Socratic seminar powerpoint


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Socratic seminar powerpoint

  1. 1. Socratic Seminar LSM
  2. 2. Agenda• Anticipatory Set (Fakebook)• Intro to Socratic Seminars (Animoto)• The Elements of Socratic Seminars• The Role of the Leader• Socratic Seminar between us• Debriefing
  3. 3. anticipatory set Fakebook Update
  4. 4.
  5. 5. The 4 Elements• The Text- needs to be engaging, controversial, and/or able to incite emotional dialogue• The Question- Start with an open-ended question that is provided by the leader or the participants• The Leader- Needs to play a dual role as a facilitator and a participant. The leader MUST start the Seminar with either his/her own or participant question that is sure to captivate the others.• The Participants-Study the text closely, listen actively, share ideas, and cite evidence. Do NOT raise hands!
  6. 6. Role of the Leader• Know the text well• Have a series of open-ended questions at hand• Rely heavily on student generated questions• Have no predetermined agenda. Each one is unique!• Be respectful and an active listener• Facilitate discussion between the participants ensuring that it is student-centered• Model effective questions, answers, comments• Encourage students to keep the discussion focused on the text
  7. 7. 1.Number the paragraphs 2.Circle key words as you read 3. 2)Core questions need toUnderline facts or claims by the author. be content-specific. (How or why? If ___ is true, then____?Based on 1)Opening questions paragraph___, what do need to stem from you think the author the context (What is means?) the theme of____? Is it better to be____ or____?What significance is this 3)Closing questions to____? What might need to establish be other good titles? relevance, real What are the world connections, assumptions of this and relate to the text?What well- lives of participants. known people are (How does this like____?) connect to ____? What are the implications?)
  8. 8. Socratic Seminar Closure• 1. What was the best point made during the seminar?• 2. What ideas did you agree with?• 3. What ideas did you disagree with?• 4.What questions were left unanswered?• 5. What did you contribute to the discussion?• 6. What do you wish you had said in the discussion?• 7. Who were the best contributors to the discussion?• 8. What is your overall evaluation of the seminar?
  9. 9. Tiered Option for-Write one thing you learned from your classmates.-Write a question that one of your peers had today.-Describe the tone of one of your classmates’voice as they ask their questions. grading-Pick one of your classmates and do a bubble map describing their performance today using adjectives such as “confident voice”, “polite,” etc. (4-5 bubbles)-What mistakes, misunderstandings, or successes did you have today?LEVEL 2 PROCESSING-Which one of your classmates could you relate to the most today? (based on questions,answers, or comments)-Make an analogy either on paper for the quiet folks or vocally for you extroverts. ( I will sign off in this spot if you say it)-Pick any two classmates and do a venn diagram based on their questions, answers,comments.-What could be learned from the reading that was not directly stated? Explain.-Draw a picture of something you learned today.LEVEL 3 APPLYING
  10. 10. exit ticket