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Building a skyscraper the next level v1a
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Building a skyscraper the next level v1a


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • Austin Feller- Recent graduate of the University of Chicago and will be assisting in further developing CPOv3. Experience in developing mobile applications.Dewayne Dill- Dewayne is our new IT Director and will be actively working on our IT infrastructure and improving our core products stability and reliability. Dewaynehas significant experience in leadership has been recognized as revolutionary and industry changing. His expertise resolves around synthesizing disjointed problems with an interconnected framework for solving complex challenges.  
  • Constraints we have endured and overcame- - We didn’t do the detailed design - Over the course of this year, we have developed a solid partnership with the technology partner we inherited from HRA - We have overhauled a few areas
  • Initial API problems. Expecting 1st and 2nd Qtr. Enhancements
  • Elaborate about missing API and how we overcame the obstacle.
  • Build out talking points?
  • Build out talking points?
  • Build out talking points?
  • Transcript

    • 1. Building Our Skyscraper- The Next Level Creating, Developing, and Building out a fantastic creation
    • 2. Vision • Create Human Capital Management Platform that is easy to use and designed for different audiences • Scalable • Easy to integrate with other related applications • Easy to sell additional services and pick and choose based on individual client needs
    • 3. The Foundation • Technology Platform built out with Azure • Platform with capability to grow and compete – Technology Built to Scale – Flexibility in a changing environment
    • 4. Further Building the Foundation • Built out a stable working platform that runs payroll – Seamlessly runs payroll for small businesses – Infrastructure scalable and has ability to handle large businesses • Implemented a development plan/process (shortened sprint cycles, additional team members)
    • 5. The Design • • • • Single Database HR and Payroll Integrated Timekeeping Operational in the Cloud Allow for clients to have easy simple migration, minimizing painful conversions and maximizing value and options
    • 6. Today • Solid Foundation Built • Split team into smaller more functional teams • Building out the strongest most reliable platform within the market place • CPO v3 Data – Around 1124 companies running on CPO v3 – 116 companies with more than 100 employees – 78 bureaus
    • 7. Rapid Development UI Platform (Rollbase) CyberTax Calculation and Coordination Engine CyberPay Windows Azure and SQL Azure
    • 8. Carrying out the Plan or . . . improvising • Began with partner, HRAnswerlink as HR and Swipeclock Timekeeping integrations • Purchased HRA Technology in July 2012 • ASI Team took over new technology • Constraints on design involvement
    • 9. June through November • Scalability & Stability Improved Save Times by 75%+ – Up time is running at 99.9% – Smarter and more scalable Paygrid – CPA/Third Party Multi-Company login – eXponent Communication Automation – Time Off Accrual Management
    • 10. November • • • • • Initial HR CRM v1 (Limited Preview) Shugo E-Comp Stability Enhancements Hide Pay Rates; Read-Only EE Taxes
    • 11. Shugo • PUSH notifications via Email and SMS/text messages • Integrated within CPO – Must be on CyberPay version 8.52.1465 or higher • Employer Cash Requirements Notification • HUB Integration
    • 12. E-Comp • Guaranteed 24 hour turnaround on quotes • Uses the same infrastructure as Intego
    • 13. CRM v1 • • • • • Tickets Change Management Tax Notice Management Sales Pipeline Management Prospect Tracking and Management
    • 15. New Product Development • CRM V2 • HR Benefits and Recruiting • Mobile Application
    • 16. CPO v3 Payroll Enhancements • Calculate in Cloud – Initial Release will include existing Register Prior to Processing – Scheduled for Q1 • Advanced Pay Grid
    • 17. SwipeClock Enhancements • Single Sign on for ESS • Locking out fields • In the docket for CPO v3
    • 18. HR Recruiting • Additional HRIS functionality-advertise through various job boards • Track applicants through the process – Run background checks – Check references • Schedule Meetings • ESS – Gives potential employees access to pre-hire documents and information • Onboarding
    • 19. HR Benefits Administration • Employer Level - Set up benefit plans - Assign benefits to employees - Globally set effective dates and rates to happen in the future - Provide benefit documentation online • Employee Level - Choose Benefits - Receive Benefit Documentation through ESS - Inform employer of trigger events: marriage, birth, adoption etc.
    • 20. CyberPay and CyberTax Enhancement • • • • New tax structure including local tax rate support Update to UI and CPO v3 SSO Tax Forms available in PDF format in CPO v3 SSN Verification Service
    • 21. Future Partnerships • NCS Background Checks • My Recruiting Center • Poster Elite
    • 22. Non-Technical Enhancements • • • • • Bundled Pricing Additional Technical Service Staff Developer Share Program Tax Compliance Additional Development Team Members
    • 23. Highlights • • • • Register Prior is coming soon Today’s HR is included with payroll CRM is in production Significant enhancement to SHUGO and Swipeclock • Bundled Pricing will help you save money as you grow and use additional services • Local tax rate update service
    • 24. Summary • Solid foundation • Growing development team working on multiple tracks • Fast lightweight sprints with fast turnaround • Solid marketing and sales resources to help you grow your business
    • 25. Q&A • Please use the chat feature provided by Webex to submit questions • If you would like to speak to someone at Adaptasoft about the products and services we discussed today, please contact: • Paige Gruenig – – 219-567-0229
    • 26. Thank you!! • Thank you for your participation and your ongoing partnership. • We appreciate you.