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Anatomy Of A Venture
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Anatomy Of A Venture


Published on

A "back-to-the-basics" look at ventures.

A "back-to-the-basics" look at ventures.

Published in: Economy & Finance, Business

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  • Take a second for each line
  • What do we mean by student business: filling a gap, something of inherent value, social value in money Provide 2 examples
  • Most tangible way to get involved, engage a broad constituency
  • --by marketing the right way, emphasizing the right points, enabling people to see a direct link between the venture and the projects (money they are given and actual results)--
  • Opportunity for growth for those involved
  • 15 min-brainstorm ideas in groups 15 min-share best idea. Engage the rest of the group—what do you like? What concerns do you have about the idea? How might you address these concerns? Is this replicable/repeatable? Basketball tournament Something w/ music Video game tournament Road race
  • Think about the transition, this is the time to pare down ideas to what people want to do Going to share some tools to help through this Innovation matrix…joking around with…really simple about why it’s import --compare your ventures…-- Innovation Matrix How are you different? Guide your thinking Prioritization tool.. Decision making tool
  • Decision making Venture Marketing Use specific venture ideas from earlier Frame this with their chapter plan competition this evening
  • These things are important for a venture as well as in general Recruit your team Division of responsibility Know your value add Know your audience Sponsorship Persistence. If nothing else works, WORK works. Starting Early Follow up Marketing
  • These things are important for a venture as well as in general Recruit your team Division of responsibility Know your value add Know your audience Sponsorship Persistence. If nothing else works, WORK works. Starting Early Follow up Marketing
  • These things are important for a venture as well as in general Recruit your team Division of responsibility Know your value add Know your audience Sponsorship Persistence. If nothing else works, WORK works. Starting Early Follow up Marketing
  • Food-2$/plate Everything else-$250 (assuming 2/plate + equipment fees)
  • Reference decision tool Marketing channels..use at your descretion Online marketing Facebook Web calendars Chapter website Flyering Full page flyers Handbills Traditional media Newspapers Targeted Groups Class Announcements Listservs Other Methods Antics A Frames Collaborations Individual Invitations Word of Mouth
  • Un-pack, reflection, debriefing, what went well what didn’t Exit survey in MINOR Relaxing..
  • All of these lead to SUSTAINABILITY!! Difficult but rewarding path ahead of you, but I’m there for you! Building a consensus within the group
  • Transcript

    • 1.
      • Anatomy of a Venture
    • 2. Anatomy of a Venture
      • What is a Venture?
      • Why a Venture?
      • Venture Brainstorming
      • Selecting the Venture
      • Making it a Reality – The Logistics
      • Follow up
    • 3. 1: What is a Venture?
      • Student-run small businesses on college campuses
      • Revenue generators for sustainable development projects
      Example 1- Consistent Venture: Hunger Lunch Example 2-One-time Event: Hold ‘Em For Hunger
    • 4. 2: Why a Venture?
      • Build awareness and engage a membership base
    • 5. 2: Why a Venture?
      • Provides avenues for socially conscious consumers
    • 6. 2: Why a Venture?
      • Leadership development: Learn what it takes to run an enterprise
    • 7. Leadership Development
    • 8. 3: Venture Brainstorming
      • What unmet need exists?
      • What would you have a blast doing on campus?
      • What gets you excited?
    • 9. Venture Brainstorming Session
      • Break into groups for 15 Minutes
          • Select a team spokesperson
          • Brainstorm venture ideas
          • Choose one to report back to the group
          • There are no bad ideas!!
      • Back to the full group for 15 Minutes
    • 10. 4. Selecting the Venture
      • Tools:
      • Innovation Table
        • Compare your ventures with those of other organizations
        • How are you different?
        • How can you do better or collaborate?
      • Prioritization tool
        • Where should I spend my time?
    • 11. Innovation Table: Hunger Lunch 4. Selecting the Venture Cancer Awareness Bake Sale Nourish International Hunger Lunch
      • Group runs a bake sale once a semester for cancer research
      • Publicity for bake sale is fairly passive
      • Focused on global poverty
      • Hunger Lunch offers a more substantive meal, costs more but raises more as well
      • Hunger Lunch will happen once a week at the same time
      • Maybe no meaningful collaboration
      • We will publicize our Hunger Lunches through media, word of mouth, and excitement
      • Regular times makes it a part of people’s schedules
      • Garner repeat customers through incentives such as a meal plan card
    • 12. 4. Selecting the Venture Innovation Table: Hold ‘Em For Hunger Inter-Fraternity Poker Tournament Nourish International Hold ‘Em For Hunger
      • Fraternity Council runs a poker tournament once a year
      • Though open to the public, there is little publicity outside of the Greek community
      • Money raised is used for council operating expenses
      • Greek life has requirements for philanthropic work, they could co-sponsor a venture
      • Aggressively market to a campus-wide audience
      • Demonstrate the money is going to a compelling cause
      • We’re going to have larger prizes and let people know about it!
      • Hold Em’ for Hunger is essentially the same idea, except that we are making accessible to the whole of campus
      • The money we’re raising is going to sustainable development projects
    • 13. Prioritization tool
      • Decision making with limited resources
      • Useful for chapter plan this evening
    • 14. Prioritization Tool Difficulty Hard Easy Impact Low High 1 2 3 4
    • 15. 5: Making it a Reality
      • General Tips
      • Building a Strong Team
      • Finances
      • Marketing
    • 16.
      • Start early
      • Plan ahead
      • Be persistent
      General Tips 5: Making it a Reality
    • 17.
      • Recruit your team
        • Enthusiasm
        • Dedication
      • Division of responsibility
        • Delegate clearly
        • Set deadlines
        • Check-in and follow-up
      Building a Strong Team 5: Making it a Reality
    • 18.
      • Partnerships
        • Know your audience
        • Know your value add
      • University Administration
        • Maintain a positive
        • relationship
        • Gain approval where needed
      Building a Strong Team 5: Making it a Reality
    • 19. 5-Making it a Reality Finances Revenue - Expenses = ____________ Profit 100 meals x $4/meal = $400 - Food: $2/plate x 100 = $200 Equipment fees ~ $50 ~ $250 = ____________ $150 Profit First step: Initial calculation to determine potential gains of your venture
    • 20.
        • How big do you envision this event, what are your goals?
        • What is your target audience?
      5-Making it a Reality Marketing
    • 21. 5- Making it a Reality
      • Market Segmenting -> tailoring your pitch
      Segment: Poker Players Segment: Socially Conscious Segment: People who like cool prizes Pitch: Awesome poker tournament with huge prizes, winner named poker champion of Carolina Pitch: Poker tournament raising money for sustainable development projects abroad Pitch: Fun Poker with prizes like a big screen TV, vacation to Europe, Scooter Marketing
    • 22. 5- Making it a Reality Marketing
    • 23. Marketing
      • What really matters:
        • Word of Mouth: repetition and personal connection
        • Energy and excitement
    • 24. 5: Follow Up
      • Maintaining relationships
        • Leadership team, partners, participants
      • Planning a group meeting to un-pack shortly after
        • Group meeting: What worked and what didn’t?
        • Look at time spent versus money gained
      • Exit surveys
      • Relax and take some fun time with the group!
    • 25. Parting Thoughts
      • Build venture over time
        • Focus on the high output time investments
      • Give ownership to others
      • “ If you want to build a ship, don’t herd people together to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.”
          • Antoine-Marie-Roger de Saint-Exupery