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15 (2008)

  1. 1. No. 15 December 2008 Norwood News Dates for your Diary A Word from Mr. Dumbell The longest term of the year is now coming to an end and now I finally feel that I've got my feet under the table and have been seen by everyone connected with Norwood. Now I just to make sure I get all the names and faces correct! These last couple of weeks have been amazingly busy with Christmas celebrations and events and I must say what a delight it has been to see so many children, parents and staff coming together at the Fair and the nativity plays to Spring Term 2009 value their joint role in making Norwood special. I have especially been proud of the Children return to school: children for all their hard work in our superb nativity plays and also the Carol Monday 5th January 2009 Concert. PTA Meetings: Once again I would like to thank everyone for their superb welcome over this term In School Library on Wednesday and I am sure everyone is looking forward to the break. So may I take this 7th January at 3.30 pm. opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy 2009. At Southport Football Club on Wednesday 14th January at 7.30 pm. School closes for half term: Thursday 12th February Don’t forget school closes tomorrow at 2pm. at 3.15 pm. Due to a staff training day on Friday 13th. Southport Photographic Competition Forthcoming PTA Events Just to remind you that photographs for the Southport New Toy Fair will be held in school on Half Term: Monday 16th – Friday Photographic Competition need to be submitted by Friday 23rd January. Please save any new and 20th February inc. January 21st. This is your chance to take a good photo unwanted toys to bring in after Christmas for over the holiday, mount them on cardboard and our New Toy Fair. Further details will follow School closes for the Easter send them to Chris Mowatt, at 73 Rathmore Crescent, after the Christmas holidays. See dates Churchtown, PR9 8PN. holiday: Friday 3rd April at 2pm. -oOo- Summer Term 2009 Children return to school: Monday 20th April 2009. NORWOOD PTA School closed for Bank Holiday: The Christmas Fair was a great Monday 4th May. success and enjoyed by all. SAT’s: Monday 11th – The children visited Santa, made Friday 15th May 2009 decorations and even raced reindeer. School closes for half term: Thanks go to the staff who donned silly hats and manned the Friday 22nd May at 3.15 pm. stalls. The PTA who worked tirelessly before, during and after Half Term: the event. To the parents who gave so generously by donating Monday 25th - Friday 29th May (inc.) bottles, gifts and cakes and then still managed to keep smiling whilst constantly putting their hands in their pockets Children return to school: Monday 1st June. for “one last go”. Summer Fair: Saturday 20th June So thank you so much to everyone who donated, School closed: Staff training day helped, organised, spent and enjoyed! Monday 13th July. We really couldn’t do it without you. School closes for Summer holiday: As well as having fun we raised an Tuesday 21st July at 2.00 pm. amazing £1,630 ! Head Teacher: Mr Lee Dumbell Norwood Crescent Tel: 01704 211960 email:admin.norwood@schools.sefton.gov.uk Southport PR9 7DU FAX: 01704 232712 1
  2. 2. Stamps Shinewaves Competition Time Dinner Money Last week’s competition was for the most polite class. Don’t forget All the adults in school were on the look-out to see which class Ready Reckoner had polished their manners. The kitchen staff were very pleased 1day = £1.55 to save all with almost every child, commenting how the manners across the your stamps school had really improved. The tallies were collected counted 2 days = £3.10 and verified and the overall winners were the incredibly for the Guide Dogs for the courteous 6M. 3 days = £4.65 Blind. A Collection box is in Well done to all the children in 6M! The next competition will be in the New Year. Tune in to join in! 4 days = £6.20 the foyer. 5 Days = £7.75 What’s Been Happening in Year 2………….. Cub Scouts Year Two have had a busy few weeks. They had a fantastic interactive time with Adrian Bowden There are currently vacancies at and his Travelling Science Show learning more about electrical circuits and currents. the Leyland Road Cub pack. If Then two dedicated mums from Year 6, (who are also there are any 8 year old boys or professional nurses) visited and discussed with the girls who are interested in going children how nursing and attitudes have changed since along on a Friday night 6-7.30 pm the time of Florence Nightingale. Mrs. Jolly dressed as please feel Florence Nightingale and acted in role and character. free to The children were able to ask questions and compare the phone changes. Mrs. Cockwill was in her modern uniform. The 212338 children learned a lot from their expertise and we would for further like to say a big thank you to both of them for giving up their time. information. Year 5 Trip to Liverpool Museum Helpful Hints: Labelling Uniform On Thursday, 4 December Year 5 went to Liverpool World Museum in connection th When there is a little spare time over the holiday, please try and with their Ancient Greece Topic. They took part in two workshop sessions and renew any name labels in your child’s school uniform. visited the Planetarium to further their scientific knowledge of the solar system. Remember it is worth sewing labels in so it is easy for your At Norwood we are keen to give our pupils a voice and so a survey was conducted child to identify their own items of clothing. to find out what the children really thought of the trip. In the lost property box there are many sweatshirts and coats Here are the results. with no names in. If your child has lost anything in school, be • The most popular activity was the Planetarium receiving top marks from sure to see Mrs Topping after the holiday! 83% of the children. • Least popular was the artefact handling workshop, scoring only 11% top marks. • Overall, 14% rated the trip as good, 14% very good with 40% rating it as excellent. We would like to congratulate the • 53% thought the journey was following children for being Stars of the Week! within an acceptable distance. Year 5 staff found the children’s comments interesting and will use them RD: All RD children for their Christmas Play to make improvements to any future trips. RP: All RP children for their Christmas Play 1K: Katie Halsall (Silver) & Rebecca Tomlinson 1B: Emily James Year 4 musical recital 2L: Ben Gaskell 2M: Kaitlin Dewhurst 3B: Nia Paganga, Jordan Brown & Laurence Fredricks 3R: Reuben Sheridan & Georgia Bradshaw-Hampton 4CP: Anna Jordan 4JP: Eleanor Kilduff Children in Year 4 treated us all to a Music Recital last week. It was wonderful to see how so many children enjoyed playing their musical 5P: Thomas Leddy & Jack Spencer instruments. Thanks must go to Mrs Phelps, Mrs Perrett and also Mr Fogg who teaches brass instruments, Mr Harrison who teaches the 5M: Lucie Cresswell clarinets and Mrs Bleasedale works with the children learning the violins. The children in Year 5 also played some pieces, their musical skills 6C: Alex Miller demonstrated how much progress they have made over the 6M: Adam Barnes last twelve months. Well done to all the children! 2
  3. 3. CHRISTMAS PRODUCTIONS Reception The Nativity The Reception children gave a smashing performance of their traditional Nativity this week, which was thoroughly enjoyed by parents and grandparents alike. It is astonishing to remember that these children have only been in school 3 months and yet were able to stand in front of a large audi- ence and sing and perform. The children were a credit to their parents, to the teachers and to the school. Year 1 Performance Every Year 1 pupil sang, acted and danced their heart out for their rendition of 'Born in a Barn' as parents and grandparents were delighted with this memorable performance. As always the casting is a key to the success of each nativity and there is no doubt that the dancing of the shepherds will stay in the minds of everyone who witnessed it. Born in a Barn Year 2 Performance We were all given a reminder as to the special nature of Christmas with the Year 2's performance of 'The Little Angel'. The children's singing was excellent as were the speaking skills of the narrators, who were confident enough to learn their parts. Another tremendous performance, in which the children excelled themselves once again. The Little Angel After School Club The Governors met last week with Mr. Dumbell to make a final decision about starting an After School Club. A large number of parents had expressed enthusiasm for such a venture and we had been looking for someone to organise this on our behalf. Mr. Dumbell has met with Fran Taylor, who currently runs Holy Family's After School Club, and she has expressed her interest in setting up our club. We will be able to give you further information after Christmas when Fran has started to complete all the numerous OFSTED forms and requirements. Because of this, the earliest the club might start is March. 3
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