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Heart Safe Communities Brochure


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North Memorial launched Heart Safe Communities as an effort to prevent death from sudden cardiac arrest by placing automated external defibrillators (AEDs) where people live, work and play.

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Heart Safe Communities Brochure

  1. 1. A partnership of North Memorial Health Care and Advanced First-Aid, Inc. North Memorial Heart Safe Communities North Memorial Heart Safe Communities A partnership of North Memorial Health Care and Advanced First-Aid, Inc. Is your communityY our Heart Safe Community Heart Safe?N orth M emorialis proud to have w orkedw ith many metro and regionalprimaryambul ance service communities to hel them pbecome heart safe. e goalof North Memorial Heart SafeCommunities is to make the communitya safer pl to l w ork and pl by ace ive, aybeing prepared to reduce the number ofSCA deaths by impl ementing publ access icde brilators throughout the community. l rough North Memorial Heart Safe Help us make yourCommunities program,communitiescan strengthen w hat the American Heart community Heart SafeAssociation has caled the “chain of survival l ”w hich has ve basic links: Sudden Cardiac Arrest Aw areness AED Placement• Early Access-calling 911 CPR & AED T raining• Early CPR encouraging widespread bystander CPR training to increase immediate action• Early Defibrillation-AEDs in public locations and individuals trained to use them Ambulance Service• Early Advanced Care-the quick arrival of ALS 4501 68th Ave N, B rooklyn Center, MN 55429 Ambulance service to continue care (612) 325-3465 northmemorial.com• Post-Cardiac Arrest Care ©Nor th Memorial Health Care_ 11067
  2. 2. Sudden Cardiac Arrest N orth M emorial Heart Safe CPR and AED T rainingWithout warning Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) Communities Includes Through North Memorial we are able to offercan happen anywhere, at anytime, to anyone. • Lifepak AED (Medtronic Physio-Control brand, many options in CPR & AED training, including:And it is almost always fatal. SCA a ects 4,000 used by North Memorial Ambulance)Minnesotan’s annually. AHA Heartsaver AED/CPR Certification • W all Mount Cabinet or W all B racket For organizations or businesses that would likeFor every 100 patients that arrive in the ER in • AED W all sign for q uick easy AED identification a key group to have more extensive trainingcardiac arrest and have been treated with CPR: • AED kit-mask, scissors, gloves, etc. in CPR and AED. This class takes about three • 9 5 die • CPR/AED T raining hours and each participant will leave with a • 2 to 3 survive a few days • Package pricing varies but w e’ve arranged special two year American H eart Association • 1 to 2 have a chance of full recovery North Memorial Heart Safe Communities pricing certification card. ese statistics are a tragic reality and you are Lifepak AED options: AED/CPR Inservice T rainingin a unique position to help make a di erence. This service trains larger groups where fundingCommunity education can signi cantly and time is limited. This class teaches howimprove cardiac arrest survival. People in to recognize SCA, when to connect/how toyour community need to know how common operate the AED, and demonstrate chestcardiac arrest is and that there are rarely compressions, all in about an hour. H ands-onwarning signs. Early recognition of the cardiac skill practice will also be available.arrest (calling 911) as well as early CPR and CR Plus Fully Auto Express Semi Auto The instructors are experienced paramedicsde brillation (AED use) can save lives. Waitingfor 911 rescuers to de brillate results in death and/or EMTs with significant SCA hands-on96% of the time. When a lay rescuer responds experience. This is not a certification class butto the side of the SCA victim with an AED and does conform to the G ood Samaritan Law.delivers a shock within the rst two minutes, This service is provided by the AED vendor,the success rate is 85%. is is called Public Advanced First-Aid, Inc.Access De brillation. CPR Anytime At Home at’s why North Memorial launched Heart K its are available for purchase that provide Lifepak 1000Safe Communities as an e ort to prevent death CPR training whenever and wherever you likefrom SCA by placing Automatic External (www.CPRAnytime.com).De brillators (AEDs) where people live, workand play. e program helps communities and North Memorial Heart Safe Communities hasorganizations: secured discounted AED pricing from local • Educate citiz ens about SCA, CPR, AED & Medtronic Physio-Control distributor, Advanced protection from G ood Samaritan Law s First-Aid, Inc. T here are a few options for CPR/ • Implement Public Access Defibrillation AED training available from North Memorial programs by placing AED’s in all businesses, EMS Education and/or by the AED vendor. For schools and other public places w here more information on making your community people assemble Heart Safe, contact North Memorial Ambulance • T rain people how to use the AED, CPR (mainly paramedic, Paul Mendoz a, at 612.325.3465 or chest compressions) to save more lives by email paul@afaaed.com or paul.mendoz a@ northmemorial.com