Avoiding Digital Disaster or Life After Death


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This presentation was conducted for a Mac user group in Gainesville, Florida as a dry run for Macworld | iWorld 2014.

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Avoiding Digital Disaster or Life After Death

  1. 1. Avoiding Digital Disaster! or, Life After Death Allison Sheridan June 2014
  2. 2. http://podfeet.com Tim and AliceVerpoorten Not a Geek Geek
  3. 3. http://podfeet.com 22 Moving Boxes $2800 in Shipping Costs!
  4. 4. http://podfeet.com Key Areas to Consider • Who could access your passwords if something happened to you? • What services should continue if you were incapacitated (or worse)? • How organized are your electronics? • What could you document to protect your interests and give your family/friends a helping hand?
  5. 5. http://podfeet.com Who Knows Your Passwords?
  6. 6. http://podfeet.com Passwords • If you’re not already using a Password Manager… • Consider sharing your master password with someone you trust • Put it in a Safe Deposit Box? • Print it, cut in half and give to two people
  7. 7. http://podfeet.com Passwords - Credit Cards • If something happened to you - would your credit cards be cancelled? • As we go through the
 slides, think how much of
 your geek life is connected
 to your credit cards
  8. 8. http://podfeet.com Don’t LetYour Email Account Disappear
  9. 9. http://podfeet.com IsYour Email withYour ISP?
  10. 10. http://podfeet.com Passwords Two-Factor Authentication • You’re a geek so you’ve turned on 
 two-factor authentication • But what if they got rid of your cell phone? • Maybe have a someone else’s phone be the alternate ID - useful if your phone gets stolen or you have to change your number white
  11. 11. http://podfeet.com Services - Files • Where do you store your files? • What do you want preserved? • What could be lost if you weren’t there to manage it?
  12. 12. http://podfeet.com Services - Photos
  13. 13. http://podfeet.com Services - Websites What would happen to the sites you manage?
  14. 14. http://podfeet.com Services - Backups
  15. 15. http://podfeet.com Services - Social
  16. 16. http://podfeet.com Now AboutYour Stuff…
  17. 17. http://podfeet.com Geek Inventory • Use your password manager (remember LastPass and 1Password?) • Use Secure Notes to enter date purchased and purchase price • Even helps you with warranties • This way your family will have a clue if something is valuable • Home Inventory in the Mac App Store • Even if you won’t do it retroactively • Maybe start today going forward?
  18. 18. http://podfeet.com DoYou Love to Be the Guy Who has That Thing the OTHER Guy Needs?
  19. 19. http://podfeet.com Power Supplies
  20. 20. http://podfeet.com Zippered Bags FTW
  21. 21. http://podfeet.com Checklist Tell them what credit card is tied to your services Tell them to keep your email account open for a year Tell them to keep your cell phone active for 2-factor authentication Tell them if you care your photos in the Cloud - pay those bill Tell them what you have in Cloud storage - pay those bills Tell them if someone ELSE depends on your Cloud storage Tell them about the websites you own - especially if you do this for someone else
  22. 22. http://podfeet.com Checklist (cont) Tell them to keep your backups running - pay those bills Set up Google Inactive Account Manager - make decisions now on what happens to your account Give someone access to your password manager and TELL them you did it! Sort your cables into zippered bags with labels Buy a label maker (or silver Sharpie) for your power supplies Label your boxes “Crap” and “Not Crap”
  23. 23. http://podfeet.com Link Farm of Doom™ • LastPass: lastpass.com • 1Password: agilebits.com • CrashPlan: crashplan.com • Carbonite: carbonite.com • Transporter: filetransporter.com • Google Inactive Account Manager: support.google.com • Facebook Memorial Request: facebook.com/help/150486848354038 • Home Inventory: itunes.apple.com
  24. 24. http://podfeet.com All Slides Available at: slideshare.net/nosillacast/ Contact me: allison@podfeet.com