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Now Adverting provides hi-tech outdoor display advertising production services at the high end market since 2003, located on the Hong Kong island:
Leading high resolution digital printing & street furniture production in Hong Kong
Pioneered the first 3D outdoor display printing technology in Hong Kong
Key clients: HSBC, Citibank, Nike, Apple, Google, HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony, Nokia, Nikon, H&M, Coach etc, as well as the big 4 advertising agency.

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  1. 1. • 300 million units Smartphone were shipped to the market in 2010, annual growth 72%, notincluding iPad and Tablet. Only Apple and Android may ship about 600 million units in 2014.• By 2014, the number of USA mobile internet users would excess that on desktop.• Music and video streaming from the cloud or between devices is trendy. Google, Amazon,Facebook and Apple all announced their cloud music locker service or AirPlay function in 2011respectively. Demand is growing rapidly along the Smartphone penetration growth.------------------------------Now Adverting Production provides hi-tech outdoor advertising media production services at thehigh end market since 2003. In the late 2000’s, NOW integrated mass communication know-howwith the leading mobile and cloud computing technology partners, innovated NowOnline mobilecloud music web service beta version in 2010.NowOnline is a web server and is a business platform, operates the MyMusic scan-and-matchpersonal cloud music locker service to end users, licensing AirMusic license to music streamingdevices, and joint venture the patent pending MAP (MyAirPlay) smart media centre development andlicensing to manufacturers.These technologies bring users the simplicity and comfort to access their entire music collection atPC, Mobile and Home system across networks, indoor and outdoor through out the world, all wirelesslysimply by a couple of touches on the phone screen, even iPhone does not have to wire connect PC foriTunes sync anymore. Forget all about cable, memory size or file transferring.The business platform brings the devices, manufacturers and music rights owners start fromlegitimate music service, would extends to legitimate movie, online TV and eBook etc in the future.The content management and streaming mechanism of MyMusic, AirMusic and MAP are powered byPlay Anywhere that is the first fully licensed service of its type, backed by both artists and the musicindustry from major and independents music labels and publishers, including Universal music,Warner music, EMI, Sony BMG, Merlin and Orchard etc.MyMusic app is available online for users download to iPhone, iPad, will be Android, phone andTablet, Blackberry and WP7 phones. MyMusic can also embedded to partners hardware products likeMAP and Docking Partner (essential app for partners iPhone music docking). User may free sign upfor 20,000 free internet radio stations and MyMusic free trail, or upgrade to subscribe full serviceplan that only cost about a Big Mac per month!MyMusic adds value to partners product, shares service subscription revenue to partner, bringadvertisement to subsidize product price. While partner distributes MyMusic along their productmarketing to the target audience that all these phone music device buyers are active phone musicconsumers and are high potential MyMusic prospects.In the NowOnline ecosystem, Hardware vendors, Software developers, Content providers, Servicesoperators, Music owners and Marketing partners joint force contributing the legitimated mobile musicconvenience to users, share the rapid growing revenue generated on customers increased music usage.The growing music user database bring NowOnline advertisers to targeted advertising to an eithermore focus or more wider audience groups, as well as real time cloud based interaction.AboutUsHistoryNow Advertising Production Limited is a high-tech advertising production firm at the high end ofthe market, innovated the physical and web media integration, co-creation with clients to theinnovative advertising media form factors, from outdoor display, street furniture, to internet virtualinterface. The company was established in Hong Kong since 2003, holding by Now AdvertisingProduction PLC, UK (7NW.F). The senior management team have over 20 years consistenceexperiences in advertising production, strategic marketing and IT technologies.NOWs Physical Media workshop is located in Hong Kong Island, has been leading in the industry,had brought the leading high speed high resolution digital printing systems, the first outdoor 3Dprinting technology, as well as creative street furniture production technique to the market. Clientsincludes HSBC, Citibank, Nike, Apple, Google, HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony, Nokia, Nikon, H&M,Coach, Hermes, Giorgio Armani, Hong Kong MTR, Hong Kong Ocean Park, Coca Cola etc as wellas big 4 advertising agency.