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A brief presentation from Alfaiataria digital agency from Brazil, also known as This presentation describes our working process, main executives bios and great portofolio cases along with some important technical questions. Visit our website for more info

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Alfaiataria brief corporate presentation

  1. 1. Other digital agencies are like canned goods. We are your mom´s chicken pot pie. In just 9 years, we have grown to become the most traditional interactive studio in Brazil. And don´t think we had an easy time getting here using the most cutting edge technology and design artwork. We are traditional because we stick to the old school method of working. We treat each client as unique, not like a part of an assembly line. Our production line is like a tailor´s sewing needle, weaving fine crafted digital campaigns and marketing plans. We create brand identity projects, promotional websites, multimedia presentations, e-commerce stores and social networking websites, one by one. However great craftsmen we may be, we will never become a large or modern digital agency. We prefer how things were done in the old days: patiently looking at details from up close, paying attention to every drawn pixel.
  2. 2. So, applying the traditional methodology of sewing a suit to the work we develop at Alfaiataria, we came up with the following steps for all of our projects: Creating the best interactive pieces for a client is not too different from sewing the perfect suit. The first Planning The beginning, the understanding of client’s needs. step is always getting the measurements correctly. ConceptionRight after understanding the client´s needs, we take The solution for the problem we were given.them to the drawing board. Once we have a nice and unique sketch, our sewing needles start working to Production transform this drawing into a piece. To put in pieces, systems, codes and words the solution created.However, having the piece created does not mean the work is quite done. The next step is taking the piece Developmentto the client so he can try it out for size. All necessary To make sure the final product delivers exactly what itcorrections and adjustments are made so we manage was created to. to match exactly needs, creating the perfect fit. Q.A. testing Finally, no matter how much weight the client might Quality control methodology to ensure effectivenesslose or put on, we’ll always be there to extend a sleeve for the final product. or loosen the waist. Consulting A long term relationship to make sure the product or service developed keeps delivering through time.
  3. 3. FILE Eletronic Language International Festival case: design Promotional hosites for FILE 9th edition held in Brazil. During each event, we have also generated and updated numerous content into their online magazine. Technology applied: ASCII art picture conversor JavaScript for “CMD” emulation Flash AS 3.0 PHP and MySQL Links: São Paulo Call for Entries 09 AWARDS: Featured at Rio de Janeiro 09 edition, press release. Online Magazine and artist database
  4. 4. A visual Twitter monitoring tool case: innovation Online coverage of last eMetrics event held by the WAA at San Jose, CA. Ourkaleidoscope searchs for the events hashtagsand plots one dot for each message captured on our monitor. Randomly picking colors and sizes, the visual effects gets prettier as more users Twit their impressions. The widget based solution, counts on GigYa viral distribution tool and has been applied to various social networking sites and desktop widget dashboards like iGoogle, Yahoo and Vista widgets. Technology applied: Creative digital design Flash AS 3.0 PHP and MySQL Twitter API integration Links: AWARDS: BestWebAppoftheDay on may 9th, 2009.
  5. 5. Qualicorp Group health insurance retailer and consulting case: production outsourcing For ten years, we took care of Qualicorp´s brand image in interactive medias. With adedicated team, we have supplied a full service building and creating communication plans, promotional websites and campaigns, e-commerce applications, costumer service websystems and graphic design. Technology applied: Consulting in digital medias Creative design Usability studies ASP and .NET development Flash AS 2.0 and 3.0 PHP and MySQL Webservice integration SEO and W3C standard HTML encoding Google AdwordsOur outsourcing contract delivered the average of 800 hours monthly. At some peak periods, following sazonal promotional calendars and new products release, we got to envolve up to 15 professionals delivering more than 2.000 production hours in a single month. This special team had a replica of our studio structure and would count with an exclusive account manager, and dedicated creative, production and development departments.
  6. 6. Globosat Biggest Brazilian cable TV broadcaster case: marketing Together with their comercial department we have researched and structured their products menu for special advertising formats. Once all the studies were done, we aimmed to empower their comercialdepartment, building a multimedia portfolio system to explain and show examples of each case and advertising possibility. This FLASH desktop application was installed in every salesperson notebook and its presented to the prospect clients till today. We´re already running in its 3rd version and developing new interaction tools and updating content. Technology applied: Marketing consulting for portfolio development Creative design Flash AS 2.0 and 3.0 XML offline parser Video editing Video authoring
  7. 7. FMI International Independent Music Festival case: brandingCreative conception of all brand identity and branding material for the biggest Latin American Independent Music Festival. Including the event concert stage instalations. Technology applied: Branding consulting Creative design Graphic design Animation production Visual communication at event venue
  8. 8. Norton Jr. Silvia Voss creative director & founder Behavioural research and strategic planning Can´t quite count on his eye sight accuracy, that´s why he wears She simultaneously studied at 2 different universities, major in those huge correction glasses and perhaps that´s why he´s always Graphic Design and Art Crafts. Still can´t understand how she the one seeing details no one else noticed before. By the end of the managed such an heroic act, while also working as our 1stday he is the one double checking every detail and executing minor trainee employee back in 2004. adjustments that make the good stuff to be great. After a couple of years, she went for a ride in the advertisement Began working in interactive medias at Port Angeles (WA) high market working in big agencies like Ogilvy and Rapp Collins. school back in 1996. Came back to Brazil and spent about 5 years But after too much done, came back to work with us to keep working for as the creative manager and creative freedom and to manage the IA dpt. A real artist at builder of their inhouse digital agency. Have also worked with illustrations and system workflows. major clients on consulting and production for Microsoft, Motorola, Ogilvy, Globosat, Telefonica, and all As a good tailor, invests her spare time creating and sewing Brazilian´s major content portals. custom toy art products. MBA degree majoring Marketing services was the technical Mastering Psychanalytiques Semiotics Communication at PUCSP. responsible for Andrew Chalk´s “Submit Now” book translation into Portuguese. He is also a constant contributor for specialized For more info: magazines in Brazil with articles and case studies published. Today he is fully dedicated to Alfaiataria projects. Personally sewing every business deals, strategic plans and new products development. For more info:
  9. 9. I. Describe your agency’s experience with concepting, designing, II. Describe your agency’s technology experience in developingbuilding, deploying and supporting Facebook applications. Please middleware applications that leverage existing open web-servicesprovide links to relevant examples of prior work. API’s.Alfaiataria creates and develops widgets for most available Since 2006 we´ve been developing and using an internalplataforms. We have been playing around with Flash Action administration system. Its an extranet that controls employeesScripting, Adobe FLEX / AIR and iPhone dev. framework. timing interface. Its integrated with Basecamp´s API for macroAt recent projects we have been using viral distributing tools such project management and client communication. Our extranet is under new development now and should be out to the Cloudnetworks web site and extract custom reports of its distribution. market by the end of this year. Recently, we´ve been testing Twitter API possibilities too.faster. Check the case for example. From dashboard analytical widgets to net art UGC.Working forBesides product conception, we have developed and tested new Qualicorp, we´ve created a Health Insurance quotation toolpromotional formats to be distribute through Orkut Scrapbook. integrated with the company´s ERP system, through customused to promote special events and music concerts. widgets were used in all promotional retail websites as a realtime quotation tool and CRM data capturing database for futureLinks:Sonido Party August 2008 Party September 2008
  10. 10. III. Describe the technology skill sets represented in your agency, include references to any anda project is planned, we work with exchanging doubles carring the project from one departmentto another. After the development is released we take the project back to the prior departmentsfor QA testing and adjustments.For Motorola Latin American Product Advisor, we have developed a .NET application incompliance with the client´s international development, deploying and privacy standards,database for all 13 countries operations. Once the database was built, we´ve created multiplecostumer interfaces for promotional use and CRM data capturing.For Brasil Telecom, we have developed a low-level application using C++ that would parse XMLsystem.We also master the development of e-commerce websites, from usability testing and conceptionto integrated ERP development.Link:Motorola Product Advisor e-commerce integration with a logistcs ERP
  11. 11. IV. Describe the size of your agency’s technology developmentdepartment, their level of experitise/competency, years of could potentially impact project delivery schedules, such as, but not limited to, electrical power disruption,telecommunications disruptions, etc.Alfaiataria was founded in 2003 as, right afterNorton Amato left the creative inhouse for Submarino (5 years at We are estabilished in Sao Paulo, Brazilian biggest city and the 3rdthe largest pure-player Latin American e-commerce market). most populated city in the world. Our telecom and eletricToday, the company is structured and divided in 6 departments: infrastrure is compared to New York and shouldn´t represent anysales, administrative, projects & costumer care, creative, interfaceand development. We count on 13 people working full-time on a internet cables and servers.daily basis at our HQ.V. Describe how your agency handles growth spurts. Please includeand capabilities.We also rely on a highly capable network of freelancerprofessionals and small development factories for growth spurtsand short deadlines. All our contributors work under our serviceguidelines and production standards.
  12. 12. VII. Describe your business structure, operating format, general VIII. Describe your business operations, including overall operatingpolicies and processes structure and annual sales revenue. For the last 3 years we managed to keep up with high growth rates. In the last year we reached more than R$ 600k in sales, about 400k USD.1. Closed ProjectFor pre-determined scope of work we determine budget and We target the Brazilian communication and advertising market but have also worked with Canadian, French, German and Americanassumed by us. clients. IX. Describe any process, contractual or regulatory issues that could technology solutions.can freely schedule the total hours quoted between our fact, the Brazilian goverment supports exportation services with lowdepartments and pre-order more hours for the next month. For bigaccounts (over 400 hours) we dedicate an exclusive account In order to estabilish a partnership, we would go through the regular legal process with a formal contract paperwork and payments through international credit cards or international money order upon presentantion of Brazilian “Nota Fiscal” (invoice) for taxes billing and receipt. By the current Brazilian legislation, we as the service provider, are the only responsable for paying any goverment taxes and fees.
  13. 13. Address any doubts, comments or further info to Norton Amato Jr. norton@alfaiataria.netSkype alfaiataria.betPhone +55 11 3863 9786Mobile +55 11 8226 0088