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iOS Productivity Tools



Delivered on MacMania 15 in Australia. Covers built in tools to be more productive, along with mind mapping, word processors, spreadsheets, note taking, lists, to do's, use of iOS as 2nd display, and ...

Delivered on MacMania 15 in Australia. Covers built in tools to be more productive, along with mind mapping, word processors, spreadsheets, note taking, lists, to do's, use of iOS as 2nd display, and more.



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iOS Productivity Tools Presentation Transcript

  • 1. iOS Productivity Tools Allison Sheridan November 2012 http://podfeet.comSunday, November 25, 12 1
  • 2. Pencils Down http://podfeet.comSunday, November 25, 12 2
  • 3. iPad vs. iPhone Some of the materials will be for iPad and iPhone Some will only work on one of the devices If you see: #iPad means it only works on iPad (or best on iPad) #iPhone means it only works on iPhone No indication means it works on both http://podfeet.comSunday, November 25, 12 3
  • 4. Gestures Are Your Friends Four-fingered swipe up #iPad Up gives you running apps - quick app switcher Or kill apps! Add one-fingered swipe to get to more controls: Audio controls & AirPlay Four-fingered swipe left/right to switch apps #iPad I forget this one is there all the time! http://podfeet.comSunday, November 25, 12 4
  • 5. There’s No Place Like Home Home button for search? Tap once to get to the home screen Tap again (double tap!) to get to search Search what? Apps Contacts Web Mail Its Spotlight for iOS! http://podfeet.comSunday, November 25, 12 5
  • 6. Seen Zombie Land? Double tap! Twitter - double tap on time to scroll to the top (see Tweetbot) Safari - double tap on time to scroll to the top Google search - double tap to get “find on page” #iPad Contacts - double tap to get to Search #iPhone Single tap on time in Mail to scroll a message to the top Single tap on Inbox to scroll all messages to the top http://podfeet.comSunday, November 25, 12 6
  • 7. I Can’t Read the Numbers! You’ve had this happen before - the nice woman on the help desk for your ISP tells you to read her the MAC Address from the bottom of your cable modem... “I need to go get a teenager to read that for me!” How about menus in a dark restaurant? You have a built-in magnifying glass with your iOS camera Pinch to zoom in, auto focus will do the rest Try Lumin from Bits on the Go ($2) Freeze a magnified view, control the light, zoom in/out, email with notes Front or back camera http://podfeet.comSunday, November 25, 12 7
  • 8. Where’s Microsoft Office? How can we possibly be productive without Office? Everyone knows about iWork Pages Keynote Numbers But consider a different alternative... http://podfeet.comSunday, November 25, 12 8
  • 9. Office 2 HD Three applications in one Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentation Compatible with Word, Excel & the dreaded Powerpoint Tested this on a few files, worked flawlessly Cloud support: Dropbox, Google Docs, myDisk, Box, Egnyte, SkyDrive, and Soonr Office2 HD ($8 iPad $6 iPhone) from http://podfeet.comSunday, November 25, 12 9
  • 10. Office 2 HD Word Processor Supports all text formatting, rulers, tables, floating images, even shapes, styles, lists Add column breaks, section breaks, change colors Even supports Track Changes and word count Full ruler support with tab markers, indents, margins Auto correct Files look great opened in Word http://podfeet.comSunday, November 25, 12 10
  • 11. Office 2 HD Spreadsheet Includes a gazillion functions (sorry to get technical) Abundant formatting options Supports cell merging, text wrapping and freeze panes Swiping the formatting bar shown gives even more options Sadly no pivot tables http://podfeet.comSunday, November 25, 12 11
  • 12. Office 2 HD Presentation Weakest and least developed of the three apps Very limited formatting No templates or fancy themes Doesn’t import Powerpoint files well at all - formatting gets all borked up I hate presentation programs anyway! http://podfeet.comSunday, November 25, 12 12
  • 13. Map Your Mind Mind Mapping tools give you a way to organize ideas Plan chapters of a book you’re going to write Plan your talks for Mac Mania Plan a family reunion Pack for Australia http://podfeet.comSunday, November 25, 12 13
  • 14. How do Mind Mapping Tools Work? Start with a central node - oval, rectangle, etc Add child nodes onto that, rinse and repeat Can slide nodes around Add color codes Add Links Collapse and expand Perfect for the iPad Because these ideas come to you when youre on the move Because touch is a great way to add to Mind Maps Some apps even sync to the desktop so you can sharpen them up when you get back to the office http://podfeet.comSunday, November 25, 12 14
  • 15. iThoughts iThoughtsHD for iPad ($10) & iThoughts for iPhone ($8) Very easy and smooth to use, natural motions to add new nodes, easy to make it pretty Export/Import from pretty much all desktop Mind Mapping apps (no seamless integration) http://podfeet.comSunday, November 25, 12 15
  • 16. MindNode MindNode Touch ($10 Universal) (also MindNode Pro for Mac) Pretty easy to use, not quite as pretty Good export options to desktop version, outlines or PDF Nice outline feature for quick search http://podfeet.comSunday, November 25, 12 16
  • 17. Note Taking Apps - Simplenote Simplenote - free iOS app that syncs (constantly) with the web app ( Take notes on the Mac with Notational Velocity or nvAlt and they automatically sync with Simplenote on the iPhone/iPad AND the web version No transferring of files Easy search All your devices are literally on the same page http://podfeet.comSunday, November 25, 12 17
  • 18. Note Taking Apps - Evernote Evernote from Available on iPhone/iPad/Mac/Web Write notes, tag, insert images I use it to keep track of sushi, I even used it to create outlines of these talks including screenshots! Free for 25MB per note, 100K notes $45/yr for Premium account http://podfeet.comSunday, November 25, 12 18
  • 19. Note Taking Apps - MyScript Memo MyScript Memo is free from AMAZING handwriting recognition Send notes to Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, or Mail MyScript Notes Mobile #iPad ($8) Adds on-device text recognition for added security, multiple notebooks and more export options http://podfeet.comSunday, November 25, 12 19
  • 20. Note Taking Apps - Notability #iPad My FAVORITE note taking app for $1! Scribble notes in big fat letters with any stylus, your handwriting looks normal when you’re done Type or audio record too Wrist area protection (right AND left handers) Multiple notebooks, categories and subjects Easy to erase vectors Export as PDF, RTF or Note Highlighting, change pen colors, change paper style & color http://podfeet.comSunday, November 25, 12 20
  • 21. Lists & To Do’s I used to use a lot of list making apps, now Apple Reminders does all I need Add to do’s that are due on a date or at a place Each category becomes a calendar Syncs with OSX Works with Siri What more could you want? Ok, maybe tagging would be nice for the GTD folks... http://podfeet.comSunday, November 25, 12 21
  • 22. Need a Second Display? Check out Air Display from $10 On the same wifi network Run Air Display Connect on your Mac (or PC) Run Air Display on your iPhone or iPad iOS device acts as second display If Retina iPad is a little TOO hi-res for some things - you can turn it off in the Air Display settings Great for couch working! I even used it to put Evernote on the iPad while using Keynote on my Mac to create these presentations http://podfeet.comSunday, November 25, 12 22
  • 23. Send Yourself Notes I’m always thinking of things I want to know about later I know I always check my email first thing Captio from $2 Allows you to quickly send yourself an email No subject required No addressing required You define the one address to which you’ll send Dont tell the Getting Things Done people that I use email as my To Do list! http://podfeet.comSunday, November 25, 12 23
  • 24. TimeScroller What time will it be in Dublin when it’s 7am in Sydney? Any old app or site can tell you what time it IS, but only one tells you what time it WILL be TimeScroller from ($2 #iPhone, free Dashboard app on the Mac) can show you all this for multiple cities Use the scrubber at the bottom to change the time Hit the share button and it creates an email to everyone in your list showing the meeting time in their own timezones http://podfeet.comSunday, November 25, 12 24
  • 25. Log into Your Computer at Home Teamviewer from Free for Mac/PC/Linux & free for iPhone and iPad Set up a connection once, save as a “partner”, enter a password each time Keyboard control Mouse control Slow but when you NEED it, nice to have Lower color space makes it faster but odd looking! http://podfeet.comSunday, November 25, 12 25
  • 26. Travel Help You’ve already plotted out your packing list in iThoughtsHD You’ve made your hotel, airfare and car reservations Where do you keep all of this info? Tripit (free!) from Mail your flights, hotel and car info to a specialized email address Tripit organizes all the info, sends you updates to your flights, gives you weather on your locations, and even maps I like it because it’s all in one place! http://podfeet.comSunday, November 25, 12 26
  • 27. Giant Link Farm of Doom™ Lumin ($2) Office2 HD ($8 iPad $6 iPhone) from iThoughtsHD for iPad ($10) & iThoughts for iPhone ($8) MindNode Touch ($10 Universal) (also MindNode Pro for Mac) Simplenote (free) Evernote (free) MyScript Memo (free) Notability ($1) http://podfeet.comSunday, November 25, 12 27
  • 28. Giant Link Farm of Doom Continues Air Display ($10) Captio ($2) $2 TimeScroller ($2 #iPhone, free Dashboard app OSX) Teamviewer (Free for Mac/PC/Linux/iPhone/iPad) Tripit (free) http://podfeet.comSunday, November 25, 12 28
  • 29. Email me at: http://podfeet.comSunday, November 25, 12 29