Turbocharge Your Mac Productivity SVMUG


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Presented to the Silicon Valley Mac Users Group in July 2013

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  • Turbocharge Your Mac Productivity SVMUG

    1. 1. http://podfeet.com Turbocharge Your Mac Productivity Mac Productivity Allison Sheridan SVMUG - July 2013
    2. 2. http://podfeet.com slideshare.net/nosillacast/presentations
    3. 3. http://podfeet.com Random Finder Tricks Quicklook View photos, flip pages within a PDF, preview a video file Command + Tab to Switch Apps Command + ~ to switch windows in one app Moving/Copying files between folders Copy/Paste actually works Option-drag copies rather than moves the file (hint: look for the green plus to be sure you’re copying)
    4. 4. http://podfeet.com Tame the Left Sidebar Use the left sidebar to get quick access to things you use often Drag in files, folders, applications, even Cloud storage Tired of them? Hold down Command ( ),⌘ then drag and poof! They’re gone! Command key keeps you from tearing them off accidentally Remember the sidebar is visible in Save/Open dialog boxes too I live by the left sidebar!
    5. 5. http://podfeet.com Tame the Finder Toolbar Did you know you can drag things into the Finder Toolbar too? Applications, Files, Folders I keep AppDelete in my toolbar so I can easily drag applications up to delete them One click access to commonly used files, Command-drag to remove
    6. 6. http://podfeet.com Customize Finder Toolbar Even Further Right click...
    7. 7. http://podfeet.com What ISThat New Button? Arrange files by Kind Application Date Opened/Added/Modifi ed/Created And my favorite By Size Ever wanted to sort by date in Column View but thought you could only do it in List View?
    8. 8. http://podfeet.com Conquer Column Widths Can’t read the file names? Double-click on the line between the columns Want to fix ALL the columns at once? Option-double-click on that same line & they all fit!
    9. 9. http://podfeet.com Finding Things with Spotlight You’re looking for a file You know who it’s from, or the file type, or around when it was sent But you can’t remember for the life of you where you put it “Regular” Spotlight is too hard to navigate Instead use the Spotlight Search box in any Finder window Great filters on search - file type, length, size, dates, the list is HUGE and there’s even a GUI for it
    10. 10. http://podfeet.com Find Things with Spotlight
    11. 11. http://podfeet.com Gestures Why should you care about gestures? To stop clicking so much - Carpal Tunnel be gone! Oldies but goodies Single tap to click Two-fingered tap gives you right click Web Browsers - Two fingered swipe goes back and forward Works in Safari, Chrome and Firefox Wish it worked in the Finder!
    12. 12. http://podfeet.com Four Fingered Fun See all your open applications by four fingers straight up See all your open windows in the current application by four fingers down Five finger pinch in takes you to Launchpad Five finger pinch out takes you to your desktop Four fingers left/right switches between full-screen apps Bonus Tip: 3 Fingered drag and resize!
    13. 13. http://podfeet.com Preview - Signatures Ever been emailed a form to sign? You have to print it, sign it, scan it back in and mail it Worse yet, print it and then FAX it like it’s 1972? Preview provides a very tricky solution First sign a piece of paper In Preview click on Signatures, then click the plus button at the bottom ...
    14. 14. http://podfeet.com Preview - Signatures Hold the signature up to the blue line, and Preview will capture it From now on you can simply tap the signature button in the Annotations toolbar to drop in your signature
    15. 15. http://podfeet.com Trick Out your Dock Hiding Magnification Play with the position on screen Drag Applications, Files and Folders into the dock - and out of the dock Apple made it a LITTLE harder to accidentally pull them out Just drag farther till you see the poof of smoke
    16. 16. http://podfeet.com Get More Info Out of Finder Command-click the name at the top of a Finder window to see the full path Finder Show Path and Status Bars
    17. 17. http://podfeet.com The All-Knowing Get Info ⌘-i or File Get Info➔ Add comments for easier spotlight searches Find out how big your file is Change what application opens this file Change what application opens all files of this type Figure out why your OS is yelling at you about permissions
    18. 18. http://podfeet.com Where is That Menu Item? I have a poor memory I can never find the menu item I’m searching for Actually I’m too impatient to read! Use the Help menu in any OSX App to highlight it! //÷/
    19. 19. http://podfeet.com My Eyesight Isn’t as Good as it Used to Be Command + in Web Browsers and Mail.app will increase the font size for you This one even works in Windoze (with Cntrl +) Control-Two Fingered scroll up to zoom in, scroll down to zoom back out Play with how you like the screen to move You can change if it’s control-scroll System Preferences --> Accessibility --> Universal Access
    20. 20. http://podfeet.com Where’s that Darn Preference? Use the search window and it will find what you’re looking for buried in the right preference Remember I said I’m too lazy to read?
    21. 21. http://podfeet.com Find That Umlaut - KeyboardViewer Want to be cool and write words like éclair with the accent on the e? Or Goushá? Open System Preferences Open Language & Text Click on the Input Sources Tab Check the box for Keyboard & Character Viewer Check the box to Show input menu in menu bar ...
    22. 22. http://podfeet.com KeyboardViewer cont. Click on the Menu Bar app Pop open the KeyboardViewer Keyboard Viewer Keyboard Viewer With Option Key Umlaut: hold down Option-u (and then another u for ü) Keyboard Viewer With Option-Shift Key Option-Shift-K for the Apple Symbol!
    23. 23. http://podfeet.com CharacterViewer Click on the Menu Bar app Pop open the Character Viewer But Wait! There’s MORE! Drag these symbols into your text
    24. 24. http://podfeet.com SaveYour Favorite Characters
    25. 25. http://podfeet.com Random Keystroke Fun Missing the Delete key from Windows? Try function-Delete Tired of clicking to the end of a line? Try command-right arrow Command-left arrow to go back
    26. 26. http://podfeet.com The Great & Powerful Option Key Option click the Wifi Signal in the Menu Bar Don’t actually know why you need to know this stuff... but it’s cool!
    27. 27. http://podfeet.com The Great & Powerful Option Key Option-click on the speaker icon in the Menu Bar this turns into this Really useful to change your microphone or speakers instead of opening up Sound Preferences Bonus tip - Option tap any sound function button
    28. 28. http://podfeet.com The Great & Powerful Option Key Command-Option-i Show Inspector Show Inspector allows you to flip through a series of files with the Arrow Keys to see each of their info Command-i Get Info
    29. 29. http://podfeet.com The Great & Powerful Option Key Wonder where the Library disappeared to? Hold down Option when you click on Go and it will be revealed
    30. 30. http://podfeet.com Email: allison@podfeet.com Twitter/App.Net: @podfeet