Supporting the brand with reusable content - CSA12
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Supporting the brand with reusable content - CSA12



Learn about how overcoming content strategy silos can impact your brand and revenues. ...

Learn about how overcoming content strategy silos can impact your brand and revenues.

This presentation will look at how trends in modern purchasing habits and content consumption are driving more holistic content strategies. Today's content must be more agile, and there is more pressure for portable, multi-purpose content assets.

The case study portion will look at a manufacturer of medical devices that developed a global CS to bring benefits to both brand equity and bottom line. In it, users are able to access and contribute to content from any device or platform, and build up their own content stories from reusable modules, deliverable to any format. This case study is also contained in Ann Rockley's new book: Managing Enterprise Content - An Unified Content Strategy.



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Supporting the brand with reusable content - CSA12 Supporting the brand with reusable content - CSA12 Presentation Transcript

  • Supporting the brand with reusable content Supporting the brand with technical content How to get happier customers by overcoming content silos Noz Urbina – Principal Consultant Mekon Ltd. // @nozurbina@nozurbina#CSA12
  • Me~ Consultant/Trainer for Mekon Ltd. – Content strategy, Technical Communications focus – Mekon 20 years, me 10 years in content and mark-up – Small-to-medium-to-huge enterprises~ Chairperson for Congility Events ( – Today’s Content Needs Agility@nozurbina#CSA12
  • The World of Content Semantics (XML) Nothing has changed... Standards Speed Metadata ...and everything has changed. Efficiency Strategy & Single ROI Sourcing@nozurbina#CSA12 View slide
  • We’re going to...~ Look at trends that are forcing changes to content strategy~ Learn from “non-publishers” about publishing~ How structured content standards (DITA XML) can be applied (outside of tech comms) to create new stories from your content assets@nozurbina#CSA12 View slide
  • 1) Presales Meets Post-sales~ “The stuff you got after the sale, is now driving the sale” - Gerry McGovern (Yeah, I know...)@nozurbina#CSA12
  • @nozurbina#CSA12
  • @nozurbina#CSA12
  • Buying and Using a TV@nozurbina#CSA12
  • MODELS TERMS Manual in TopNo. Size Model 4? Position 1 Position 2 Position 3 Position 4 1 24inch kdl24ex320bu 1 review manual 24 inch dimensons 2 kdl24ex320wu 1 24-inch review manual vesa 3 kdl24ex320 1 review manual led white 4 26inch kdl26ex320 1 review white manual bravia 5 kdl26ex320bu 1 review 26-inch manual dimensions 6 32inch KDL32bx320 1 review manual specs review cnet 7 KDL32cx520 1 review price price in india manual 8 KDL32cx523 1 review manual 32 price 9 KDL32cx520bu 1 Yay! review 32-inch 32 lcd tv manual 10 37inch kdl37ex723bu 0 review dimensions john lewis 11 kdl37ex723 1 review manual bravia review 12 kdl37ex503 1 review manual best price 37 13 14 40inch KDL40cx520 KDL40ex520 1 1 Data! review review specs price price price in india manual manual 15 KDL40bx420 1 review specifications review cnet manual 16 KDL40ex720 0 review price cnet price in india 17 46inch KDL46ex720 1 review manual specs price 18 KDL46ex500 1 review manual specs 46-inch 120hz lcd 19 KDL46ex723 1 review manual price calibration 20 KDL46ex520 0 review price 46 led tv dimensons 21 55inch KDL55ex720 1 review specs manual price @nozurbina KDL55ex500 22 1 review manual 55 specs #CSA12 23 KDL55nx810 1 review manual price calibration 24 KDL55nx720 0 review price review cnet 55
  • Keyword Breakdown@nozurbina#CSA12
  • Take-Aways~ Reviews and manuals are the most frequently searches by far~ Manuals are by far the most sought-after item actually produced by the brand@nozurbina#CSA12
  • 2) Format diversification@nozurbina#CSA12
  • Displays are cheap and
  • Fantasy! Never in Our Lifetime!@nozurbina
  • Take-Aways~ Smart phones and tablets are the tip of the iceberg – Need to migrate to a presentation-neutral format (Like Scott said...) – Converting and building our content into deliverables is not scalable@nozurbina#CSA12
  • 3) Audience/scenario diversificationOriginal Flow New New New Scenario Audience Platform Does your content have the necessary agility?@nozurbina#CSA12
  • Components build up a unified story Metadata driven relationships@nozurbina#CSA12
  • Cloud computing - SaaSCloud computing is the delivery of computing as a service rather than a product... shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices as a utility (like the electricity grid)
  • CaaS: Content as a Service~ Content can be conceived of and delivered as a service (CaaS) – Content gets encapsulated in deliverables – Each deliverable is one view for one context, at one time. ~ One issue or update of a “Journal”, “Microsite”, “Magazine”, etc.. ~ Need to move away from project/deadline/campaign focus to repeatable, holistic CS@nozurbina#CSA12
  • CaaS requires~ Metadata-rich content, cross-silo terms/taxonomy~ Format neutral, not proprietary content (DITA, XML)~ Repository of reusable, structured content modules~ Repository/Delivery platforms that support content queries via metadata~ Ability to re-cast content for a new context to create new value (Content Curation)~ Metric and analytics reporting – To help you decide what to reuse and pipe where@nozurbina#CSA12
  • Content curation and reuse~ Content curation is reusing content for new aims~ Sometimes it can be automated, sometimes can be hand-curated~ If your content is intelligent, you can use existing assets to tell new stories, anywhere@nozurbina#CSA12
  • Content curation issues~ Is it modular? (References to old context, links, etc.)~ Metadata - Is it findable by the appropriate metadata in the new context?~ Is it still current/accurate at the point of reuse?~ Is it editorially, stylistically, etc. appropriate in its new reuse context?@nozurbina#CSA12
  • Can you pull it apart, and rebuild it?Original Flow New New New Scenario Audience Platform@nozurbina#CSA12
  • Case study in MEC Second Edition FOR EXAMPLE@nozurbina#CSA12
  • Medical Devices Manufacturer~ Content from various sources in page-based deliverables. Coming from: – Partners – Official technical communications – User-generated content – Product management updates and customer notices~ Going to various audiences and scenarios: – Planned and corrective maintenance – End Customers, Field Engineers, Support Engineers~ Want a way to relate and recombine content for various needs/scenarios/devices@nozurbina#CSA12
  • The brand wanted... Cheaper Brand Auditable / Impression Compliant Lower More More Support “One Voice” Money Calls Knowledge Faster Sharing@nozurbina#CSA12
  • The users wanted... My custom tags Up to date Not a Consistent website or PDF: Both! And more! Simpler My content, in context, Relevant acted on@nozurbina Visual#CSA12
  • Traditional Web@nozurbina#CSA12
  • Socially Enabled Across Silos Community and Personal Bookmark/Download data Let users build and share their own In-line discussion stories, for any format Page discussionComments@nozurbina#CSA12
  • Real Print@nozurbina#CSA12
  • Potential content interactions link to various content servers - CMS - CRM - PLM - ERP@nozurbina#CSA12
  • @nozurbina#CSA12
  • Initial Returns - 2011 • “Our research showed that organizations that move to [a DITA-XML-based system] can reduce translation costs by 30% to 50%. • Our own examples showed 40% to 75% savings. • Over the next few years, we anticipate savings in the region of £193.49k, £425.68k, £468.25k, and £515.07k, which is an average saving of £400k per year. • Note that this ROI assumes all content is in XML, which is not the case just yet.”@nozurbina#CSA12
  • XML: components and mapsOriginal Flow New New New Scenario Audience Platform@nozurbina#CSA12
  • ComponentTitlesMetadataProlog In-line metadataHTML-likeBody @nozurbina #CSA12
  • XML – The standards-based enabler~ CMS form functionality in a real authoring tool – Insert ‘keyword’ instead of ‘bold’~ Reusable components – Note: needs good content and metadata design~ Standard enforcement across tools~ Semantics/metadata – Detailed content profiling at any level of granularity~ Taxonomy-based relationships~ Common processing architecture for all content@nozurbina#CSA12
  • Map~ XML standard for stitching bits back together – Defines a complete, but presentation-agnostic, content story ~ Components ~ Hierarchy ~ Linking/Navigation ~ Medatata~ Many maps can share components – HTML, PDF, media, XML~ Specifically DITA XML@nozurbina#CSA12
  • Take-aways~ The approach (and standards) apply outside of tech comm – Early (non-tech comm) take-up in ~ Publishing and catalogues ~ Reports and analyst content ~ Policies and government ~ Learning materials~ The content strategist helps align the planets so magic can happen Tweetme@nozurbina#CSA12
  • ConclusionBetter content experience THANK YOU!= better customer Q&A? experience= enhanced brand+ less costs= more profits= happy time!@nozurbina#CSA12