Denver IT Services - Do More in Less Time with Microsoft Office 2010


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North Star Inc - a Denver-Boulder based IT Services and Network Support -, shows you how to increase the productivity in your company by doing more in less time using Microsoft Office 2010.

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Denver IT Services - Do More in Less Time with Microsoft Office 2010

  1. 1. Do More in Less TimeBoosting Everyday Productivityin Your Company 303.552.0018
  2. 2. How Much Is Your Business Affected by Lost Productivity? Re-creating Repetitive documents Different Inefficient tasks schedules collaboration Moving among programs Version control Searching File for files Email overload Separate offices sharing Remote office Sick child or staff or road closures Gut instinct and Scattered hunches Home office information Traveling Disconnected for meetings Scrambling from the office Lost in the numbers for dataFour situations where small businesses often struggle to stay productive include: 1. Having to take care of common, repetitive computer-related tasks. 2. Working collaboratively with colleagues, partners, and customers, particularly when not all in the same building. 3. Working on the road or from outside the main office. 4. Dealing with growing stores of data to make data-driven business decisions. Slide 2
  3. 3. Helping You Do More in Less Time Need to get through repetitive tasks Get more done by simplifying more quickly? everyday tasks Work together more effectively with Need to make teamwork more anyone using collaborative efficient? technology Need to stay productive no matter Work outside the office more easily where you’re working from? with modern, mobile technology Make smarter decisions by quickly Need to stop scrambling for data to getting key insights into your help with decision making? business Slide 3
  4. 4. Get More Done by Simplifying Everyday Tasks “… like having a virtual customer service rep dedicated to each client.” Time wasted … Their answer “… it doesnt much matter where the Searching for information asset is; we can usually find it.” files from Federated “We could have cut that search to minutes among 50,000 Search instead of hours with Federated Search.” file assets – Frank Cerullo, CEO, GameWear, Inc. 24 employees Sports-team-branded product manufacturer• Common problem: Searching for information stored on individual computers or even the company network. In this example, this was having a significant impact on customer service.• GameWear addressed the problem by implementing a new desktop operating system with built-in desktop search, making information and file searches substantially faster. Slide 4
  5. 5. Get More Done by Simplifying Everyday Tasks How simple are How efficiently can you How easily can you find your communications work with your information and tools? everyday tools? documents? One logon Consistent interface Single search box Anywhere access Formatting shortcuts Simple file navigation Email management• Three areas technology can help simplify everyday tasks include: 1. Simplify communications with integrated, online tools: single logon, plus access from anywhere you have an Internet connection. 2. Work with everyday productivity tools more efficiently, with a consistent interface, quick formatting options, and tools to better manage email overload. 3. Find information more easily with a single search box to find files, programs, commands, etc. on your PC or even network. Slide 5
  6. 6. Work Together More Effectively withAnyone Using Collaborative Technology Time wasted … Their answer Coordinating Web-based Shared calendars make meeting scheduling meetings services for faster, without back and forth of email. email, instant Managing messaging, – Mimi Siegel, Executive Director, versions and file sharing, Kindering Center edits in shared online files conferencing 100 employees Early childhood intervention services• Common problem: Efficiently collaborating with others. In this example, the manual process of scheduling group meetings and managing everyone’s input to shared documents was taking too much time.• Kindering Center addressed this problem with shared calendars and workspaces, making meeting scheduling and version control easier. Slide 6
  7. 7. Work Together More Effectively with Anyone Using Collaborative Technology How quickly and easily can you Can you share and work on documents connect with others when you need to? easily and without version confusion? Simple meeting scheduling Central storage Online conferencing Version tracking Web-delivered presentations Co-authoring Business-ready instant messaging (IM)• Two ways technology can help people work together more effectively include: 1. Quickly and easily connect with others using real-time communications tools, such as with shared calendars to make it easier to coordinate schedules, online conferencing to connect with each other online, delivering presentations through a web browser, and using business-ready instant messaging (IM). 2. Collaborate on documents and other files by storing them centrally, tracking versions, and even enabling two or more people to work on the same file at the same time. Slide 7
  8. 8. Work Outside the Office More Easily with Modern, Mobile Technology Can your remote workers work as How effectively can you work on the productively as those in the office? go with your smartphone? Online access to programs and files Mobile access to communications tools Basic browser-based file editing Meeting recordings on your phone Longer battery life Basic phone-based file editing Offline and online synchronization Mobile IM Location-based printing• Two ways technology can help people work outside the office more easily include: 1. Stay productive when working remotely, with online access to email, calendar, contacts, online conferencing, IM, and shared files stored centrally; basic browser-based file editing; longer battery life for your laptop computer; offline/online file synchronization; and location-based printing so you don’t need to change settings when you move between work and home. 2. Stay effective on the go with a smartphone to access email, calendar, and contacts; record meetings; do basic file editing; and keep in touch using IM. Slide 8
  9. 9. Make Smarter Decisions by Quickly Getting Key Insights into Your Business How easy is it for you to analyze Do you have a comprehensive view of your data? your data? Visualization tools Central platform Automatic data updates Custom automated reports Custom on-demand reports• Two ways technology can help people get insights into the business more easily for better decision making include: 1. Using spreadsheets for analysis: better visualization tools to help spot trends more easily, plus automatic data updating. 2. Using a centralized data platform to pull data together and make it easier to get reports as needed (automated and on demand). Slide 9
  10. 10. Summary: Technology to Help You Do More in Less Time Addressing lost productivity by helping you and your team: Services and Server Software  Simplify everyday tasks  Work together more effectively  Work outside the office more easily Desktop and Personal Software  Make smarter decisions• Technology can help you do more in less time: • Simplify repetitive tasks with integrated web-based communications, integrated productivity tools, and built-in desktop search. • Work with others more effectively with real-time communications and file collaboration tools. • Work outside the office more easily, whether working from a remote location or on the go with a smartphone. • Make smarter decisions by getting better business insight with data visualization and analysis tools and a central data Slide 10 platform.
  11. 11. Licensing Options Recommended Licensing for 5-Plus Users • Easily add and remove users and services as • Save money with volume discounts on business needs change software • Get predictable costs and a financially backed • Manage licenses more easily service level agreement Other Licensing Options • Full Packaged Product. Individual software licenses and media purchased as needed through retail outlets (also Packaged Key Cards to activate Microsoft® Office 2010 when preloaded on new computers). • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Preinstalled, ready-to-use software on new computers and servers. 303.552.0018 Slide 11
  12. 12. North Star, Inc.• We are providers of Network Consulting, IT Services, VoIP Business Phone Solutions, and Managed Services for small to mid-sized businesses in the Denver – Boulder area of Colorado.• We’ve provided computer and IT solutions for small businesses since 1992, serving the Denver business community.• Our goal and commitment is to build a successful long- term relationship with our clients by providing best-in-class support, service, and guidance. 303.552.0018 Slide 12
  13. 13. Next Steps Schedule a We can upgrade your technology planning company to the latest assessment or network version of Microsoft health evaluation with Office software. Get to know our team and the professionals at learn more about North Star, Inc. today. North Star, Inc. at: 303.552.0018 303.552.0018 Slide 13