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#IAEM  November 2010
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#IAEM November 2010


Favorite Tweets and Reference Links …

Favorite Tweets and Reference Links
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  • 1. #IAEM Highlights ~ Nov 2010
  • 2. EventInternational Association of Emergency Managers -Program: http://www.iaem.com/events/annual/documents/IAEMACProgramFINAL102210.pdf Keynote Speaker:  Janine Driver #IAEM
  • 3. A Listing Overall Items of Interest    
    Via @awareforum
    2200 pre-registered for #IAEM but organizers are expecting to top 2500 after on-site registrations! 
    There are 22 countries represented at #IAEM this year... agenda is packed with great session. Tons of students here too. 
  • 4. "In Case Of Emergency - Read Blog" @JohnDSolomon http://bit.ly/aRuosg
    Finds Web Users Would Turn To Social Media In Emergencies & Expect 1st Responders To Be Listening: 74% Want Response Less Than An Hour After Their Tweet or Facebook Post  
    John D. Solomon, 1963-2010 via David Shenk link to blog
  • 5. Adam Crowe says set your SM presence before the disaster so you are there during the disaster. if you don't someone else will. #IAEMCommunity + Engagement + Technology = Social Media Integration http://is.gd/gzVJ3  Adam Crowe The Elephant in the JIC: The Fundamental Flaw of Emergency Public Information within the NIMS Framework  http://is.gd/gzW3P  Adam Crowe 
  • 6. Red Cross Study  http://is.gd/gzQO7  Online Survey of 1,058 respondents representative of the US population aged 18 and older, conducted by Infogroup
  • 7. CPG 101 - Comprehensive Preparedness Guide 101http://is.gd/gzQ1r A Guide for All-Hazard Emergency Operations
    Defense Support to Civil Authorities Workshop - Gen Wofford  PPT http://is.gd/gAbaA 
  • 8. @EddyOEM: Here is where you can find the NWS Strategic Plan on-line. read it and work with your NWS in an EM partnership #IAEM http://bit.ly/a8UQVt
    Defying Disasters: Building National & Community Resilience in Age of Catastrophes - Prepare to Prosper Approach http://is.gd/gzYmN CARD  
    @joelarn: Find out more about what NORTHCOM does by visiting their website at http://bit.ly/dlk03G #IAEM                                   
  • 9. @AllHandsDotNet: Regional planning does not mean that you do a regional plan. It is about involving response partners in your local EOP #IAEM@Bearathon: Macro trends, common integration tactics,measurement of success, audience engagement - agenda topics of the SM breakout session at #IAEM
  • 10.  @CraigatFEMA Media thinks of FEMA as a verb of all done. Success or failure of response in first hours/days is with local responders. #IAEM
    @awareforum: blog post about The Need for Common Terminology in Alerts & Warnings http://bit.ly/94AoY1 
  • 11. @CraigatFEMA Survivors will share info faster then official sources whether you like it or not. Adjust to public or isolate yourself. #IAEM
     @HAZMATPlans: Loss of tech/connectivity doesn't STOP disaster response, only slows it down. Still vast ham radio networks, satellites#IAEM
  • 12. @EPSystems: Cellular Carrier Offers Customers Tips and Information on Emergency Preparedness http://om.ly/zXCj #IAEM
    Preparing our Communities Before a Disaster Strikes Challenge.gov : The central platform / Hopefully include all other sites currently requesting like information http://bit.ly/bAxDPc
  • 13. @Hal__G Needs to be included to augment EM situational awareness #socmed a situational awareness tool for ops esp in first 72 hrs #iaem
    @poplifegirl here's some things I use visualize trends and for a more situational awareness http://goo.gl/HB7tB #iaem
  • 14. Fugate Issues a Challenge Video You Tube Administrator Fugate asks for your help in making the nation more prepared by submitting your ideas 
    Deputy Administrator Serino on Community Preparedness video In a "maximum of maximums" catastrophic event, the entire community work with all of our partners: Federal, State, and local governments, but especially the public. Dep Admin Serino Vid
  • 15. @TheFireTracker2: As in the Fire Service, we prepare for "all hazards" we in EM must use "all methods" of communication #iaem
    @wxguy95: Speaker warns against the 'McDonaldization' of preparedness. No plan can adequately and fully prepare for the unplanned disaster. #iaem #fb
  • 16.  @CraigatFEMA Challenged EM's here to do a "lights out" drill. Turn off all systems and only use paper. #IAEM
    @CraigatFEMA "It's not what government can do in emergencies, but what public and private industry can do as well" #IAEM
     @CraigatFEMA thought out loud it would be good thunderbolt to unplug a FEMA region and run a drill. #IAEM
     CraigatFEMA As an EM: empower your team, give them authority, let go. Napoleon did well because he empowered his field @marshals. #IAEM
  • 17. #IAEM DHS | National Emergency Communications Plan NECP plan two great videos (closed captioned), links / NECP... FB link
    Chris Essid DHS OEC: "Cell phones go out in a disaster, so they can't be your secondary comm method." <-disagree that flat assumption 
  • 18.  #IAEM: #DHSoffering UICDS middleware to tie applications together http://bit.ly/bX3t8z 
    Chris Essid DHS OEC: LMR will remain primary mission critical system for foreseeable future. <LMR fails in disasters 2 
    @CraigatFEMA ICS is a tool, not a religion. <- raised an applause from #IAEM
     @CraigatFEMA EM is about networks and communication, not NIMS, ICS, etc. Those are tools to support. His disclaimer: I inherited it. #IAEM
  • 19. @NickWasHere09: Final day at #IAEM I wish this could go on forever. I never want to go back home.
    See You Next Year!