Tracking software contributions


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The challenges and enablers of tracking software contributions as a research output.

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  • Made more difficult than data because of the fluidly changing collaborative nature of software development – not just adding to the contributor pool
  • At what level do you reference, at what level do you deposit?
  • Is it more important to sustain the software that this workflow references, or the workflow itself?
  • Made more difficult than data because of the fluidly changing collaborative nature of software development – not just adding to the contributor pool
  • Star graphic modified under CC-BY fromSsolbergjC.f.5 Stars of Linked Data (Berners-Lee):Available w/ open license, machine-readable, non-proprietary format, open standards, linked to provide context 5 Stars of Online Journals (Shotton):Peer Review, Open Access, Enriched Content, Available Datasets, Machine-readable metadataWhat about community?
  • A metajournal which encourages the publication of information that encourages the reuse of software.A way of using the current tools and practices to make software betterrecognised.
  • Tracking software contributions

    1. 1. Software Sustainability SoftwareContributionsdoi: 10.6084/m9.figshare.705892Joint ORCID – DRYAD Symposium on Research Attribution23 May 2013, OxfordNeil Chue Hong (@npch), Software Sustainability InstituteORCID: 0000-0002-8876-7606 | otherwise indicatedslides licensed under
    2. 2. Software Sustainability LifecycleIdentifyCiteReuseResearchIndexPapers, data, software allresearch outputs ofa continuous cycle.With software, technologymakes it easier to track,but not reward.We cannot separatepapers, data and softwarewhen we release research.
    3. 3. Software Sustainability do we version?- To indicate a change-To allow sharing- To confer special statusVersion control systemsmake this easy and conceptof a person and an outputare there but not unique
    4. 4. Software Sustainability…GranularityWhat do we define?- Useful units ofreuse
    5. 5. Software Sustainability do we choose to identify:- Workflow?- Software that runs workflow?- Software referenced by workflow?-Software dependencies?What’s the minimum citable part?Boundary
    6. 6. Software Sustainability• Which authors have had what impact on each version of the software?• Who had the largest contribution to the scientific results in a paper?• Can micro-attribution work? Can track author, but not contribution? projects statisticsfrom OhlohWhy do weidentify?- To measure-Torestrict- To communicate- To include
    7. 7. Software Sustainability Stars of Research Software• Community There is a community infrastructure• Open Software has permissive license• Defined Accurate metadata for the software• Extensible Usable, modifiable for my purpose• Runnable I can access and run softwareCODERc.f.5 Stars of Linked Data(Berners-Lee)5 Stars of Online Journals(Shotton)“Golden Star”Originally by SsolbergjCC-BY
    8. 8. Software Sustainability of OpenResearch Software
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