11 creation of ad part 1
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11 creation of ad part 1






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11 creation of ad part 1 11 creation of ad part 1 Presentation Transcript

  • Chapter 11Creation of Advertisements and Commercials (Part.1) Novrita Widiyastuti, S.Sos
  • Creativity in advertising• Creativity is definitely one the most important aspect in advertising, on the other hand advertising must be persuasive and motivates the audience
  • Creativity in advertising means• Effective in helping the advertiser achieve its marketing objectives.• Provide a unique and effective way to communicate with the target audience• Creating advertising message which relates and provides answers to the target audience’s needs and wants• Persuasive message which motivates the consumers, therefore contributing to sales• Effective in establishing brand image• It must be ethical
  • The Creative Brief• The advertising objective• The audience needs/ wants/problems• The aspects of the brand which can fulfill the needs/wants or solve the problems of the target audience• The motivation to buy the brand• The way to communicate effectively
  • Brainstorming• It is the practice of the creative people to brainstorm together to get ideas• When brainstorming, all ideas that comes are listed and discussed.• The ideas might relate to the feature and benefits of the products, or consumers behavior that you want to evoke with your message.• The ones with potentials are short listed and finally the “big “ idea is selected.
  • The Creative Strategy• Who to influence• What to say in order to influence• How to say in order to influence.
  • ExecutionThe message execution should be:• Attractive, attention getting• Simple and easy to understand• Able to create the perception as defined in the creative strategy
  • Elements of Print Ad1) Headline: Short sentence/phrase placed prominently in a print ad with oustanding letters2) Body Copy: an elaboration of the statement or promise made in the headline or sub headline3) Tagline: a short catchy phrase or end statement that embodies the broad strategy of an ad.4) Visual: picture made to describe the ad5) Brand logo: Symbol/name of the product/sponsor
  • HEADLINE• Offers a benefit• Announce something new• Arouse curiosity• Strong head-visual relationship• Mention the brand name• Identifies the type of product, service or company
  • BODY COPY• Avoid complicated words• Ends with an urge of action
  • TAGLINE• KISS• Catchy• Easy to understand and remember
  • VISUAL• Gain attention  unusual, new, attarctive, provocative• Shows the product• Brand name