An Overview of Norton Utilities:<br />190504445Norton is such a well recognized name when it comes to pc care that many us...
Norton utilities review
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Norton utilities review


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My review of norton utilites, the good the bad and the ugly!

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Norton utilities review

  1. 1. An Overview of Norton Utilities:<br />190504445Norton is such a well recognized name when it comes to pc care that many users purchase their products without looking at alternatives. There's a extremely good reason why Norton Utilities have remained so well-liked. But is Norton™ Utilities truly the very best choice for those looking to keep their computers in tip-top shape?<br />Norton™ Utilities - The Good:<br />For anyone needing an all-in-one program for computer maintenance, Norton™ Utilities offers everything you could ever want. Registry cleaner, startup program and services management, registry and disk defragmenter, and system monitor all come included in this product. And true to their Norton™ brand name, these utilities all feature a few of the easiest to use interfaces accessible. This combination frequently is much more than sufficient to sell individuals on the idea that they should buy the Norton™ Utilities product.<br />Free Download Registry Booster™<br />Norton™ Utilities - The Bad:<br />Of course, there’s a downside to everything and this Norton™ product is no exception. Maybe the biggest downside to utilizing well-liked brand name products is their tendency to take the easiest path when programming. For example, with each new release of the Windows operating system, new functions are added. This has the benefit of allowing programs to perform complex tasks effortlessly. On the downside, nevertheless, it means that programs created for one version of Windows won't necessarily run on a previous version. Smaller developers and open source developments often use only core functions, allowing programs to run on multiple versions of Windows.<br />For anybody using a Windows operating system that came out before Windows XP, Norton™ Utilities will not work. Another downside is that the product demands that you have a Web connection to be able to use it. Other than that, the requirements for running this program are nothing that modern computers cannot handle, requiring merely a 300 MHz processor and 256 MB of RAM.<br />Norton™ Utilities - The Ugly:<br />If the bad points to this product had been the only thing it suffered from, it would still be a fantastic product. Unfortunately, you will find some points which are just so wrong that they should be called “ugly”.<br />The biggest of these ugly points is that most of the utilities provided in this product, from service and startup program management, disk defragmenting, and system monitoring, are all supplied by default by the Windows operating system. This redundancy appears like Norton™ just required an excuse to charge so a lot for this product.<br />An additional ugly component is that the system monitoring tools are generally activated by default. These monitoring tools, although they can add to security, can slow down a pc tremendously.<br />Norton™ Utilities – Worth Downloading? NO!<br />If you prefer having all of your tools within the exact same place, the Norton™ Utilities suite certainly gives you everything that you should maintain your system performance. Nevertheless, if you're not looking to spend your money on tools that your system already has installed and only on what you require, registry cleaners like Registry Booster are ideal at giving you what you lack, instead of selling you what you already have.<br />