Orientation Session 2014 2015


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Orientation Session 2014 2015

  1. 1. Ontario Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Program NP Network Orientation Session Academic Year 2014-2015
  2. 2. Software Requirements The following applications are required for this program: 1. Internet Browser (Internet Explorer 7+ | Firefox | Chrome | Safari) 2. Microsoft Office (There are educational versions available at your library) Note: Free alternate software are available for both Windows and Mac -OpenOffice http://www.openoffice.org 3. Adobe Acrobat Reader
  3. 3. NP Central Registration • The information you provide in the Central Registry Database (CRDB) controls and provides all access to forums, email, courses and all resources on the NP site. • It is important to notify your University Site Coordinator of any change to your course plan or academic status. • Make sure to update your contact information and demographic data if any change occurs.
  4. 4. NP Central Registration Go to http://crdb.np-education.ca
  5. 5. NP Central Registration • Username: – Your username will contain 8 characters or less. • Temporary password: “npeducation Note: Click “My Information” to reset your password • Click on your University for usernames: Ottawa Windsor Laurentian McMaster Ryerson Queen’s Western LakeHead York
  6. 6. NP Central Registration Email Update • Update your email address: Ensure to update your email under My Information using your university address. Click Submit when finished.
  7. 7. NP Central Registration Password Update • Change Login Password: Ensure to update your password under My Information to protect your privacy.
  8. 8. Course Plan - Step 1 • Click on My Course Plan tab to select your course plan. • Click on Add Course Plan to select your courses.
  9. 9. Course Plan - Step 2 • Select the course dates and click Finish.
  10. 10. Course Plan - success • You will receive a confirmation that the request has been sent. • Click Course Plan to review you.
  11. 11. Course Plan - review • Review your course plan and make sure the right dates are selected. • You can resubmit a new course request if some changes are needed by clicking on Change Course Plan.
  12. 12. Payment • Click My Course Plan to review your information • Click Make Payment to proceed with the registration. *Note: Make Payment is only available if you have a full course plan. • Click F5 or refresh the page if Make Payment is grayed out
  13. 13. Payment -1 of 3 • Ensure that the information is correct (name, email price) • Click Proceed to the Secure Credit Card Payment Server…
  14. 14. Payment -2 of 3 • Enter a valid email address. • Your registration receipt and information will be sent here.
  15. 15. Payment -3 of 3 • Success! Your payment was accepted. A receipt will be sent to the email specified on the previous screen. • Close this window to continue.
  16. 16. The NP Network http://np-education.ca
  17. 17. The NP Network • Click Log In from the top panel • Enter your username and password
  18. 18. Course Home • This private area allows you to easily find any resources. • Click on the top NP logo to access the public site.
  19. 19. Important Areas Access to your courses Access to Orientation Orientation, Pre-courses, Bookstore, Help Access to Forums Access to Resources QuickLinks Quick access to key resources Course Home 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5
  20. 20. Course Navigation Select a course Select a module Navigate through module content and resources 1 2 3
  21. 21. Teaching Modalities Modality Description/Usage Onsite tutor seminars BlackBoard Collaborate BlackBoard Collaborate: is a virtual environment optimized for learning E-mail: Used for communication between learners, tutors and professors Forums: A collaborative discussion area for learners, tutors and professors Turn it in: Turnitin helps educators and students take full advantage of the internet's educational potential. Slideshare Visual presentation of powerpoint slides Multimedia: Audio and video files On-line exams and quizzes Secure online Exams. Case studies
  22. 22. Resources A simulated exam is available to all learners who want to familiarize themselves with the online exam interface. The simulated exam can be attempted once daily for a duration of 1 hour. Note: These are mock-up questions only.
  23. 23. GradeReport You can only access your grades once the course professor has released them.
  24. 24. Turn it in • Turnitin is designed to assist both educators and students in assignment delivery and correction. • Some courses may use this service. • You can access turn it in from the Tools tab • URL: http://turnitin.com/login_page.asp
  25. 25. Initial Forum View (np.welcome)
  26. 26. Forum – General Category Selected
  27. 27. Virtual Classroom • Joining a Chat Room • The Interface • Blackboard Collaborate Chat Schedule • Logitech Headset
  28. 28. Joining a Chat Room • You can access the Blackboard Collaborate Virtual Classrooms using the Blackboard Collaborate icon under Tools tab.
  29. 29. Blackboard Collaborate
  30. 30. Mandatory BlackBoard Orientation Please join the session of your choice 10-15 minutes prior to start-time: This training is mandatory – please read policy for more information Practice Chat Link (also found in the np.welcome forum) Date Time July 29 From 9AM to 10AM August 5 From 9AM to 10AM August 12 From 4PM to 5PM August 21 From 12PM to 1PM August 25 From 2PM to 3PM August 26 From 12PM to 1PM August 27 From 12PM to 1PM August 28 From 10AM to 11AM August 29 From 12PM to 1PM September 1 From 6PM to 7PM September 2 From 12PM to 1PM
  31. 31. NP Technical Support University E-Mail Telephone •Ottawa •Laurentian •Queens •Lakehead •Mcmaster •Western •Windsor •Ryerson •York support@np-education.ca 1-877-676-8102
  32. 32. Thank You! Please complete the online survey under Orientations > Orientation Session (bottom of page) on the NP website