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Paper 1 yr 5 august2011

Paper 1 yr 5 august2011






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    Paper 1 yr 5 august2011 Paper 1 yr 5 august2011 Document Transcript

    • SULIT 014/1Each question in this paper is followed by four possible answers A, B, C and D. For each questionchoose an answer.Tiap – tiap soalan dalam kertas ini diikuti oleh empat pilihan jawapan. Bagi setiap soalan, pilih satujawapan sahaja. SECTION AQuestions 1 – 4Choose the best word to complete the sentence.Pilih perkataan yang terbaik untuk melengkapkan ayat berikut.1. Meenachi wears her traditional _____________ during Deepavali. A saree B cheongsam C baju kurung D night gown2. A __________ of monkeys are swinging from branch to branch . A troop B company C herd D flock3. Siti always helps her mother in the kitchen. She is ______________. A brave B polite C helpful D friendly4. Burgers, hotdogs and pizzas are called ____________. A dry food B fast food C healthy food D diet food 1
    • SULIT 014/1Questions 5 – 7Read the text and choose the best phrase for each of the pictures given.Baca petikan dan pilih rangkai kata yang terbaik bagi setiap gambar yang diberi. 5 6 75 A dug holes B built sandcastles C played volleyball D looked for seashells6 A tried diving in the lake B tried floating in the lake C went swimming in the sea D went snorkeling in the sea7 A ate their food B bought their food C cooked their food D prepared their food 2
    • Questions 8 – 10Choose the best answer for each of the pictures given.Pilih jawapan yang terbaik bagi setiap gambar yang diberi.8. A Suhaimi is cleaning the wok. B Meor is cooking in the kitchen. C She is washing some dishes at the sink. D The girl is stirring the soup in the pot. a9 A The girl is chasing the goose. B Pak Ajai is feeding the chickens. C The cow is eating some hay in the pen. D They are some chickens in the coop.10 A They are waiting for a cab. B Abu is beside his grandson. C The girl is sitting next to the old man. D The boy with a cap is talking to the girl.
    • SECTION BQuestions 11 – 15Look at the pictures below carefully. Choose the best sentence to fit the situation shown in thepictures.Lihat gambar dengan teliti. Pilih ayat yang terbaik bagi situasi dalam gambar.11 A It’s so simple and you don’t know. B That is where you buy stamps. C Go away and leave me alone. D Go straight and turn left.12 A You are such a weak girl. B Let me help you carry it. C It is only a small box. D I’m sorry it’s heavy.13 A May I have a glass of water, please?
    • B Can I get you a glass of water? C How much is a glass of water? D Are you very thirsty?14 A I am always early. B What do you mean? C I’m very glad you noticed, Mr. Lee. D I’m sorry, Mr. Lee. I missed the bus.15 A Mum, I’ve a headache. B Mum, my stomach hurts. C Mum, I think I have a fever. D Mum, I have a horrible toothache. SECTION C
    • Questions 16 – 21Choose the best answer to complete the sentences.Pilih jawapan yang terbaik untuk melengkapkan ayat – ayat berikut.16 I have been waiting for you ___________ 4 o’clock? A on B for C since D during17 Eira bought the blouses because ________ were cheap. A it B its C they D them18 That compass is not _________. It is _____________. A his, your B her, mine C him, hers D mine, yours19 Everyone in the classroom _______ paying attention now . A is B are C was D were20 You can travel from Kuala Perlis ________ to Pulau Langkawi _____ ferry. A to, by B in, on C to, in D by, onQuestion 21
    • Choose the word that has the same meaning as the underline word.Pilih jawapan yang sama erti dengan perkataan yang bergaris.21 Lina was so scared and quickly ran away from the room. A afraid B happy C brave D clever
    • Question 22 – 23Choose the correct spelling.Pilih jawapan yang mempunyai ejaan yang betul.22 Swimming is a good form of _______________ A execise B exersice C exercise D exsesise23 My friends and I went to the __________ last Sunday. A muzium B museum C musuem D miusiumQuestions 24 – 25Choose the sentence with the correct punctuation.Pilih ayat yang mempunyai tanda baca yang betul.24 A Why is Alex shouting? B Why is Alex Shouting! C Why is, Alex shouting? D Why is, Alex shouting!25 A Sham’s aunty is going to Kampung Gajah. B Shams’ aunty is going to Kampung Gajah. C Sham’s aunty is, going to Kampung Gajah. D Sham’s, aunty is going to Kampung Gajah.
    • SECTION DQuestion 26 – 30Based on the picture, choose the best answer to fill in the passage that follows.Berdasarkan gambar, pilih jawapan yang terbaik untuk diisikan pada tempat kosong dalam teksyang berikut. Mei Ling’s parents organised a birthday party for her grandmother last weekend. It was MeiLing’s grandmother’s sixtieth birthday. They ___(26)____ Mei Ling’s aunts, uncles and cousins forthe party. Mei Ling’s mother cooked chicken curry for the party ___(27)________ it was MeiLing’s grandmother’s favourite dish. The guests brought many presents with _(28)_______ . Whenit was time everyone sang the ‘Happy Birthday’ song. After that, Mei Ling’s grandmother blew thecandles __(29)____ the cake. Everyone enjoyed themselves very much ___(30)_____ at the party.26 A invite 29 A at B invites B in C invited C to D. inviting D on27 A so 30 A after B and B along C though C before D because D during28 A they B them C their D theirs SECTION E
    • Questions 31 - 35Read the advertisement below and answer the questions that follow.Baca iklan di bawah dan jawab soalan-soalan berikut. Programme : To Be A Scientist Organiser : Elite Sdn. Bhd. Open to : Year 4 to Year 6 pupil ( 3 pupils in a team) Interested : Write in or email to quiz@elite.com.my Closing date : 23rd August 201131 “To be a scientist ” is a _____________ . A quiz B course C seminar D Talentime32 Who can take part in this programme? A All the scientists. B Members of Elite Sdn. Bhd. C Pupils aged between 10 and 12 years. D Open to all pupils in the primary school.33 Nizam is interested to enter the programme so he should______ A call up Elite Sdn. Bhd. B write to the organizer. C find three friends to form a team. D email to quiz@elite.com.my.34 What is quiz@elite.com.my? A A website. B An email address. C Contest for elite pupils. D Quiz for elite pupils.35 Which of the following statement is true? A Pupils should write to Elite Sdn. Bhd. after August. B Pupils must contact the organiser before 23rd August 2011. C Pupils must email their application only on 23rd August 2011. D Pupils should submit their form personally before end of August.
    • Questions 36 – 40Read the letter below and answer the questions that follow.Baca surat di bawah dan jawab soalan-soalan yang berikutnya. KLANG, 9 APRIL- A van driver, with 13 pupils of Sekolah Kebangsaan Sri Sentosa, Banting, were involved in an accident with a truck and a car LANG, 9 APRIL- A van driver, with 13 pupils of Sekolah Kebangsaan Sri Sentosa, Banting, were involved in an accident with a truck and a car yesterday. The van driver died early this morning. Rosli bin Daud, 38, from Taman Jaya, died at 3.15 a.m. in Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital, Klang, after receiving emergency treatment. In the incident yesterday, all the 13 pupils were injured and two of them were critical. They were Zainuddin Bin Mohd and Salim bin Isa, both year 5 pupils. They were rushed to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital emergency unit.36 The accident in the report involved A a lorry and a car B a van, a truck and a car C a bus, a lorry and a car D a truck, a bus and a car37 Who died in the accident? A the 13 pupils. B the van driver. C Zainuddin Bin Mohd and Salim bin Isa. D The truck driver.38 The critically injured were taken to ____________ A Taman Jaya. B Sri Sentosa, Banting. C Kuala Lumpur Hospital. D Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital.
    • 39 The van driver A was Zainuddin bin Mohd. B was taken home immediately. C died after receiving treatment. D died before going to the hospital.40 All the passengers in the van were _____________ A injured B seriously hurt C brought to Sekolah Kebangsaan Sri Sentosa, Banting. D taken to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital. KERTAS SOALAN TAMAT