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Issue 18

  1. 1. Norwood News Issue 18 21st January 2011 Arts Festival Countdown 25 weeks to go TERM DATES When The Lights Go Out Y2 Spring Term 2011 NEW DATE School closed: Friday 11th February (Staff training day) Half Term: Monday 14th-Friday 18th February Term Ends: Friday 1st April. School closes at 2pm Summer Term 2011 Children return to school Tuesday 19th April at 8.55am School closed: Good Friday 22nd April Easter Monday 25th April Children return to school Y2’s topic work is based on ‘When The Lights Go Out’ Tuesday 26th April at 8.55am Year 2 look like they are having a wonderful time learning about all sorts School closed: Bank Holiday Friday 29th of things to do with ‘When The Lights Go Out’. April School closed: Bank Holiday Monday 2nd When The Lights Go Out When The Lights Go Out May Half Term: We’ve made a dark classroom. We made a circuit. Mon 30th May-Fri 3rd June We can use torches to light it up. We used a battery, Torches are powered by a cell, wires, a bulb, School closed: electricity. and a lamp. We put Friday 1st July The lights in the classroom use it together to make (Staff training day) electricity. the lamp shine. Term Ends: By Leyla 2M By Connor 2M Friday 22nd July. School closes at 2pm Autumn Term 2011 School Closed Thursday 1st September If Your Child is Absent from School Friday 2nd September School Closed! (Staff training days) Just a reminder that school is closed Friday 11th February You need to ring the school on the first day of Children return to school for staff training. absence and send in a letter with a brief Monday 5th September explanation for their absence on the day they return to school. Norwood Crescent, Southport. PR9 7DU. Tel: 01704 211960. Fax 01704 232712. Head Teacher: Mr Lee Dumbell. Email:!
  2. 2. Inhalers Have you recently checked the inhaler which your child keeps in school? Is it still in date? Is there enough left if they need it? To check please speak with your childs class teacher. Advertising Our Local BusinessesIf you would like to make a donation towards the cost of the newsletter, an advert for your local business could be placed inour newsletter. Please contact Mrs Gregson in the school office for further details. Adverts are placed independently and we are grateful for the donations towards the cost. However we are not otherwise linked directly with the businesses. Next week’s clubs Star of the Week Monday KS2 Cross Country practice (lunchtime) Y4 Sports Aerobics in the hall till 4.20 pm RJT:Olivia Bilsborrow RT: Chloe KingTuesday School Council meeting (lunchtime) RT: Charlotte Prendergast Eco Committee meeting (lunchtime) 1B: George Thierens Band Club in 1D till 4.15 pm 1D: Keeley Timney B Football Team practice till 4.30 pm 2W: Daniel Mitchell Y4/5/6 Netball till 4.15 pm 2W: Gabriella Niemen Y1 Science till 4.15 pm 2M: Pascal Saleta 2M: Arran PeacockWednesday Library (lunchtime) 3H: Azure Hope Y6 Cookery Club in the hall till 5.00 pm 3K: Ben Boardman Y2 Filmclub in YR till 4.30 pm 3K: Grace Gibbs Silver Y6 Lights Camera Action till 4.15 pm 4M: Alex Mackey 4M: Isaac BurnsThursday KS2 Singing Club (lunchtime) 4P: Georgia Healey Library (lunchtime) 4P: Joseph Capp Y2 Art Club in Y2 till 4.15 pm 5B: Joshua Thistlethwaite Y3 History Detectives in Y3 till 4.15 pm 5B: Maddy Jones Silver Y5 & Y6 Sports Hall Athletics till 4.20 pm 5M: Jordan Brown 5M: Charlotte Halcrow 6P: Sam MorganFriday Netball Team practice at Meols Cop till 4.45 pm 6C: Zoe King Y5 Badminton Club in the hall till 4.30 pm 6C: Ashanai Hignett Silver KS2 Chess Challenge in 3K till 4 pm Coats! Please collect the children from the playground and do not wait for them by the office. Please ensure your child has a coat with them throughout the winter months, as it can be very cold at break-times.There will be notification if there are any changes to these clubs. Thank you! News team Molly Glinn, Hannah Tear, Jamie Russell, Katy Watkinson, Taylor McKenzie & Finn Cromack
  3. 3. Getting to Know Our GovernorsQ. What do you like to do in your spare time? Katy Watkinson Y4 This week Mr Midgely took timeA. I like walking and cycling, I have a motorbike, I am doing a photography from his very busy schedule to course at Southport College, I have an allotment, I love watching films and I answer questions that our news spend too much time on Twitter and Facebook. team had asked.Q. What made you want to be a Governor of Norwood? Molly Glinn Y6A. I was a teacher in Scotland and was a school governor at my school. Iwanted to carry on being a school governor when my family and I moved backto the North West.Q. Have any of your family ever been to this school and if so did they enjoy it? Jamie Russell Y4A. My son is in Year 1 and loves Norwood.Q. What do you do as a Governor? Taylor McKenzie Y3A. I meet with the staff and pupils and support them to keep Norwood abrilliant school. I am hoping I can help with the schools IT as well as otherthings like how money is spent and what great things staff and pupils can usein the classroom to help learning.Q. How much of your time is taken up by being a Governor? Finn Cromack Y3A. I probably spend a couple of hours a week being a governor. So far I havebeen to meetings and I spend a lot of time reading all the reports and policies.It would be nice to spend some time during the day visiting everyone. Keep Newsletters safe It is always good practice to check your child’s book bags for newsletters and letters. This is an opportunity for you to find out what is available for your child here at Norwood, to find out what is happening throughout the school and in the local community. We don’t want your child to miss out on any opportunities. Remember to make this information available to child minders, grandparents and friends. A copy of the latest newsletter can be found on the website. Please ask at the school office for another copy if you need one. Shinewaves Competition Time We are running last week’s competition for one more week as I’m sure there must be some budding film critics out there somewhere!There were lots of films on television over the break. So this week’s competition is to write a film review about one of yourfavourite films. You need to persuade me that your choice is worth watching. Tell me about the characters, your favourite part and why you are recommending it.Pop your entries in the competition post box, outside the hall, by the morning of Wednesday 26th January with your name and class on the back. News team Molly Glinn, Hannah Tear, Jamie Russell, Katy Watkinson, Taylor McKenzie & Finn Cromack
  4. 4. Children in the SpotlightLewis was awarded Lucy has completed Trainee of the course 2 of the Dolphin Week, by Camlyn Swim & Sign Club & has Rangers U9s passed her Level 1 football manager. National Swimming Brilliant! award. Wonderful! Owen has his Dragon Molly finished 5th in a Certificate for Martial national Aerobic Arts, which he Gymnastics competition, passed at the yellow at Reading in October. stripe grade. Fantastic! Fabulous! PE Kits We would like to remind parents that all PE kits should be kept in school. It is essential that items should be clearly marked with your child’s name and class. Parents should ensure the correct clothing is kept in school at all times to ensure their child is able to access PE which is a statutory part of the curriculum. One-Way System & Parking There is an unofficial one way system in operation here in Norwood Crescent. This system works extremely well for both schools and for the residents. We also find this system much safer for the childrenwho are walking or who travel to school on bicycles. Cars come in at the bottom of Meols Cop Bridge and go out at the bottom of Roe Lane Bridge. When parking cars, please be aware that emergency vehicles may need access to the site so we must always keep the mainentrance of the schools clear. We pride ourselves on the good relationships we have with our neighbours. Therefore please give consideration to the residents when parking near their driveways. On the grounds of health and safety, under no circumstance is the staff car park to be used to drop off or pick children up. This includes bringing children to the breakfast club or collecting children from after school events. News team Molly Glinn, Hannah Tear, Jamie Russell, Katy Watkinson, Taylor McKenzie & Finn Cromack