First Refresh Boston Meeting


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Slides from the first Refresh Boston meeting back in 2006, covering who the organizers were and what we'd like to do with the group;

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First Refresh Boston Meeting

  1. 1. Refresh Boston Where do we begin?
  2. 2. Who am I? Mark J. Reeves Circa 1977 (
  3. 3. What is Refresh? Started with Refresh Dallas Bringing designers and developers together, away from the computer
  4. 4. And Refresh Boston? Getting together offline with peers Sharing ideas and opinions Bring value to meetings
  5. 5. So What’s Next? Refresh logo design Refresh Boston website Lining up meeting topics Refresh-related projects
  6. 6. What Would You Like to See Happen? And back to that in a moment...
  7. 7. SXSW Interactive ‘06
  8. 8. Patrick Haney, Harvard
  9. 9. What is SXSW? A quick recap by Patrick and Stefan
  10. 10. It’s All About the People Meeting your peers Networking Sharing ideas Get the creative juices flowing
  11. 11. And the Panels... Pick and choose your topics of choice Focus on creative ideas and learning by example Learn from the best
  12. 12. And the After Events... More opportunities to network Meet and greet in a less formal situation Having fun
  13. 13. And... Bowling? Team Refresh triumphs! Refresh Boston, D.C., Dallas, Houston, Austin come together to win the Avalonstar Bowling Extravaganza
  14. 14. Wide Variety of Panels General web design DOM scripting Accessibility Blogging User Experience
  15. 15. How To Be A Web Design Superhero Andy Budd & Andy Clarke General overview of web design and best practices
  16. 16. How to Create Passionate Users Panel hosted by Kathy Sierra Keep your users happy and interested (like the audience for this panel)
  17. 17. Holistic Web Design: Finding Creative Balance Combining efforts from multiple disciplines The whole is greater than the sum of its parts Shaun Inman, Jason Santa Maria, Eris Stassi, Carl Sieber, Garrett Dimon
  18. 18. Plazes Before...
  19. 19. And After.
  20. 20. Design Eye for the List Guy A redesign of craigslist Similar to the Holistic Web Design panel Ryan Sims, Paul Nixon, Andrei Herasimchuk, Cameron Moll, D. Keith Robinson
  21. 21. Stefan Hayden, Sconex
  22. 22. Making Money With Your Blog Design Skills Tons of clients looking for designers Blogs quickly turn into larger projects
  23. 23. Dogma Free Design Don’t design to a checklist A-B testing only works to a point
  24. 24. Standard Deviation: Hacks and Dirty Tricks for the Web aka. F*ck standards Cool web apps break standards
  25. 25. Questions?