Norwood News                                     Issue 21                                        10th February 2011       ...
Reception’s Bird Feeders                                                               Louis Sumner and Taylor McNulty not...
Getting to Know Our Governors                  This week our team of reporters put their questions to Lord Fearn one of ou...
Children in the Spotlight                                                                                  Joshua has     ...
SEAL Celebration Assembly                                Year 3s Visit from a Time Traveller                              ...
Year5/6 Sports Hall Athletics Competition at Stanley High                            Cameron, George & Morgan Congratulati...
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Issue 21


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Issue 21

  1. 1. Norwood News Issue 21 10th February 2011 Arts Festival Countdown Menu 2 22 weeks to go Week TERM DATES The Owl Man Spring Term 2011 School Closed Friday 11th February Half Term: Monday 14th-Friday 18th February Term Ends: Friday 1st April. School closes at 2pm Summer Term 2011 Children return to school Tuesday 19th April at 8.55am School closed: Good Friday 22nd April Easter Monday 25th April Children return to school On Monday 7th February Yr2 had a visit from the Owl Man. We have been learning Tuesday 26th April at 8.55am about nocturnal animals. School closed: Nocturnal means that they come out at night and hunt. He brought five owls and one Bank Holiday Friday 29th ferret. Some owls come out in the day. Some owls eat other owls. Owls come from all April over the world. Owls eat maggots, worms and moths. The owls were soft to touch and School closed: they had lots of feathers. Owls have sharp teeth. Bank Holiday Monday 2nd We had a good time! May by Olivia Logan 2M Half Term: Mon 30th May-Fri 3rd June School closed: Kitchen Re-opens Friday 1st July (Staff training day) We are looking forward to the kitchen opening Term Ends: after the refurbishment and school meals being Friday 22nd July. School served again from Monday 21st February. closes at 2pm Dont forget to send in the correct money! Autumn Term 2011 (Ready Reckoner on page 4) School Closed Facts Thursday 1st September Thank you to Mr Kevin Henderson and his team of Not all owls are nocturnal, the Friday 2nd September ones with black eyes are tradesmen who worked extremely (Staff training days) nocturnal. hard through the snow, frost, wind, rain and very Fraser Cooke 2W little sunshine! Children return to school Monday 5th September They have all done a great job and we all Some nocturnal animals come out Half Term appreciate how they have developed our school at twilight. Mon 24th-Fri 28th October Jamie Shaw 2W building.Norwood Crescent, Southport. PR9 7DU. Tel: 01704 211960. Fax 01704 232712. Head Teacher: Mr Lee Dumbell. Email:
  2. 2. Reception’s Bird Feeders Louis Sumner and Taylor McNulty noticed that the bird feeders were empty. They were very concerned for the welfare of the birds in the wooded area and asked their teachers if they could make some bird feeders so that the birds wouldn’t be hungry. Pictured here are the children with the bird feeders that they had so much fun making. Bag Packing Our next bag packing event, to raise money for our Arts Festival, is due to take place at Morrisons Saturday 5th March. If anyone has any spare plastic Celebration containers we could use as collection containers please bring them into school. Thank you. Mrs Goulden Next week’s clubs (w/b 21.2.11) Star of the Week Monday KS2 Cross Country practice (lunchtime) RJT: Kaitlin Laverty Y4 Sports Aerobics in the hall till 4.20 pm RJT: Jessica Pagan Silver RT: Louis Sumner SilverTuesday School Council meeting (lunchtime) Eco Committee meeting (lunchtime) RT: Lucy Porter Silver Band Club in 1D till 4.15 pm 1B: Lia Funnell Silver B Football Team practice till 4.20 pm 1B: Ellie Hanks Silver Y4/5/6 Netball till 4.15 pm 1D: Harvey Dawson Ashworth Silver YR Wally Cain Dance Club Hall till 4 pm Y3 Art Invaders till 4.15 pm 1D: Ellie Neild 1D: Shay JohnsonWednesday Library (lunchtime) 2W: Aaron McLaughlin Y1 Filmclub in YR till 4.30 pm Y2-4 Southport Football Club till 4.20 pm 2M: Eina Alom B team football match away to Kew Woods B till 4.45 pm 3H: Louise Lane A team football match home to Marshside till 4.45 pm 3H: Malika GueniniThursday KS2 Singing Club (lunchtime) 3H: Ben Potter Library (lunchtime) 3K: Morgan Dodsworth Y5 & 6 Boys rugby MUGA 12.10 3K: Oliver Starr Silver Y2 Art Club in Y2 till 4.15 pm Y3 History detectives in Y5 till 4.15 pm 3K: Cameron Heyes Y4 Planet Dance workshop hall till 4.20 pm 4M: Ellie Blundell Silver 4P: Poppy RimmerFriday Y5 & 6 Girls Rugby MUGA 12.10 pm Netball Team practice till 4.15 pm 4P: Jamie Russell Silver A team football match away Larkfield till 4.45 pm 5B: Borys Kurzeja-Ryan KS2 Chess Club in 3K till 4 pm 5M: Tom Mitchell Please collect the children from the playground and do not wait for 5M: Anya Day Silver them by the office. 5M: Megan Powderly Silver There will be notification if there are any changes to these clubs. 6P: Kimberley Hickey 6C: Sally Murray 6C: Faye Savasci News team Molly Glinn, Hannah Tear, Jamie Russell, Katy Watkinson, Taylor McKenzie & Finn Cromack
  3. 3. Getting to Know Our Governors This week our team of reporters put their questions to Lord Fearn one of our governors. Q. Which aspect of your role do you enjoy the most? A. Meeting the teachers and children. (Finn Cromack) Q. What do you do as a governor? A. Keep an eye on everything and anything affecting the school. (Katy Watkinson) Q. How long have you been a governor? A. 38 years from when Norwood was at its old site. (Taylor McKenzie) Shinewaves Competition Time Last week’s competition was to design an unusual rabbit for Chinese New Year. There were lots of creative entries. The winning design was very unusual. It was a joint effort, which included all the Chinese New Year animals, as well as a half human, half rabbit! Congratulations to Eleanor Kilduff and Alice Crook from 6P. Now to this week’s competition. The Chris Evan’s Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2 is launching their new writing competition, called 500 Words, for children aged 13 or under. All you have to do is write a fictional story about anything you like in 500 words or fewer. There will be a Shinewaves prize for the best story entered in school. However, if you enter online the top 50 entries will be invited to see the show broadcast live from the Hay Literary Festival on Friday 3rd of June where the eventual winner will have their story read by someone famous. Good luck and get scribbling! Pop your entries in the competition post box, outside the hall, by Tues 22nd February with your name and class on the back. The closing date for online entries is Friday 3rd of March. Please make sure you visitthe Radio 2 website and read all the terms and conditions at HYPERLINK " 500-words/" Yr 2 Topic Poems Year 2 children have continued to impress us with their fantastic poems based on their topic work. The sky at night is extremely dark. The white moon shines in the blackness like a giant torch and gives us light every night. The stars are big and twinkly but when its cloudy they are hard to see. Sometimes you can see a shooting star flying across the sky. Its a long way away and doesnt make any noise. Looking at the sky at night is amazing and beautiful and makes us feel happy and peaceful. By Lucy, Jess M, Tyler, Elliot H, Jamie M, Josh H, Jordan M, Fraser, Abbie, Connor, Jack A, Daniel, Oliver, Jack Br & Paris. Advertising Our Local BusinessesIf you would like to make a donation towards the cost of the newsletter, an advert for your local business could be placed in our newsletter. Please contact Mrs Gregson in the school office for further details. Adverts are placed independently and we are grateful for the donations towards the cost. However we are not otherwise linked directly with the businesses. News team Molly Glinn, Hannah Tear, Jamie Russell, Katy Watkinson, Taylor McKenzie & Finn Cromack
  4. 4. Children in the Spotlight Joshua has Sam has passed Ruby has passed her Michael has passed passed his 20m his Stage 3 Stage 5 National his 600m Rainbow Rainbow National Swimming Swimming Plan award. Swimming award. Swimming award. plan award. Wonderful! Fantastic! Brilliant! Terrific! National Childrens University Certificates These children from Year 6 were recently presented with their certificates, on behalf of the National Childrens University, in recognition of their commitment to extra curricular activities. Emily Telford, Darcy Iveson-Berkeley, Alice Crook & Fern Hughes received their Bronze certificates. Samantha Curry, Laura Pendlebury & Thea Moore received their Silver certificates. whilst Sophie Wright, Caitlin Healy & Emily Marshall received their Gold certificates. Congratulations to all children for their wonderful achievements! Forthcoming EventsFriday 25th February PTA Family Bingo stTuesday 1 March Yr 6 Trip to watch Private Peaceful at Crosby Civic HallWednesday 2 nd March Y4 Robinwood Parents meetingWednesday 9 March th Y5/6 Tag Rugby Tournament at Kew WoodsMonday 14th March Y5 Wider Opportunities Concert at Southport Theatre thFriday 18 March PTA Comic Relief Discos Ready ReckonerTuesday 22 nd March Parents Interviews School MealsThursday 24th March Parents InterviewsFriday 25th March Y5 Wider Opportunities Concert with Halle at Southport Theatre thFriday 6 -8 May th Y4 Residential to Robinwood thMonday 9 -13 May th Y6 SATS I Day =£1.60 thTuesday 14 -17 June th Y6 Residential to Llangollen 2 Days =£3.20Saturday 25th June Summer Fair 3 Days =£4.80Wednesday 29 June th Sports Day 4 Days =£6.40 thMonday 4 -16 July th Arts Festival 5 Days =£8.00 News team Molly Glinn, Hannah Tear, Jamie Russell, Katy Watkinson, Taylor McKenzie & Finn Cromack
  5. 5. SEAL Celebration Assembly Year 3s Visit from a Time Traveller On Monday, children in Year 3 received a visitThe latest SEAL theme of Going for Goals was concluded last from Quintus Decimus Pertinax, a Romanweek with our Celebration Assemblies where groups of children Governor. presented some of their work to specially invited parents. The children were able to ask questions & learn Once again it was a tremendous occasion and the display of about life as a Roman citizen living in the north of work really did the children proud. England. He showed the children how he wears his purple This half terms Citizenship award winners. trimmed toga over his tunic. The colours purple & red showed he was an important person! Y2 - Nicole Helsby and Daniel Mitchell Y1 - Jordan Potts and Kiera Bleackley YR - Sophie Naughton and Taylor McNulty My word, he does look very important. Helmets and shields the children made. Y6 - Eleanor Kilduff and Sam Peet Y5 - Charlotte Halcrow and Abbi Boardman Y4- Olivia Shaw and Fahim Alom Y3 - Emily James and Ryan Graham Mr. Dumbells citizens were Sophie Wright and Jay Curran. Wow what an impressive toga! News team Molly Glinn, Hannah Tear, Jamie Russell, Katy Watkinson, Taylor McKenzie & Finn Cromack
  6. 6. Year5/6 Sports Hall Athletics Competition at Stanley High Cameron, George & Morgan Congratulations to Norwoods Sports Hall Athletics team who beat Churchtown, Birkdale and OLOL to win the Competition Heats at Stanley. The next round is the afternoon of Friday 4th March. The children looked brilliant in their new white and navy kits, supplied by Norwoods PTA. Thank you! Mrs Rigby was very proud of all the children who competed for Norwood as they all gave 100% and performed brilliantly, winning by just two points! Well done again!Team: BOYS: Tom Stewart, Tom Mitchell, Aaron Rimmer, Tom Langford, Jaydon Lavelle, Thomas Lawson, Lucas Thaw,Jamie Hough, Joshua Watkins, Harry ODriscoll & Daniel Lawrence GIRLS: Errin Telford, Emily Telford, Lucy Cottier,Ashleigh Thomas, Amie Blundell, Sophie Wright, Ruby Fellowes, Elise Bond, Kimberley Hickey, Abbie Wilson & Caitlin Healy Norwood B 2 Farnborough C 5 Admissions Despite 2 goals from Man of the Match, Joe Rimmer, Farnborough C If you know of any child who will need a powered to victory with 4 goals in the final period of the match. It was a place in Reception for September 2011 andmixed performance played in a strong wind with Luke Ashton making some an application has not already been made,important saves. Joe Rimmer had given us a two goal lead when we played then one must be made as soon as with the wind after the defence in the first period had kept Farnborough possible. out. However a mistake let in Farnborough just before the end of thesecond period. Against the wind, we struggled and in the end Farnborough Sefton Admissions Section set the places in were worthy winners. April and will be unable to make any changes after this date. Man of the Match: Joe Rimmer Team: Luke Ashton, Jake Hawkings, Darcy Iveson-Berkeley, Sam Morgan, Please see Mrs Milligan in the school office Joe Telford, Joe Davenport, Brandon Robson (capt), Conner Peters, Joe for more information as soon as possible. Rimmer, Gabriel Angay and Tyler Birch News team Molly Glinn, Hannah Tear, Jamie Russell, Katy Watkinson, Taylor McKenzie & Finn Cromack