Child attendance with NorthStar


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See how NorthStar helps schools with automatic child attendance AND safety, with GPS and RFID.

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Child attendance with NorthStar

  1. 1. Automatic Child Attendance NorthStar School Bus and Child Safety System
  2. 2. Problems of Child Attendance1. Did the child enter the school bus at home? – When going to school2. Did the child enter the school gates? – After exiting the bus3. Did the child exit the school gates? – When leaving the school4. Did the child enter the school bus at school? – When leaving the school5. Did the child exit the school bus at home? – When returning home
  3. 3. Solutions Available1. Blue – Bus-based Attendance – Attendance marked when child enters/exits the bus – Useful if all children are using the bus services2. Silver – Security guard-based Attendance – Attendance marked using handheld reader when child crosses school gate – Useful to know if the child as entered the school3. Gold – Gate-based Attendance – Attendance automatically marked when child walks past school gate – Useful to know if the child as entered the school4. Platinum – Gate + Direction-based Attendance – Entry attendance marked when child enters the school gate – Exit attendance marked when leaves the school gate – Useful to know if the child is bunking (monitor truancy)
  4. 4. Solution Offerings Blue Silver Gold Platinum • Close-range RFID • Short range RFID • Medium range RFID • Long range RFID • Proximity smartcard • 1 handheld reader • 1 medium range • 1 long range smartcard reader on the bus given to security guard smartcard reader at reader at each gate to • Child/attendant must at gate each gate detect entry bring the card close to • A security guard with a • Child can walk through • 1 long range smartcard the reader (2 cm) handheld reader can the gate and swipe at reader at each gate to manually swipe each the gate (unmanned) detect exit child’s card • No need to bring the card close to the reader • Child can walk through the gate with the smartcard around the neck
  5. 5. Solution Implementation• Blue and Silver
  6. 6. Solution Implementation• Gold and Platinum
  7. 7. Solution Implementation Options Blue Silver Gold Platinum• 1 proximity • 1 handheld • 1 medium • 2 long range reader per reader per range reader readers per bus gate per gate gate• Uses bus • Uses RFID • Uses school’s • Uses school’s GPRS GPRS internet internet provided by provided by connection connection NorthStar NorthStar • Needs a • Needs a• Not reliant on • Not reliant on server set up server set up school’s school’s in the school in the school infrastructure infrastructure with LAN with LAN• Uses passive • Uses passive • Uses active • Uses active RFID tags RFID tags RFID tags RFID tags
  8. 8. View of the Solution
  9. 9. Pricing Blue Silver Gold Platinum• Hardware • Hardware • Hardware • Hardware included in included in needs needs per-child per-child outright outright monthly monthly purchase purchase subscription subscription • Active RFID • Active RFID• Passive RFID • Passive RFID tags need tags need tags tags outright outright (smartcards) (smartcards) purchase purchase included in included in per-child per-child monthly monthly subscription subscription