Future-Ready Content Management

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Talk at www2012. …

Talk at www2012.

"Get your content ready to go anywhere because it’s going to go everywhere. » Brad Frost.
What does it mean for CMS? Discover Novius OS, a next-generation open-source CMS.

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  • 1. www2012Future-Ready Content Management Antoine Lefeuvre Novius CIO @jiraisurfer www.novius-os.org 1/14
  • 2. « Get your content ready to goanywhere because it’s going to go everywhere. » Brad Frost, 2011 2/14
  • 3. The Future Is Now The Web of Data is here: from calendars to recipes and Cvs. Semantic web technologies are mature and widespread. This conference should probably be renamed ggg2012. Yet, the move is slow as most of us still have a Web of Pages culture. 3/14
  • 4. « Honing the craft of content choreography will help us toorchestrate the best experience possible. » Trent Walton, 2011 4/14
  • 5. Think Universal Embrace the nature of Web: form comes second. Create content nuggets: small yet valuable. Prefer structured content to typeless data Build for any device, not for all current devices. 5/14
  • 6. « Build content management systems (CMS), not web publishing tools (WPT). » Daniel Jacobson, 2009 6/14
  • 7. Structured Content MS Leading CMS are very much of the Web of Pages culture. Modern CMS role is to share data, not just to publish pages. Issue #1: which markup to adopt? Issue #2: are CMS users ready to create content nuggets? 7/14
  • 8. 8/14
  • 9. 9/14
  • 10. 10/14
  • 11. 11/14
  • 12. 1. Acknowledge and embrace unpredictability.2. Think and behave in a future-friendly way.3. Help others do the same. Future-Friendly Manifesto 12/14
  • 13. Sources and Ressources Sara Wachter-Boettcher, Future-Ready Content, http://www.alistapart.com/articles/future-ready-content/ Future-Friendly Manifesto, http://futurefriend.ly including credits slides background. Trent Walton, Content Choreography, http://trentwalton.com/2011/07/14/content-choreography/ Daniel Jacobson, COPE : Create Once, Publish Everywhere, http://blog.programmableweb.com/2009/10/13/cope-create- once-publish-everywhere/ Boston Globe website by Filament Group, Upstatement and internal team, http://www.bostonglobe.com 13/14
  • 14. Merci beaucoup. Any question?Come meet us at Grand Lyon booth Antoine Lefeuvre Novius CIO @jiraisurfer www.novius-os.org 14/14