April 2010 NovaLash NewsfLASH


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Eyelash Extension News By NovaLash with CEO Sophy Merszei!

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April 2010 NovaLash NewsfLASH

  1. 1. April 2010
  2. 2. Letter from Sophy Events Calendar Happy April! It’s finally spring and many women are preparing for wed- dings, graduation, prom, reunions and vacation. This is the perfect op- portunity to reach out to these women and introduce them to mascara-free, long, lush, beautiful lashes! Give special discounts to wedding par- ties, put together an advertisement April 16 -19, 2010 that focuses on waterproof, party- proof, lashes that will last even after your vacation tan has faded, promotegift certificates to current clients to give as a graduation present.These special events allow you to appeal to women who wouldotherwise never consider lash extensions and as you all know--this certainly is a beauty treatment that is glamorously addictive!NovaLash has another new face around the office: FelishaHicks. She is assistant to our projects and logistics manager,Jules Reed, and has been helping out with customer service.Felisha is a Houstonian at heart but spent a few years in EastTennessee. She has 20 years of banking experience but is find-ing the beauty industry much more fascinating. When Felishais not taking calls from customers or processing orders you willfind her singing or dancing somewhere around the office! If youhaven’t had a chance to work with her yet, I’m sure you will soon.This month we will be doing a lot of traveling! We willbe going all the way across the pond to Bologna, Italy forthe Cosmoprof Worldwide show next week. At the end ofthe month you can find us in Vegas for the InternationalEsthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference where Sophia willbe hosting an advanced training session that weekend aswell... so sign up and join in on this fun weekend of beauty! Best Lashes, Sophy Merszei President of NovaLash, Inc. Receive off your entire order this month 20% when you spend $200 or more! *Only applies to phone orders 1-866-430-1361 **Does not include Pro Kit or Practice Kit
  3. 3. Salon of the Month Lash Artist of the Month Kelly Bosset The Lash Co. Houston, TX While most lash extensionists learn the difficult craft of eyelash extensions after several months of extensive training; Kelly mastered the technique in one week. She has worked at The Lash Co. for over 3 years and was personally trained by her mentor Sophia Navarro. Her natural talent for the profession and love of the cosmetic industry has inspired Kelly to make a name for herself as an established lash extensionist. In combination with her soft touch and the fierce look she delivers, Kelly has given many women flawless lashes such as Top Chef Judge Domenica Catelli and Nova-Owned by Sophia Navarro & Sophy Merszei Lash models Anaeli Vega and Lindsay Mayfield. Kelly is also one of the first lash extensionists to have a vast male clientele as well.Managed by Carol Torres & Cindy HernandezHouston, TX In conjunction with The Lash Co. Kelly has made appearances at the Houstonian Bridal Soirée and has assisted the top lash extensionist,The Lash Co. was founded by our very own Sophy Merszei Sophia Navarro, in her infamous advanced training class. It is withoutand NovaLash’s international advanced trainer Sophia Na- a doubt that Kelly’s career in the lash industry does not appear to bevarro. They opened The Lash Co. to provide time-sav- coming to a halt anytime soon.ing beauty treatments including lash extensions (obvious-ly!), Softap semi-permanent makeup and eye brow fillers. Product of the MonthThis month The Lash Co. has recently launched a social mediamarketing plan to amp up their presence on the web. This monththeir special is: ‘Become a Lash Co. fan on facebook. Post upsome love. Receive 10% off your next service.’ What better wayto increase awareness and visibility than becoming a hot topic onFacebook? This promotion has also increased their website traffic; Candied Lashes byin the month of March LashCo.com experienced a 25% increase insite visitors! LashCo.com just got a sexy makeover! Check it out! Sophia NavarroAll NovaLash trained and advanced certified, the lovely lash art- Add a subtle mysterious shimmer toists are known around Houston as the “Beauty+Brains” lash ladies. regular lash extensions. Candied lash-Sophia, Cristina, Kelly, Jessica, and Cindy are booked es are hand-dipped, freeze-dried andfrom morning to night Monday through Satur- crystallized. The lashes come in oneday-- making Houston beautiful one client at a time! standard thickness and length which al-We chose The Lash Co. as our salon of the month not just be- low the extensionist to trim the base ofcause we are so close with them, but for all of their hard- each lash to the desired length. The sixwork and dedication to this industry. These lash ladies re- delcious colors are: Cinnamon Toastally do put their heart into their work and it shows! Their (brown), Blue Raspberry (blue), Mint Chocolate Chip (green),clients leave gorgeous and keep coming back for more! Pink Lemonade (pink), Butterscotch (gold), and Licorice (black).Sophia Navarro has been a hot item this month in the media; she was NovaLash’s Candied Lashes by Sophia Navarro come deliciouslyinterviewed by Modern Salon and was featured in Beauty Launch- packaged and make for beautiful displays. These lashes have aPad. We are so proud that her story and her business have been such an mysteriously chic sparkle during theinspiration to so many lash artists. Becoming an extensionist really day, but are paparazzi-ready by nightchanged Sophia’s life and she is dedicated to reaching out to wom- as the glitter reflects the light for anen in the beauty industry and introducing them to this opportunity. eye-catching shimmer. Not just for holidays or events-- Candied LashesCongrats Lash Co. -- NovaLash Loves Yall! can glam up any night on the town!
  4. 4. Refer Reward RetainREFER & REWARDRefer a friend. Receive a gift.Current clients are your best publicists...1. Give referral cards to every current client.2. When they refer a friend for a full-set the new client will receive a free after-care kit or special gift.3. The current client will receive a free touch-up.4. Send a gift certificate or postcard to the current client let- ting her know she has a free touch-up appointment.RETAIN & REWARDSchedule follow-up appointments at checkout.Here’s how to get them back... Receive a Special Gift When You1. If you don’t already have pre-booking cards -- make them! Book Your Next Appointment Today! Right Now! Next Appointment:2. Add at the bottom: Bring this card to your next appoint- Date: ___________________ ment and receive a special gift of: _____________ Time: ___________________ With: ___________________3. Be sure the special gift will be in stock or offer a discount on their next service. Bring this card to your next appointmentSophia’s Secrets to Success and receive a special gift of: _______________________________* Complimentary After-Care Kit with purchase of a Full-Set * Endorse Gift Certificates!This is a great way to attract new business and future after-care Gift Certificates make great gifts during the holiday seasons andkit sales. Clients will be more satisfied with their lashes if they Mother’s Day for example.have the products to care for them in order to prolong the life ofthe lashes. * Do Promotional Full-Sets! Offering your services free to people in the beauty industry, such* Apply NovaLash LashLiner to a client after a Full-Set as hair dressers or nail technicians, can help you get new businessThis is an easy way to make an automatic sale! because they can promote your work by not only wearing the exten- sions but also by sending new clientele.* Add an additional $35 to ticket with Candied LashesMake clients aware that Candied Lashes are a very glamorous yet * Participate in events!subtle look. They can be worn not only for the holiday seasons Sponsor events such as Bridal Shows, Fashion Shows, and Non-but for a simple special night out. Profit benefits. This will expose your salon as well as give you the opportunity to network! -- Always remember to bring plenty of* Brighten up eyes in the summer with Colored Lashes business cards! Colored lashes can bring the price up to $75.00 extra. * Never charge per lash!* Business Slow? Promotions! Promotions! Promotions! It is more professional and stylish to charge per touch-up and neverOffer discounts or special promotions during slow peaks. Doing per lash. Remember you can also charge for extended touch-ups (upspecials will help pick up your business. to $100) as well.
  5. 5. Dear NovaLash,My Platinum Bond is sometimesstringy -- is that normal?It is normal for the consistency ofthe glue to vary from season to sea-son; this change will not affect itssticky power, drying time or endurance.The reason Platinum Bond forms astring is because it contains urethane Platinum Rulesrubber, an elastomere. This providesflexibility to the glue that allows the • One (1) year shelf life (opened or closed).lashes to bend and flex while the per-son is sleeping. • Keep adhesive at room temperature (no sun or heat exposure)My Platinum Bond isn’t expiredyet but it is thicker than when I • Shake wellfirst opened it-- is there some-thing wrong with it? • As you open; pop off bottle spout to remove the pressure then replaceEven if the adhesive seems thick, gum-my, stringy or clumpy, this does not • When ready to use cut the tip of adhe-affect its ability to bond the lashes. sive bottle spoutDO NOT refrigerate. • Clean tip well before re-capping • Adhesive dries fast • Keep door closed when applying lashes • Platinum Bond works best with 50% moisture/humidity in the air • Does not respond well to ammonia fumes • Does emit fumes; (remind clients to keep eyes closed during application)