How SMEM Evolved


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Grassroots effort involving visionary individuals from the Public/Private sector, EM & industry related, Volunteers with a common interest & passion. SMEM = Social Media and Emergency Management

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How SMEM Evolved

  1. 1. How SMEM Evolved IN THE BEGINNING
  2. 2. MidwestDisasters 2.0Jan 21 2010MWD2010 is where IDawn Dawson firstconnected with JeffPhillips. He noticed melive Tweeting the eventfrom @northlandfox.My Social Media effortsfor the MRC wereshowcased in one of thepresentations.
  3. 3. On the Heelsof HaitiThe Haiti Earthquakeon Tuesday, 12 January2010. This wasprobably the firstnoticeable event thatwas the impetus formany embedded inSocial to want to “dosomething”. I wasTweeting when it hitand later helped at aHacker Space formapping in addition toother things “Social”.You’ll see it referencedlater.
  4. 4. CrisisCampABQ interestGoogle Site –Discussion oncoordinating efforts,what to use and how.Interest in Crisis CampModel althoughdiscussing otheroptions, Ignite, Ted-x,etc. Name chosenbecause known optionnot association withCrisis Camp orCommons & laterchanged
  5. 5. A Google SiteWas StartedIn New Mexico WillReichard was veryinvolved with SocialMedia in the PrivateSector and friends withJeff Phillips. Since I washaving no luck in myState at the EM level wediscussed seeing if wecould get together. Thisis the core FoundingMember Group whichmigrated onto GoogleWave. Site up 2 daysafter talking to JP.
  6. 6. Pearltree toTrackInformationBegan with aCrisisCampNM “Pearl”(seen at the bottom) totrack, add, and suggestinformation to thegroup and for the groupto use.
  7. 7. PearltreeEventually evolved as Iadded members accts,sites of interest, andother information thatwas New Mexico /Crisis Response relatedsince part of thediscussion in order toassist with informeddecision.
  8. 8. Sharing Info &Experience Yet combined effort expending countless hours by all that volunteered their time @peakwx Here,here! RT @joelarn: RT virtually on @LosRanchosNM_EM: i think we need to make Social Sites and @Northlandfox an honorary New Mexican...I their resources agree!!! to move initiative forward.
  9. 9.  #CrisisCampNMFirst “Meeting”“Virtual” because I wasin Missouri and theremight be at least one(Marlitah) was not surecould make it in, takinga train.Livestream & I endedup on a Bridge Callwhile sitting in my carfor an hour between anexercise & volunteeringelsewhere.Topsy Tweets
  10. 10. Sat Feb 20th  All participating listed and some notes:Meeting I (Jeff) will facilitate a discussion to put together a brief document on purpose, mission, vision, goals, objectives  CrisisCampNM Retired - were now #EMCampNM – yea Collaboration not one person taking notes then putting together a document. Cannot stress enough how this was a collaborative process and it’s importance as an example so that others can see how it’s done and possible to do similar if you connect with others and engage.
  11. 11. Nov 30, 2010   Inception of EMCampNM and Google WaveInception Tell the story of #CrisisCampNM - what brought you to it, what do you want to achieve William:Will Reichard This is so cool to see this kind of excitement! Heres a link to wavesConversation on Wave Crisis Camp has going:decided Crisis Camp  Waves Haiti Rebuilding Connection Project - system being built in Haiti via wave and wiki - Wiki Pagemodel wasn’t in the  Main Waveinterest of what New  Gap Analysis Wave - this is intended to bridge camps as we work together with synchronous and real time discussion and sharing as theMexico was trying to camps occurpresent.  The In Haiti Waves - this is special set of waves we are working on building with Tweeters who are on the ground in Haiti to transitionGoogle Wave having from all Tweet to an intelligent mixture.  Crisis Camp in the Waves - Mainbeen phased out (why  Project Ideas for Haiti - a wave intended to accumulate project ideasthere is no link) but do with people on the ground in Haiti.have screen captures.  Agreed. The CrisisCamp movement seems to have a fairly strong "bigReminder of city" feel to it, and our initial contacts with them havent turned up aimportance of archiving huge amount of interest on their part. New Mexico is a different place, so a different solution certainly might make sense.everything.
  12. 12. EMCampNMBridging Social Mediaand EmergencyManagement in NewMexicoWhich became SMEMSocial Media andEmergencyManagement by someof the original groupcollaborating with awider audienceThe Wiki
  13. 13. Nov 30, 2010 Inception’t)  Who: @wreichard suggested I look at #CrisisCommons and wondered if his twitterverse might be interested in starting a CrisisCamp in ABQ.Losranchosem – Jeff  When: Shortly after the Haiti earthquake. Will started the google sitePhillips on January 23rd to gage interest and get people to sign up. Where: I live and work as the Emergency Management Coordinator (volunteer) for the Village of Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, NM  Why: I have always believed that emergency management is first and foremost about "the network." I believe that people want to help but government doesnt do a very good job of engaging people before, during or after emergencies and disasters. Web 2.0 is changing that through twitter and facebook and others. This is a perfect win-win for EM practitioners and interested public.  How: Through regular virtual collaboration using all the tools available and periodic in-person meetings we have gotten the concept of #CrisisCampNM this far and I believe the same approach will set us up to enhance New Mexicos capabilities (emergency preparedness) and actual response to and recovery from emergencies and disasters.
  14. 14. Nov 30, 2010  Me:Inception  Best practices are always on my mind as I am passionate about preparedness(con’t) and doing the greatest good for the greatest number. Had been Tweeting Haiti, following Crisis Camps & developers and had a Connection with @Los_Alamos on Twitter the 21St of Jan when I was at The MidwestDawn Dawson Disaster 2.0 conference in Ks as he apparently noticed my Tweets and initiated a conversation. My main interest is in how communities might be@northlandfox integrated into one live type of Digital Age Mitigation network.@Los_Alamos actually  How we prepare for and reduce the effects of disasters by integrating Social Media & utilizing Virtual Venues for a "Best Practice" model. Have been@LosRanchosNM Marketing Coordinator for C.E.R.T. Community Emergency Response Team in Eastern Jackson County Mo at the EOC for the past year. Current MRCshowing how Public Information Specialist & I volunteer at 7 different agencies whichunacquainted we were gives me a wide variety of experience. I retired in 1994 . . .My area in Mo (where I live) is holding back and reluctant. Ks, Johnson Co, is in theat the time. Forefront. When I say Metro its an 8 County area 3 on the Kansas side and 5 in Missouri and I operate in all.  The connection with the individuals I met on Twitter in New Mexico and the parallel ideas was really uncanny. Knowing New Mexicos Mission is: "To foster, promote, & implement an EM program that protects New Mexico citizens & communities from effects of emergencies & disasters" just sold me on wanting to collaborate with this unique concept.
  15. 15. Nov 30, 2010 Excellent Dawn. Thanks for sharing your experience in(end) getting to this point.Losranchosem – JeffPhillips Goal: Provide an avenue/mechanism to help for anyone that has an interest in helping.
  16. 16.  Primary contributor mentions to initiative in NM: Bill Sayre, NMHU Distance Education, Will Reichard MBA, strategic communications, marketing, / Ashley Drake Gephardt Drake Intel Group, Social Media, Real Estate / Marlita Reddy-Hjelmfelt The Red ElmIn the Spirit ofKnowledgeSharing &  Other contributors as it evolved:Collaboration @peakwx Kerry Jones Warning Coordination Meteorologist for NOAA/NWS / Brian Fields Private Sector previous EM/PH / Joel Arwine EM Eddy Co NM / Eric Whitmore NM Tech And others not mentioned listed on the Wiki.
  17. 17. ENCampNMSlide from NEMA 11’presentation,Tweetdeck Tweet, andportion of Pirate PadDiscussion on theHashtag
  18. 18. E-mailSuggestion for an“event” whichtransitioned onto thePirate Pad was no tie in toSMEM until a mentionof a twitter hashtag touse to aggregatediscussion (next slide)
  19. 19. End Result of#The Hashtag was indiscussion for a way to tiein virtual talks, TwitterchatsThe #SMEM is not how itbegan but evolved out oflater # discussion onSocial Media andEmergency Managementwhich started within theState of New MexicoInvolved discussion withseveral people whiletyping via G-Mail, on theside of the pirate pad, ona call, and was trulycollaborative
  20. 20. AAR of Call &Pirate PadCollaborationNote: no SMEM still asa NM member mentionfrom notes onEMCampNM Wiki
  21. 21. Where SMEM was First Noted Notes from NM Wiki transferred to CrisisCommons WikiAlso where the NM Initiative started to die as Jeff Phillips transferred contentfrom everyone, condensed and initialed it onto the Crisis Commons Wiki mixingit together with recent Pirate pad comments.
  22. 22.  Jeff Phillips (@LosRanchosEM): Appreciating the engagement here which Ive linked to the two wikisDecisions Why just not copy parts you want to start a convo about to the wiki and makemade for  a topic you think it fits DDEveryone  Jeff Phillips (@LosRanchosEM): agreed Dawn. OTOH if we go by the wikis not too much interest so Im going to keep pushing in my special little way ;-)The “how” of whySMEM ended up on  Jeff Phillips (@LosRanchosEM): Gotcha. My methodology on this subject was to fire up the pad, link it to the two wikis and promote it on twitter withCrisis Commons – the tag. so far so good but well see.constructed &scripted.  Jeff Phillips (@LosRanchosEM): Further. If we have the EM BarCamp and this is, in fact, one of the subjects then this pirate pad can be a good starting point for the convo. Cleaned up of course and placed in multiple platforms for people to access  Jeff Phillips (@LosRanchosEM): See note at top. I edited (mainly reordering and attributing all comments) in MS Word and pasted back in so we can continue the conversation and use for future  Jeff Phillips (@LosRanchosEM): Im going to "curate" this particular pad on this particular subject the best way I know how. Its a feeling out process
  23. 23. Definitely initiativecredit goes to those thathad the passion &vision in the beginningwith Public Safety inmind.