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7 dr devi-prasad-healthcare_ncas_2011 7 dr devi-prasad-healthcare_ncas_2011 Presentation Transcript

  • Healthcare, driver of the world Economy Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty MS, FRCS (England) Chairman Narayana Hrudayalaya Group of Hospitals Bangalore
  •  Global healthcare and wellness industry is $4.5 trillion USA healthcare is $2.5 trillion
  • Inclusive growth for the world peace  Largest employment generator  IT v/s Healthcare  Largest employment generator for women
  • Global healthcare, current scenario 100 years after the 1st heart surgery less than 10% of the world’s population can afford it India needs 2.5 million heart surgeries a year India does approximately 90000 surgeries a year
  •  Approximately 94% of the surgeries done in India are performed at non- Government hospitals
  •  Govt spends 1% of the GDP on health 80% of the national expenditure on healthcare is borne out of pocket 47% of the urban, 37% of the rural population borrow money or sell assets to pay for the healthcare Healthcare expenses is the commonest cause of rural indebtedness
  • Healthcare is all about man, money,machine and beds
  •  Wealth of the country has no relationship with the quality of healthcare Tax payers money cannot pay for the healthcare
  • Govt as the health insurance provider  Yashasvini  Vajapayee Arogyasree  Rajeev Arogyasree  Kalaignar Health insurance
  •  Politicians across the world do the right things for the wrong reasons
  • Health cities with 1000 to 5000 beds Heart surgery for $800
  • Low Cost Heart Hospital, Mysore
  • If Airline company is required to buy planes, aviation industry will perish
  • Its not the money, it’s the man WHO estimates shortage of 2 million healthcare professionals India has a shortage of 7 lakh doctors If we add 100 new medical colleges a year for the next 5 years we will have adequate number of doctors by year 2025
  • Global Trends in Supply and Demand BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS U.S. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR TABLE 2. FASTEST GROWING OCCUPATIONS, 2004-14 1 31-1011 Home health aides 2 15-1081 Network systems and data communications analysts 3 31-9092 Medical assistants 4 29-1071 Physician assistants 5 15-1031 Computer software engineers, applications 6 31-2021 Physical therapist assistants 7 29-2021 Dental hygienists 8 15-1032 Computer software engineers, systems software 9 31-9091 Dental assistants 10 39-9021 Personal and home care aides 11 15-1071 Network and computer systems administrators 12 15-1061 Database administrators 13 29-1123 Physical therapists 14 19-4092 Forensic science technicians 15 29-2056 Veterinary technologists and technicians 16 29-2032 Diagnostic medical sonographers 17 31-2022 Physical therapist aides 18 31-2011 Occupational therapist assistants 19 19-1042 Medical scientists, except epidemiologists 20 29-1122 Occupational therapists15 of the 20 fastest growing occupations in the USA are in Health Care
  • World needs a supranational medical university
  • Patient Safety ICU mortality can be reduced by 50% by protocols In 5 years computer will make accurate diagnosis than Doctors In 10 years it will become mandatory for the Doctors to get 2nd opinion from computer Surgeons will not be trained on the patients
  •  We need an association of non- government hospitals
  • Year 2020 we become a superpower