St. Mary Middle School Literary Magazine 2010-2011


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St. Mary Middle School Literary Magazine 2010-2011

  1. 1. St. Mary Catholic School2010-2011 Literary Magazine
  2. 2. Ale x D ela n e y ErinH a n n a h J o h n Lu k eMaddyPaigeRebecca 8th Grade
  3. 3. Luke Bogar Sacrifice! Jesus sacrificedShowed people humility He forgave our sins 2
  4. 4. The Beauty of Baseball Hitting a baseball is better than going to the mall. In fact, hitting a line drive is like taking a dive into a lake. Its very exciting like lightning. Its fun to anger a pitcher like an angry bull ready to crush me. Its intense and builds a lot of suspense. Its fun to hit the ball to the fence like Hunter Pence. I would rather hit a ball than probably anything at all. 3
  5. 5. Erin Briesh God’ loving helpers sDo you believe in angels? Guardians for us 4
  6. 6. 2012Two thousand and twelve: is it true or is it false? I think some people might be mistaken. They say the world will come to an end And that everything will be taken. They say that the world will crack And all will be swallowed by the ocean. Buildings will tumble from the pressure, But, if no one knows if this is real or not, Why all the commotion? So the big question is, Do you believe? The Mayans predicted it, but you could be naïve. If not, that’s alright.Who knows, we might not have to suffer this plight. 5
  7. 7. Delaney Dishman Mary A Jewish womanA saint to be remembered Mother of Jesus 6
  8. 8. Prominent Palm It stands so prominent About 50 feet high, So long and tall It seems to touch the sky. It watches over all of us Each and every single day, Swaying so gently From the windy Galveston Bay. Her name is Penny, And every year she bears fruit Adding new coconuts to our city Helping the economy bring in lots of loot. Like the Statue of Liberty She stands so proud, I love living near her I shout with joy out loud! 7
  9. 9. Paige Kolupski Jesus is our GodJesus Christ loves all of us He is our savior 8
  10. 10. Dance The lights flash on, The curtains go up, I take my position on the stage, The crowd goes silent. The music starts to play and I start my routine. Leaping in the air so gracefully, I hear people in the crowd gasp in wonder . My eyes follow my hands up as I land, I can’t see the crowd, It’s black like the night sky. I jump as high as a mountain. I start Cabrioles, My hands and legs are in perfect form. I land right in the middle of the stage, I stand straight up, The music stops and everyone cheers.I slowly bend over into a bow and the curtains close. 9
  11. 11. Alexandra Miller Faith I believe in YouEven without concrete proof Because of my faith 10
  12. 12. Refuge I find my refuge, Deep in the heart of the forest Where the moss-covered trees cradle me in their warm embrace They are my protective parents that love me unconditionally I step hesitantly into the familiar lake The water is frigid.I overcome my fears and plunge headfirst into the dark depths of the water It flows in every contour of my body I move as fluidly as a fish, contorting my body in every direction Until finally, I come up, gasping for air Gliding to the center of the lake I pause floating on my back Here I look up through the small opening in the trees And wonder at the miracles and terrors of our world This is my refuge, where I am truly free I am awakened from my daydreaming by the shimmering perch They surround my body, nibbling playfully at my toes They swirl around me in a blurry silvery cloud They are my pestering younger siblings whom never leave me alone Here in the deepest part of the forest I find my happiest moments Here my soul is free to dance This is my refuge. 11
  13. 13. Rebecca Minor Angels They watch over usThey are always there for us They care about us 12
  14. 14. The BeachAs I walk on the beach, I take in its beauty Next to the sea I feel so puny The seas waves are so strong I wish I could watch them all night long The wind whispers to me It says it came from the calming sea The seashells are polka dots in the sand I reach for them with my hand Some of them are worn down From being tossed all around There are towering palm trees Swaying in the breeze They are flimsy blades of grass Moving without being asked The sunset in the distance Shows much brilliance Isn’t the beach peaceful? 13
  15. 15. John Pratt Jesus is our GodHe will lead us from evil Forever savior 14
  16. 16. Computers The pinnacle of technology Their usefulness uncontrolled The mysteries they can unfold The powers they can bend And the world they can endWith their knowledge and information They don’t need a demonstration The knowledge they can obtain It’s more than the human brain But they need control Or the world may unfold With them life can be easier Like the things they can automate It is certainly their best trait We are their creators But sometimes they control us 15
  17. 17. Maddy SissonGuardian Angels Oh, angels up thereHelp me, I don’t know from here I can count on you 16
  18. 18. Stars I look up at the lovely nighttime sky, It looks like there are at least one million stars. The puffy white clouds roll by, I think I can even see Mars. How blessed am I? To be looking at these stars. They are so wonderful, The most beautiful ones I have ever seen. They want attention, like Charlie Sheen. If I were a star, I would be so happy. Id float around in the sky, while everyone stares at me.I would dance around in the sky to entertain my audience. Im so bright; certainly not a dud. Dont get me wrong, it isnt easy being a star. Dont worry about me, Ive got tiger blood! 17
  19. 19. Hannah Strebeck Angels Angel Purist white .Watching over us by day Guarding us by night 18
  20. 20. Lost I am a person who is lost I dont know where I am or where Im going I am lonely in this world save me, someone save me I am a bird with a broken wing I want to fly away but cannot only He can save me but He is gone I am screaming for help but no one can hear me only He can hear me will he save me? If he does not save me I will be lost foreverlost in this deep dark cold world I am a person who is lost. 19
  21. 21. 20
  22. 22. AlexusBrandonBrittneyChrisClaire Co n orDanielDrakeHaleyHankLaurenMeganNicholasOliviaSophiaVictoria 7th Grade
  23. 23. Victoria Aldridge God is a great friendHe loves people a whole lot God is very nice 22
  24. 24. Licorice Cunning like the devil, Yet fluffy like a cloud. She waits to strike At an innocent passerby With a coat darker than dusk. The cat hisses at a pair of hands reaching to scoop her up. The unsuspecting child, Unaware of her fate or the feline’s awful trait, cradles the cat lovingly. Quicker than lightning, The cat reaches up, And slashes the girl’s lip. It is sort of funny,That I said to her over and over she will not bite. , But, I never said anything About scratching. (True Story) 23
  25. 25. Megan Banfield Laughter brings happiness for everybody elsein the world, happiness will be Laughter 24
  26. 26. Swimming with the Snakes!! Camping is so fun Especially in the sun. My parents gave me the choice to go or stay I said I guess So my parents took that as a yes. I regret that now. What a mess! Standing by the lake, then Splash! The cold water was like pins and needles all over me. I wanted to cry but I laughed instead With water dripping from off my head!! Slithering snakes slowly swimming In the lake I fell in, And my head began to spin. Swimming with the snakes Swim, swim, swim. 25
  27. 27. Daniel Benishek Almighty JesusPowerful and mighty GodBoth full of great love 26
  28. 28. Birds of a Nice and Colorful Place Birds of a nice an colorful place, All pleasant and as warm as a sunny day Covered in bright blue beaches With tons of coconuts and peaches The trees, bright green towers that provide shade Here there is peacefulness, Nothing like conflict or war, Just happiness and endless shore Here the only thing you have to worry about is getting a sunburn While everything else just fades away into peacefulness Here the only thing you will hear is the chirping of birds All colorful and red, You can even see them at night, in bed These birds all perched in trees by the pool Are one of the reasons why I find this place so cool! 27
  29. 29. Chris Burke The Lord Jesus ChristWho came down from the heavens And died for our sins 28
  30. 30. Stairs Stairs They take you up, up, upThey take you down, down, down If they’re old, they creak,If they’re new, they’re smooth. When you go up, It gets tiring. When you go down, It feels relieving. If they’re hard, It’s wood, Or maybe concrete. If they’re soft, It could be carpet Stairs 29
  31. 31. Alexus Crawford Jesus is our LordJesus is one of a kindOh, He makes me smile! 30
  32. 32. I Can Only Imagine I can only imagine....I walk down the dirtiest windy path to see the beauty and the strong feeling of pride about this horse I can only imagine....You cant think of something so wonderful, the eyes looking back at you look so deep, and they shine as dark as chocolate. The depth of beauty, peace, and relaxation I can only imagine.... You do something breathtaking, unreal, loving, and dangerous. As I throw the saddle on his back, slip the bridle on the ride, I jump and do the amazing sport of equestrian. Its fast, dangerous, surprising. The best thing ever Some people dont get to experience it. . I can only imagine.... His hooves gallop one by one, smashing in the dirt as he drools and sweats just to work for you. You feel something unreal like youre in a dream. I can only imagine.... You walk in, UN tack him, wash him patiently. Your pride and joy shines in the sun. He overflows with beauty. He is your best friend, giant, and is handsome. He walks in the world....and fears nothing. You put him in his stall and he stands tall. You give him treats and praise to show him that he made your day... I smile because- He is the best thing thats ever been mine. 31
  33. 33. Drake Dishman Thy Lord Jesus ChristSon of the Awesome Father Help me in this time 32
  34. 34. The Amazing Puppy The puppy is a miniature dog in training. Also, they do love to play. It has toys to chew and couches to tear . But when it comes to survival, they will kill a bear. Puppies are very energetic when they see people.But dont bring them to Church because they might pee on the steeple. They do like to play. So just let them swim in the bay. Also, as you should know puppies have to go. So when they do, let them know. If they pee on the sofa, just relax and have a Coca-Cola. The puppy is a miniature dog in training. Also they do love to play. It has toys to chew and couches to tear . But when it comes to survival, they will kill a bear. 33
  35. 35. Brandon Garcia Jesus Christ is greatHe died for us and our sins Everlasting Life 34
  36. 36. The Best Final Round Ever Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, What an amazing twosome Pebble Beach here we go, They’re gonna put on a show. They hit hooks, slices, draws, and fades But it barely affected how they played. Now on the 17th tee ready to hit, They teed the ball and bent their knees. Phil hit first and Tiger hit second, And they both landed in the bunker . Tiger chipped close for a tap in par but Phil, Made it in the hole and the 1-up lead made Tiger ill. Here we go on the 18th, Tiger needing a good finish. Phil’s drive goes BOOM! As well as Tiger’s. Phil hits his next shot close but misses an eagle, and Tiger needing an eagle to stay alive. The gallery is silent as the putt rolls and the crowd goes OH! But, the ball lipped out of the cup, and Phil wins by one. 35
  37. 37. Olivia Gutierrez Jesus-love is GreatAnd his love is always there It’ love we shall share s 36
  38. 38. Wondering if Things Wonder Wondering if things wonder Is a very wondrous thing Just imagine a tree Wandering around in thought Just imagine a book Flying through the sky Or a shoe Walking on by What a different world it would be, If calculators could talk, If pencils could think Would we wonder at all? Wondering if things wonder Is a very interesting thought But in the end, be glad That we can wonder at all. 37
  39. 39. Hank Miller The Lord comes for usTo help us get to heaven And rise to the Lord 38
  40. 40. Metamorphosis A caterpillar sits on a leaf waiting for its chance to flee from the monster Oh does it wish it could fly But instead it sits motionless like a rock Oh does it wish it could fly Just at that moment it began to change It could fly It could fly! Then it flew away to the safety of the treetops Laughing at the monster with gleeThe monster was filled with so much rage it jumped as high as it could in a final attempt to Catch the butterfly And missed utterly When finally the butterfly was free, it lived happily ever after 39
  41. 41. Brittney Nelson Jesus died for usTo have everlasting life With Him and the LORD 40
  42. 42. The Sun When the morning comes, the sun says “Hello” With its smile as bright as a campfire’s glow When he smiles everyone will know It’s going to be a great day today! Then everyone rejoices and lets out a big “Hooray!” Then comes the afternoon, as it plays hide and go seek It tries to hide but it’s as big as an elephant, at his peakWhen the shivering sun hides in the shadows it gives off a loud, SQUEAK! Even though the Sun is as hot as a summer day He gets so cold, he says “ We are going to play my way!” As the day ends, the semi-dramatic sun descends But then comes back recommends For all of us attend, The joyfulness of laughter, And a Happily Ever After… 41
  43. 43. Lauren O’Connell Jesus forgives usHe will always have our back Now until the end 42
  44. 44. Sweet Soda Soda I hear the fizz as the can pops open I look over in that direction and wonder... What could that be But then I realize and say “oh silly me”It must be the sweet soda that always delights me So bubbly so cold There must be over a million bottles sold It has that wonderful refreshing taste That will never go to waste I love it now I loved it then And I will always love it till the end With every sip comes happiness Without it is only loneliness I don’t know what I would If I didn’t have you Soda 43
  45. 45. Nicholas Pomes Jesus is our friend,He forgives us for our sins, He died for humans. 44
  46. 46. Gecko Poem There was a man in stilettos Who met up with many geckos He thought it quite odd To meet up with such a squad It was like a dream To see such a scene He leant does the their height And said “You are quite the sight” And the only thing they would respond was,“Fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance” He wasn’t sure what they meant It was causing him quite the torment So he decided to leave them alone And as he raced to the phone, he tripped on a gnome And the geckos cackled all the way home 45
  47. 47. Conor Shipley I saw Jesus ChristHe is my heart and my soul and there He will stay 46
  48. 48. Mitten the Kitten There once was a kitten Whose name was Mitten She ran from home And got caught in a dome Then got out like a water sprout There once was a kitten Whose name was Mitten She flew away from school She flew and flew Because she “knew” That homework is a piece of poo Then when she flew She screamed woohoo! Because she was done smelling like poo 47
  49. 49. Haley Shipley Helps thy when in need,Heals those in heavy burdens, His name is Jesus. 48
  50. 50. Homework=POOP Homework makes me puke Up last night’s food, Oh I hate it so much, Sometimes it makes me puke up earlier’s lunch. I wish it was better, But all it does is change my mood From being nice to being rude. I hate it so much I can’t bear to touch, A thing of such poopiness Oh it is hideous It sometimes gives people hepatitis.Teachers surely should not give us such a thing, But they think hating it is just a fling. Oh how it stinks I would never give it a wink. 49
  51. 51. Sophia Tolman When a baby’ born, sAn angel earns both their wings. Together they fly , . 50
  52. 52. The Rose and the Butterfly A butterfly landed delicately on a rose It smelled the sweet rose with its nose. A small child saw the butterfly. She didn’t mean to impose, But this was quite the rose. The sweet smell of the flower tingled her nose. Then, the butterfly arose. It started to fly far away, Never to be seen again. She watched as it danced in the air , But it suddenly disappeared.Then she watered the rose. She then too arose and went home. Soon the child returned, But only to find a withered rose. Ah, but what do we have here? The butterfly had returned to mourn at the base of the stem. Sadly, it flew away, never to be seen again. 51
  53. 53. Claire Zehentner She looks upon Earth,With her sad, beautiful eyes, Teardrops fall like rain. 52
  54. 54. Into the Forest Leaves as green as jade, away from the destruction that’s all man-made, and into the forest with no turning back, far from the smoke turning all things black, under a canopy so green and lush, away from all of the hustle and rush, through the woods, where deer frolic and play, away from the city and the sky’s eternal gray, and the birds chirp merrily in the sky, a long distance away from those who sigh, and then, in a pasture, bright and green, there is further beauty to be seen, poppies and posies cover the ground, and daisies are blooming all around, the sun dapples the meadow in a brilliant gold,as an evening breeze blows by, very crisp and very cold, and as the sun begins to descend, you wish this day would never end, but go to sleep and let your dreams take flight, as the stars whisper a cosmic “good night...” 53
  55. 55. 54
  56. 56. AlysonCarolineEmmaJessicaJohnJonathanKaitlynKathyLaurenMeredithNateSophiaW illi a m Z a c h a r y 6th Grade
  57. 57. Jonathan Coronado God is a great godGod helps us in everything God is very nice 56
  58. 58. BBall Lebron likes basketball I know how to dunk at all times. I zoom by all players I am lightning fast. I can jump as high as a skyscraper I cross over people. I make amazing plays I make amazing dunks. I do ankle breakers I make a lot of people fall. I do up and under dunks on big menI am known for doing tomahawk flairs. I am swift like a cheetah I am ferocious like a lion. I am flyin I am the best. 57
  59. 59. Lauren Daniels Mary is the bestShe’s the mother of Jesus Love Mother Mary 58
  60. 60. A Dolphins Life The ocean waved as I said goodbye Blah Blah Blah Was the only sound that the strange creatures made After a few jumps and twirls the crowd of creatures roared louder than a storm at sea As things had ended, I met my wife, a show performer I was for life. 59
  61. 61. Caroline Galindo Three kings of yonderCame to bring Jesus some gifts A new king was born 60
  62. 62. I Am A Rainbow I am a rainbow A simple refraction of light Although I only appear sometimes I am such a beautiful sight! Red, yellow, blue, green. These are my colors that people have seen A pot of gold, some leprechauns too Lay on my ends, not the loo Oh, how I despise black The color is just oh-so whack! I just have to sayNever in my life have I seen a color this way As I wait to fill people with joy Especially all the little girls and boys I sit there to think and wander and see What would people do without me? I am a rainbow A simple refraction of light Although I only appear sometimes I am such a beautiful sight 61
  63. 63. Kaitlyn Geisen Guardian Angel!You guard me and you guide me. You take care of me. 62
  64. 64. Cutest Miniature Schnauzer Puppy Yet I am a miniature schnauzer puppy ruff ruff I love my master family Running around at different places, and the walks around the neighborhood. I love squeaky toys like one that is shaped like a bone with squeakers inside I hate wearing clothes like a bandana around my neck or collar I am a very lucky little puppy to have a family I am very small compared to and scared of a German shepherd and other big breeds I am not scared of most people but can be scared of other breeds than mine I have no dog friends but I do Have lots of human friends I feel very small but strong at the same time I eat up all of my toys, Beds, treats, and food I might want to be hog I would rather be a dog or A puppy instead of a hog I love being a puppy even if I am small I am a miniature schnauzer puppy, ruff ruff 63
  65. 65. William Graves Jesus is awesomeHe died on the cross for us Jesus cares for us 64
  66. 66. A Lock is like a Rock I am thrown, Very hard, Like a ball, I soar through the air , I am gray all over , I am bumpy, I hit the ground, Very fast, Like a rocket, I am very hard, A lock, Is like a rock, And also hard-headed, I am very big like a boulder , Or very small like a pebble, Most of the time, Im a rock, Round, Round, Round. 65
  67. 67. Jessica Hardin You died on the crossYou gave up your life for us Thank you Lord Jesus 66
  68. 68. I am a Penguin Poem I am a penguin I live in the Arctic It gets chilly and I go “burr burr” and no one can Ever hear me I live in an igloo that is like a jail cell My parents love me a lot But they can never find the money to pay the Electricity bill But the one good thing about my life Is my BIEBER FEVER Every time I see Justin I get the fever I love him and he loves me But the funny thing is He’s part of my family 67
  69. 69. Meredith Hubbard You held our SaviourYou let them nail him onto you Helped him defeat hell 68
  70. 70. Just a Tiny Fish Just a Tiny Fish I can feel it coming Closer…closer Fast like a motorcycle racing for victory The heavy swishing of its tail Like a humongous humpback whale But it’s not It’s faster stronger , And I can’t get away Just a tiny fish Too small, too slow The rest of the ocean will never know One little fish won’t make a difference Up on land, they don’t care It’s faster stronger , And I can’t get away Just a tiny fish Too small, too slow Uh-oh, here it comes CHOMP! 69
  71. 71. Kathy Hummer Jesus i the l ght s iThe bright l ght that saves us a l i l The good creator 70
  72. 72. Monkey Trouble Every time when it strikes nine I think about swinging on a vine I dont know where I am right now but I think I can see a cow Zookeepers come and go and one is named Malory Moe She feeds me and gives me a bath but that is it at least at that So I sit here all alone the doors open and I think Im at homebut apparently Im just a nut sitting in my hut so as it is ending I say ohoh ahah monkey! 71
  73. 73. John Jolly Jesus is Our LordHe will always cherish me It was worth the time 72
  74. 74. Pepperoni Pizza Pepperoni pizza Pizzas have been around a long time I have a lot of pizza relatives My relatives and I are made of dough I am thrown in the airThey put pepperoni, cheese, and tomato sauce on me I am as delicious as a fine dessert When I am ready people love me Awesome Amazing Astonishing There are many pizza places to sell me Pizzas are placed in squared boxes for delivery I am on peoples dinner table I get to go in their bodies I go out a very weird way you do not want to know Then the box goes into the trash Covered in ash Pepperoni pizza 73
  75. 75. Zachary Neschich Our Lord the SaviorPerformed many miracles He is Jesus Christ 74
  76. 76. Quint I am not vicious. I am gentle, even when the cat viciously attacks me. I am not mean. I am loving; everyone is my friend. I am not angry. I like when my people come home because I am happy. I am not evil. I am good to have around when strangers come to the door . I am not aggressive. I am protective when my boy cries longer than day. I am not dangerous.I am safe when I am curled up like a ball with my head in your lap. I am not unpredictable. I am misunderstood when I jump up to greet you. I am not a killer. I am grateful you rescued me. I am Quint. I am a Pit bull. 75
  77. 77. Nate Newhouse Jesus Christ the LordDied on the cross for the world The one son of God 76
  78. 78. I was Fire One day I was Fire I am the Great magician Nate Newhouse This is my adventure I once turned myself to fire With the wave of my wand Zap goes my wand Bam goes my body I am Fire Fire is very conferrable I got sleepy so I found a logAhhhhhhhhh I could do this every day I wake!!!!!! What???? Im in a fire Then I remember I am fire This is my adventure 77
  79. 79. Alyson Stafford Jesus the great oneHe is the almighty one Giver of our life 78
  80. 80. The Sailor Returns Home There can be seen a lighthouse Where the seas meet land To guide sailors onto shore Where the boat will once again meet sand And the sailor returns home safe and sound... I am a radiant light, Shining from the dark sky A sailor has spotted something bright, I looked like a star off in a distance That could be seen through the mist of the night. And the sailor has begun to relax a bit more Like a safe mouse That has escaped from a cat In a lit up light house And the sailor returns home safe and sound... 79
  81. 81. EmmaWiederhoeft She is a virgin Saw the Angel Gabriel Mother of Jesus 80
  82. 82. I am the hungry Cow I am very Hungry So hungry I could eat all the hay in the universe Where Farmer Dale is with fresh food, I will be there When it is sunny and when it is rainy I will still be very hungry For Christmas as a cow I got a bale of hay With a snail on the top When I get hungry I go "MOO MOO" but as always Only the quail hear me, its like Im in jail As a cow I have to take care of the sow While the mothers hunt for food I am stuck with the rude Also with my hunger I am usually very thirsty So while I eat and while I drink I will always think about what my next meal will be as a hungry cow! 81
  83. 83. Sophia Zehentner Messengers of GodGathering prayers like roses Bringing joy to all 82
  84. 84. The Thanksgiving Turkey I am a turkey I love when thanksgiving comes around I am the star of the day Without me dinner wouldn’t be the same Big juicy legs Hot and spicy and mild seasonings “O My” Cooked to perfection I make a tasty treat Creamy mashed potatoes on my right Tart cranberries to my left Stuffing inside “ahhhh” What a delight When dinner is over I sit in bellies My wing in the father My leg in the mother And who knows where my head has gone As the day ends and the room fills with laughter I know i have satisfied At least till next year... I hope 83