choose
    Source: A basic guide to understanding language used on Twitter by Gene Patterson Twitter: online social networking and microblogging that enables its users to send and read text-based posts of up to 140  characters
  • 11. Twitter – Terminology 101 RT (Retweet)  - Tweeting content posted by another user Hash Tag  - the '#' symbol followed by a term describing or naming the topic Tweeps  - Twitter + peeps (friends) Tweetup  - Twitter + meetup: a gathering of people based on a Twitter conversation Tweighbor  - Someone who is a member of your Twitter community Tweeple  - Twitter + people; Also Tweople Twibe  - Twitter tribe; people on Twitter that you follow or those who are following you Twitterers  - Group of people who have Twitter accounts Twitterspeak  - Language found only in tweets and not normally used in Conversation Twollow  - Act of following someone on Twitter
  • 12. Twitter
    • How to set a your Twitter Page
      • YouTube: Using Twitter & Tweets 2:12 minutes
  • 13. LinkedIn
    • Professional Profile : lists current and past positions, education, etc.
      • LinkedIn profiles rise to the top of search results
      • Summary paragraph : your professional elevator pitch
    • Connections as real life network :
      • Use webmail import to see all the people you know who are already on LinkedIn, then you can then select who you wish to invite to join your trusted network
    Source: LinkedIn Corporation © 2010 “ LinkedIn connects you to your trusted contacts and helps you exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with a broader network of professionals.” –LinkedIn
  • 14. LinkedIn Continued
    • Connections as real life network :
      • Upload a contacts file from :
      • Outlook, Palm, ACT!, or Mac Address
      • List of your colleagues and classmates :
      • that are already on LinkedIn
      • Answers : post a question and tap into the experts you’re connected to and the entire LinkedIn network
      • Search : look up someone’s profile before you meet with them, learn their background and see who you know in common
    Source: LinkedIn Corporation © 2010
  • 15. LinkedIn
    • How to set your LinkedIn Page
      • LinkedIn : Using LinkedIn & Connections 0:54 Seconds
  • 16. Google+
    • +Circles : users can personalize lists of friends and stream news feeds allowing users to group friends together by category
    • Using the + : integrated into the navigation bar of all Google Products, allows users to keep track of their notifications while away from the Google+ homepage
    • +Vertical Integration : allows you to access and download data such as documents, Picasa Albums, Buzz, etc.
    Google+ makes connecting on the web more like connecting in the real world. Share your thoughts, links and photos with the right circles.
  • 17. Google+
    • +Sparks : users input a list of interests, topics and news stories and 'Sparks' identifies links from individuals and organizations which might be of interest
    • +Hangouts : allows users to pull groups together for a simultaneous video chat
    • +Mobile: features on different mobile platforms like android and iPhone. A dedicated application is on its way. Instant upload option
    Source: Google social network: The 5 key features of Google+ by Gordon Macrae Google+ is predicted to be next Big Thing for Business… It has the potential to be a great collaboration and communication platform
  • 18. Do’s and Don’ts
    • Channels: Find a Person’s Preferred
    • Communication Channel
    • Say Just Enough: Get the attention of more people, but for a much shorter amount of time
    • Profile pic is worth a thousand of words. Don’t use an inappropriate photo
    • Do a Social climbing: connect with quality audiences
    • Don’t leave your profile blank:  A comprehensive profile helps you to gain trust and establish authority. 
  • 19. Do’s and Don’ts
    • Don’t neglect to use of keywords: Enhance your profile with the key words that people are likely to look
    • Don’t brag or sell products: Post articles that will be helpful to others, announcements about events of interest
    • Do post updates that you’ve used on other sites: Yes, it’s okay to post updates on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
    • Do join Groups: groups that are applicable to you and your goals on Linked-In. This
  • 20. Do’s and Don’ts
    • Encourage open conversation : Allow your fans to freely post content and photos on wall posts and discussion boards
    • Don’t “like” Unscrupulously: Read the post, you probably shouldn’t “like” bad news
    • Do share photos: on Facebook is okay to share pics of vacations, kids, events in your life
    • Don't share identifying information: such as your address or telephone number, birth dates, their full names, etc
  • 21. Social Media & Hispanics
  • 22. Did you know…? Hispanics learn about brands, compare prices, and make final decision online more than general market
    • 57% of Hispanics always go to the internet to look for deals compared to 43% of the general market 1
    • ‣ 72% of Hispanics prefer an online product rating over a friends opinion 2
    • ‣ U.S. Hispanic market purchasing power is projected to reach 1.3 trillion dollars by 2015
    1. Hispanic Cyber study 2010, AOL Advertising 2010
  • 23. Hispanics are a very social group with high usage of social media 3 Twitter Usage in America 2010, Edison Research, 2 Lesson From Coca-Cola, Twitter and Univision
    • 61% of U.S. Hispanics are online Hispanics = 14.5% of the total online market 3
    • ‣ 41% of online Hispanics are under 35 years old
    • ‣ 19% of US Hispanics are Twitter Users 2
    • ‣ 54.2 % of Hispanics online regularly use Facebook
  • 24. Are all Hispanics the same?
    • No, Hispanics are quite diverse
    • 5 main groups of Hispanics today
  • 25.
    • Nueva Latina
      • English preferred (some Spanish)
      • Born in U.S.; 2 nd generation
      • Some Hispanic cultural practices;
      • often “retro-acculturate”
    • Bi-cultural
      • Bi-Lingual (equal or nearly)
      • Immigrant as child or young adult
      • Many Hispanic cultural practices
    • Hispano
      • Spanish preferred (some English)
      • Immigrant as adult, in U.S. 10+ years
      • Pre-dominant Hispanic cultural practices
    • Americanizado
      • English dominant (nearly no Spanish)
      • Born in US; 3 rd + generation
      • Few Hispanic cultural practices
    • Latinoamericana
      • Spanish dominant (nearly no English)
      • Recent immigrant as adult (less than 10 years ago)
      • Primarily Hispanic cultural practices
      • Identify with home country more so than U.S.
    Hispanics in the US This pie shows the national distribution, although the mix of segments varies by region and metropolitan area. Source: America’s Latino Future, 2015 and Beyond, Geoscape, American MarketscapeDataStream
  • 26. Which Forums
      • Facebook - 800MM Worldwide
      • - 13MM US Hispanic Users, est
      • Twitter - 200MM Global Users, est.
      • - 8.1MM US Hispanic Users, est.
      • LinkedIn - 115MM Global Users, est
      • Google+ - 30MM Worldwide, est
      • - 7.2MM US Hispanic Users
    • Other Forums have their strengths
      • Que Pasa, Orkut, Hi5, MiGente, Batanga
    Source: Hispanics users on Facebook & Twitter, Social Media Spanish Blog
  • 27. The World map of Social Media
    • Facebook 800+MM as a leader
    • Ozone 480MM active users
    • Vkontakte 110MM accounts
    • Infographic byRia Novosti
    • Facebook Press Room  
  • 28. Brands Marketing to Hispanics on SM
  • 29. Case Studies
    • CDC en Espanol
    • NBA
  • 30. CDC en Espanol
    • 68K+ Fans on Facebook
    • 11K+ Fans on Twitter
    The CDC, dedicated to protecting health & promoting quality of life through prevention and control of disease, injury, and disability
    • Launched Dec 1st
    • 17+ Interactions/post
    • 5,000+ monthly active users
    • 72%+ US fans
  • 31. CDC en Espanol
    • Advertising strategy
      • Rotating ad graphics
    • Campaign strategy
      • Health Superstars Quizzes ( Estrellas de la salud )
    • CDC going Mobile
      • Health News on the go
      • ( CDC Móvil en Espanol )
  • 32. CDC & Live Chats
    • CDCcontagion
      • How would CDC control an outbreak?
      • What really happens when CDC disease detectives are tracking diseases?
      • CDC expert, Dr. Jennifer McQuiston for a LIVE Twitter chat
  • 33.
    • 302K+ Fans on Facebook
    • 3.7K+ Fans on Twitter
    “ Social Media is a key component, it allows our fans to engage with our sport and our player in a more personalized level” NBA NBA éne•bé•a
    • Why the name?
    • Natural Spanish
    • Search-ability
    • Hispanic fan base
  • 34.
    • Engaging content
      • Questions to fans
    • Promotions and Giveaways
      • Videos + Music
    • Photo Captions
      • All-Stars from the past
    NBA éne•bé•a
  • 35. NBA éne•bé•a
    • Consistent Interaction
      • Polls & Quizzes
  • 36. Recommendations
    • Think before you post  
    • Separate accounts – private/professional
    • Employer social media policies
    • Don’t share too much personal info
    • Use the proper introduction
    • Publicizing a private conversation on a wall post
    • Build quality relationships
    • Respect the community
  • 37. I look forward to your questions! Questions?