Christian Movie Making course - by Norton Rodriguez


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If you are interested in becoming a Christian Filmmaker / Movie Maker or just interested in starting your own Christian Production Company and How to market your Christian films and production work or would just light to improve your film making techniques and learn Directing of Photographer and how is done in the Real World... this Christian Movie Making course is for you!

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Christian Movie Making course - by Norton Rodriguez

  1. 1. 11 Christian HD Movie MakingChristian HD Movie Making Online CourseOnline Course Instructor: Norton RodriguezInstructor: Norton Rodriguez
  2. 2. 2 Norton Rodriguez / InstructorNorton Rodriguez / Instructor  Norton Rodriguez is president of The God of Moses Entertainment, inc. in Miami Florida. He is a freelance Christian Film, TV Producer, Director and Director of Photography. Norton  has over 27 years of experience in the Film, Video & TV Production Industry.  Norton also manages Church TV Studio in Miami, Florida and also manages online since 1998. Norton has produced four (4) Christian independent feature films: Peace Town, Libertad, Amor Violento (Violent Love) and Hidden Rage which has been presented in thousands of churches across the US and Latin America, and is currently being distributed by House Lights Media in major stores in the US.   Norton has taught Christian filmmaking for many years, and was also an instructor at The Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp for several years. He has also help in creating several Christian films, tv stations, TV Shows and production companies in the Us and Abroad. Norton has won three (3) Regional Emmy Awards in  Production, Editing and Animation.    He also produced the Hispanic TV Show “Espiritu Latino” for The Gospel Music Channel for several years and worked as part of the camera crew for Benny Hinn’s Television Ministries.  Most recently, Norton helped launch the Web Ministry (Latin Division) for Christian Vision Network, working as DP to help produce over 100 Spanish short Gospel films (movie style) for the Web.    While working for Univision and Telemundo, Norton won three (3) Regional Emmy Awards in Production, Editing and Animation. Norton is a veteran producer, director, editor and director of photography. Norton has also worked for several prominent television networks including
  3. 3. 32 The History of FilmThe History of Film The Kinescope
  4. 4. 42 Hollywood’s HiddenHollywood’s Hidden Christian HeritageChristian Heritage Christian HeritageChristian Heritage ... and why we can claim Hollywood for Christ.
  5. 5. 53 The Future of Online-MediaThe Future of Online-Media
  6. 6. 64 The iTV Multi-Media LandscapeThe iTV Multi-Media Landscape How the future of iTV & Social Media networks willHow the future of iTV & Social Media networks will eventually rule Communicationeventually rule Communication
  7. 7. 75 The Smart PhoneThe Smart Phone As a Movie Making toolAs a Movie Making tool The current future of Smart Phone ProductionsThe current future of Smart Phone Productions
  8. 8. 86 Smart Phone Movie MakingSmart Phone Movie Making GadgetsGadgets Telephoto and Wide angle lenses forTelephoto and Wide angle lenses for Smart Phones.Smart Phones.
  9. 9. 98 Pro HD CamerasPro HD Cameras The Red One
  10. 10. 109 HD CamerasHD Cameras Sony PMW-F3L
  11. 11. 1110 HD CamerasHD Cameras Panasonic AG-AF100
  12. 12. 1210 Basic Production TechniquesBasic Production Techniques The Production of any Film or Video Project requires basic knowledge and understanding of the basic production tools available. While acquiring knowledge and experience on basic principals and techniques use in production by Top filmmakers in the industry today! In both Film and Video productions, the main goal for any production crew (big or small) is to use the available tools; cameras, lenses, lights, audio, actors, extras, wardrobe, location and sets to record the best professional HD image possible; while at the same time...creating a story. To succeed in today’s competitive film industry, Christian filmmakers need to learn and perfect their craft and be more Creative than ever before. In movie making, everything MUST enter through the lens, but before it does, the filmmakers need to know the following basic techniques to capture great images on film or video...
  13. 13. 1348 The Camera TripodThe Camera Tripod
  14. 14. 1411 The TripodThe Tripod  Set Up legsSet Up legs  Adjust levelAdjust level  Camera PlateCamera Plate  Mounting the cameraMounting the camera  The safety-lockThe safety-lock  Bubble BalancedBubble Balanced
  15. 15. 1512 The Tripod HeadThe Tripod Head  PanPan  TiltTilt
  16. 16. 1648 Controling the PhotographicControling the Photographic HD ImageHD Image
  17. 17. 1713 The LensThe Lens  Lens always CleanLens always Clean  Zoom control - Wide and TelephotoZoom control - Wide and Telephoto  FocusFocus  Iris or ApertureIris or Aperture  White BalanceWhite Balance
  18. 18. 1817 44 Ways to control LightWays to control Light  Iris (F-Stop)Iris (F-Stop)  Shutter SpeedShutter Speed  Video Gain or Film Speed ISOVideo Gain or Film Speed ISO  ND FiltersND Filters There are four (4) ways to control the Light that enters the camera. ... and how each creates a different effect.
  19. 19. 1916 The F-StopThe F-Stop The Art of controlling Light!The Art of controlling Light!
  20. 20. 2014 The ShutterThe Shutter SpeedSpeed  LearningLearning The ShutterThe Shutter. The device that controls light. The device that controls light for a determined-period of time, for the purpose offor a determined-period of time, for the purpose of exposing film or a light-sensitive electronic sensorexposing film or a light-sensitive electronic sensor at any given any given speed.
  21. 21. 2115 Video GainVideo Gain or (ISO)?or (ISO)?  Learning - Video Gain & the ISO and How itLearning - Video Gain & the ISO and How it amplifies the signal of the image sensor to allowamplifies the signal of the image sensor to allow you to control the image without the need of usingyou to control the image without the need of using the F-Stop.the F-Stop.
  22. 22. 227 The HD Image SensorThe HD Image Sensor CCD (charge coupled device) vs CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) image sensors.
  23. 23. 2316 ND Filters & WheelND Filters & Wheel Controlling over-exposureControlling over-exposure
  24. 24. 2418 White BalanceWhite Balance  The color of lightThe color of light  Point camera to white cardPoint camera to white card  Zoom in to white cardZoom in to white card  Press WB buttonPress WB button  Zoom Out to shotZoom Out to shot
  25. 25. 2548 Camera ViewfindersCamera Viewfinders
  26. 26. 2619 The ViewfinderThe Viewfinder VSVS LCD monitorLCD monitor Canon SLR 60D
  27. 27. 2719 The ViewfinderThe Viewfinder The Reflex Viefinder System
  28. 28. 2819 The ViewfinderThe Viewfinder DSLR Viewfinder Cup
  29. 29. 2919 The ViewfinderThe Viewfinder Film’s Periscope Viewfinder
  30. 30. 3048 The Recording FormatsThe Recording Formats
  31. 31. 3120 Camera Recording System Mini DV Tape P2 Card
  32. 32. 3221 SD and CF Cards SD Card CF Cards
  33. 33. 3322 HD RESOLUTION CHART
  34. 34. 3448 The Handheld CameraThe Handheld Camera
  35. 35. 3523 Hand Held Camera
  36. 36. 3624 Basic Shoulder Mount
  37. 37. 3724 Shoulder Mount Camera
  38. 38. 3824 Shoulder Bracket Mount
  39. 39. 3924 Camera on Pod Mount
  40. 40. 4024 Forehead-Hold Camera
  41. 41. 4148 Basic Camera ShotsBasic Camera Shots
  42. 42. 4225 Camera Shots Wide Shot The Establishing Shot
  43. 43. 4326 Camera Shots Close Shot Medium Shot Extreme Close Up
  44. 44. 4427 Head RoomHead Room Framing your subjectFraming your subject
  45. 45. 4528 Head RoomHead Room Incorrect Head Room
  46. 46. 4629 Head RoomHead Room Correct Head Room
  47. 47. 4730 Nose RoomNose Room Incorrect Nose Room
  48. 48. 4831 Nose RoomNose Room Correct Nose Room
  49. 49. 4948 Production ToolsProduction Tools
  50. 50. 5032 Camera Shoulder Mount
  51. 51. 5133 Steady Cam / Steady Shot
  52. 52. 5234 Camera / Mounts &Camera / Mounts & AccessoriesAccessories Mini Jib
  53. 53. 5335 Camera / Mounts &Camera / Mounts & AccessoriesAccessories Tripod Dolly
  54. 54. 5436 Camera / Mounts &Camera / Mounts & AccessoriesAccessories Doorway Dolly
  55. 55. 5537 CinematographyCinematography  Learn the art of Creative-framing andLearn the art of Creative-framing and composition for cinematic effect.composition for cinematic effect.  Creating Depth and three DimensionalCreating Depth and three Dimensional Look and feel.Look and feel.  The language of cinematic story telling;The language of cinematic story telling; using camera lenses, angles and adaptorsusing camera lenses, angles and adaptors to control the power of the imageto control the power of the image
  56. 56. 5638 The Secrets of CinematographyThe Secrets of Cinematography
  57. 57. 5739 Lighting for TVLighting for TV Three (3) point lightingThree (3) point lighting 1. Key1. Key 2. Soft (fill)2. Soft (fill) 3. Backlight3. Backlight
  58. 58. 5840 TheThe 44thth lightlight  The fourth (4The fourth (4thth ) Light) Light  Lighting the BackgroundLighting the Background
  59. 59. 5941 Casablanca The Art of LightingThe Art of Lighting Four (4) point lightingFour (4) point lighting
  60. 60. 6042 Lighting for FilmLighting for Film Three (3) point lightingThree (3) point lighting 1.1. Soft LightSoft Light 2.2. Fill LightFill Light 3.3. or Key Lightor Key Light
  61. 61. 6143 Lighting for FilmLighting for Film Three (3) point lightingThree (3) point lighting 1.1. Key LightKey Light 1K (1000 watts)1K (1000 watts)
  62. 62. 6244 Digital CinematographyDigital Cinematography 24mm Wide Angle Lens
  63. 63. 6345 Digital CinematographyDigital Cinematography 300mm Telephoto Lens (Prime)
  64. 64. 6446 Digital CinematographyDigital Cinematography Anamorphic Lens
  65. 65. 6547 Digital CinematographyDigital Cinematography 300mm Telephoto Lens (Prime)
  66. 66. 6648 Sound RecordingSound Recording
  67. 67. 676749 Sound RecordingSound Recording 1. Shotgun Microphone1. Shotgun Microphone 2. Lavaliere Microphone2. Lavaliere Microphone 3. Wireless Microphone3. Wireless Microphone 4. XLR - Microphone Cable4. XLR - Microphone Cable 5. Headphones5. Headphones 6. Audio ch1 and ch26. Audio ch1 and ch2 7. Audio Mixer7. Audio Mixer 8. Digital Recorder8. Digital Recorder
  68. 68. 6850 HD DSLR CamerasHD DSLR Cameras Canon 5D Mark II (HD) & Rebel T1i
  69. 69. 6951 HD GoPro CamerasHD GoPro Cameras GoPro Hero 2 & 3
  70. 70. 7051 How to Start aHow to Start a ChristianChristian ProductionProduction CompanyCompany
  71. 71. 7151 How to Produce AHow to Produce A ChristianChristian MovieMovie
  72. 72. 7251 How to Promote, Market and ProfitHow to Promote, Market and Profit from Yourfrom Your ChristianChristian Movies!Movies!
  73. 73. 7352 Christian Filmmaking CourseChristian Filmmaking Course Contact us at: For more information on how you could be part of this ONLINE Christian Movie Making course...